View Full Version : Shotguns? time to get a 12 gauge

19-10-2008, 09:45
i keep seeing in dex's saying that you can take a shotgun, but the gun profile is somewhat disheartening, i propose these old guns get upgraded to the 40k equal of a shinny new 12 gauge with SSG shell [used for boars]

S:3 AP:- Range:12" asualt 3

Specail rules:
if within half range and shooting a shotgun it follows the following profile [do not apply to solid slug]:
S:4 AP:5 Assault 4

Solid slug:
the shotgun is loaded with solid slugs for big bugs and the like, the shot gun has the following profile:
S:6 AP:4 Range:12" Assault 1

19-10-2008, 10:48
I've moved this thread to the Rules Development forum and deleted the off-topic posts.


19-10-2008, 13:03
Trouble is that you then put it way beyond the effectiveness of a Bolter, even with the special rounds available to Bolters

I like the approach of the Shotgun in the current Marine 'dex, Strength 4 Assault 2 is about right for a standard shotgun IMO. As for the strength difference to a Lasgun, that could be rationalised as Lasguns not firing at full strength to conserve pack energy for protracted engagements/campaigns.

The only change I'd like to see is Executioner rounds for Arbites, Rng 18" Assault 1 with re-rolls to hit.