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reign beaux
19-10-2008, 11:10
this is my background for a warriors of nurgle list i want to field when the new stuff is released ideas on the list and spruiking the fluff would be much appreciated thnx Reign Beaux

The men struggled through the wasteland they were all starving, disease ridden and dying of thirst. They headed north always north but they headed without sense of direction. On they trudged not because they wanted to but because their will would allow nothing else. They had once been slaves of the elves who referred to themselves as the Druchii. They had escaped one by one from the slave camps and had begun to form a rebellion helping to free others from the wicked hands of the heartless elves. They had been attacked by a small party of the Druchii but had by some miracle won the battle and then had fled for their lives. They now wandered the wastelands of the north doomed to wander until the slow decay of starvation took the last strength from their shallow bodies. Many had already succumbed to the tolls this life had taken upon their souls and passed into the void. Those that were left were true testament of human will.

They had been marching for several hours and were about to rest for the evening so that they may forage for whatever scraps the barren wasteland held, when their leader Ulrich Varnhail, who had once marched in a unit of Imperial Great Swords, saw the impossible. It was a great castle surrounded by a magnificent garden. Ulrich shouted to his men and together they ran for the wall surrounding the great castle. Their dwindling spirits now rekindled. When they entered the castle walls the gates closed behind them yet the men could see no men controlling the portcullis. They studied their surroundings and their eyes were greeted with a view of a garden but no garden fit for the ruler of such a castle. All of the plants when rotting their leaves decaying and the bark covered in all manner of writhing masses. The small contingent of men hurried inside, eager too escape the garden of rot.

When the men entered the keep they found no furniture just the cold grey of the stone walls. The castle was empty, yet all of the men were drawn further into the depths of its structure. Then they found it. A room that emanated such power many of them could only stand and stare at the half open door. One of the men a former Bretonnian Man at Arms tried to enter the doorway. A deep voice boomed from within. “You are not worthy to enter my dominion,” came from within. The man bent over double clawing at an unseen rash. Buboes began to form all over him they consumed him completely. He was scratching himself so hard that he began to remove his own skin. He clawed at himself until he was nothing but blood and bone. The bones on the flaw began to decay instantly and in seconds all remnants that the man had ever existed had completely diminished.

Ulrich stepped towards the door of the chamber quivering in fear at the great surge of power he had felt. The deep voice returned from within the chamber, “You may continue Ulrich Ironwill.” Ulrich halted at the threshold of the chamber. Behind him he could feel the eyes of his men on him wondering if he would take the step. In front of him was the chamber, he could feel the raw power pulsing within it. Finally he drove himself to take the step and he was plunged into the power beyond. He felt the power engulf his senses and flow through him pulsing in time with the beat of his heart. It was the power of rot and decay. It was in its purest form there was nothing else just decay.

He saw an elegant throne of solid gold at the end of the chamber and sitting upon it was a tall and fat man. Ulrich studied the man for a moment, noticing not only that every speck of the man’s flesh was covered in some sort of disease but even the clothes he wore seemed to be alive with afflictions of its own. What surprised Ulrich the most however was that when for the first time he made eye contact will the man he was overcome by a sense of inner peace and he could see that the man’s eyes contained such love that Ulrich could only stand there gawking at the figure in front of him.

“I am Father Nurgle,” the man said, in a voice that reflected the love in his eyes. “You have proven yourself well Ulrich Ironwill, but I sense you have grown weary of being plagued by diseases and running elfish monstrosities.” He continued. “Is that so?”
“Yes Father Nugle, it is so.” Ulrich replied.
“Do you wish for me to cure you of these ailments? I will make the diseases no longer trouble you and give you the power to overcome those who enslave you if that is what you intend to do” Father Nurgle asked.
“Indeed, I do. Do you have the means to help me?”
“Yes, my son. If you bow down before me and swear your allegiance and that of your men to me then I shall grant you the power you need to have your revenge.” Replied the God. Ulrich approached the thrown and three paces before it kneeled before the god and swore an oath to him on behalf of his men and himself. Instantly all of the itching and burning ceased but Ulrich knew he was still infected with diseases however they no longer ailed him.

“There is but one more thing you must do Ulrich,” said the god. With a slight flick of his wrist father Nurgle brought forward a large cabinet. Ulrich opened the doors and inside was a suit of the finest armour that Ulrich had ever laid eyes upon. “It is yours,” said the father. Ulrich reached inside and removed the breastplate instantly a sure of power shot through him. He removed the leathers he had been wearing and adorned his new armour. The cabinet contained everything except a helm and when he had finished putting on the armour Ulrich looked at his new master.

In his right hand he held a mace and in his left a helmet with a long spike protruding from the top and upon the spike several skulls were impaled. “Rise, Ulrich BaleScourge and claim your weapon, you are my champion and shall serve me from this day forth.” Ulrich rose from his knees and bowing before Father Nurgle he claimed the mace and the helm from him. The mace he secured to his belt and the helm he tucked under his arm. “Address your men my son, tell them of their new destiny.” With that Father Nurgle dismissed him.

Ulrich bowed before strolling from the chamber. When he exited the chamber he found that his men had been adorned in the same chaos armour as he. His fellow Great Swords had become Warriors of Nurgle wielding an assortment of sickly weapons. The normal citizens of the Empire had become the dreaded Marauders. There were several other types of crude and mutated soldiers he was not familiar with. When he voiced his questions the voice of Father Nurgle answered in his mind. He would have his revenge on his captors. But he would not stop at that. No, the whole world would surrender to his control.

and the list
Ulrich Balescourge (Exalted Champion of Nurgle) with Filth Mace, Sopoforic Musk and shield 195pts

Matthias Plagueherald (lv.2 Sorcerer of Nurgle) with infernal puppet and conjoined homunculus 195pts

14 Warriors of Nurgle with shield, Full Command and Rapturous Standard 304pts

24 Marauders of Nurgle with light armour and great weapons and full command

25 Marauders of Nurgle with light armour and great weapons and full command

5 Marauder Horsemen of Nurgle with light armour, shield and spears with full command 140pts

5 Hounds 30pts

5 Hounds 30pts

5 Hounds 30pts

1 War Shrine of Chaos 130pts
Ulrich goes in the warriors and Matthias the unit of 24 marauders