View Full Version : Vampire counts 2800 points vs. Daemons

19-10-2008, 06:40
This may seem a strange list, but I figure I've got no chance in fighting woth my troops against his, and I expect him to use a flying general (which is why I'm using all of my flying models on US3 bases as Giant bats). I basically have a group of fast assassins (all my characters and the varghulfs, who will try in combination to takes down vulnerable units) while everything else gets in the way. Thanks in advance for advice and criticism. :)

Vampire Lord, Lvl 3, Infinate Hatred, Forbidden Knowledge, Dark Acolythe (Makes lvl 4), Sword of Might, Book of Arkhan, Wallach`s Bloody Hauberk. Terror of the Underworld 580 points.

Vampire, Flying terror, Avatar of Death (extra hand weapon), BSB, magic shield, black periapt, power stone. 225 points.

Vampire Infinite Hatred, Walking Death, Talisman of the Lynchi, Flayed Hauberk, Sword of Battle. 200 points.

Vampire, Hellsteed, Dark Acoloyte, Avatar of Death (shield), Armbands of Black Gold, Balefire spike 215 points.

Total 1200 points. 10 Power Dice, 1 Bound Item, 1 power stone, 7 dispel dice..

23 Ghouls 184 punkte
29 Zombies, 116 punkte
30 Zombies, 120 punkte.
5 bases of bat swarm 175 punkte

10 Giant bats 200 points.
10 Giant Bats 200 points
5 Black knights 120 points
5 Black knights 120 points.

Varghulf 175 punkte
Varghulf 175 punkte