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19-10-2008, 15:27
OKay, I was playing in a tournament, and this came up.... a unit of bloodletters led by a herald were facing towards my mage. Now he declared a charge with his herald into my mage....(okay fine) I fled as my charge reaction, now he then proceeded to say that he was redirecting his charge into my phoenix guard, who were not straight in front of the herald...but off to the side. So my question is "Can he do that?" I was under the impression that you could only charge straight ahead and any unit that you hit on the way you count as charging.
_____________ P


P=Phoenix Guard
_=blank space

19-10-2008, 15:32
Draw a line from the edges of the herald's base and towards the position of the mage upon moving the charger.
If this line touches another unit, you may declare a new charge into that unit instead.

In the above diagram, assuming it is drawn correctly.
The herald was not able to charge the phoenix guard by declaring a charge against the mage.

Re-directing no longer exists...mostly for reasons like the above where the rule was abused.

19-10-2008, 15:58

In the end it didn't really matter, because although the mage died, his herald and bloodletters died against my phoenix guard.


19-10-2008, 16:03
Redirecting doesn't exist anymore? Have we moved on to 8th Ed and noone told me?

I was under the impression Redirecting does indeed still exist in 7th Ed, but you can only redirect to targets that were uncovered by a fleeing unit...

In other words, as your mage wasn't in front of the phoenix guard making them an illegal target, your opponent couldn't redirect to them. However had your Phoenix guard been completely obscured by the mage, then when the mage fled he could have redirected to them.

19-10-2008, 16:28
No, as unwantedbeing stated there is no redirect in 7th ed.

It has been replaced by EITW where charging and fleeing paths are the 2 most important factors.