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19-10-2008, 17:16
Playin a big doubles match at the weekend with my friend who uses a forest spirit list in my team and 2 dark elf players. So heres the list, it is all elves and it is my all comers list.

Highborn 325 pts
Wild rider Kindered
Great Stag
The Oaken Armour
Spear of Twilight

10 Wild Riders 346pts
Faoghir Banner of Dwindling

Noble 192pts
Light armour
Royal Standard of Ariel

19 Eternal Guard 258pts

3 x 10 Glade guard 120pts each : Total=360pts

2 Spell singers 140pts each : Total=280pts

2 x 8 Wardancers 165pts each : Total=330pts

6 Waywatchers 152pts

Overall Total 2243pts

C&C welcome


19-10-2008, 23:28
Overall I'm not hating the build. Arguably the wild riders are forest spirits, but no need to quibble.

The wild rider unit seems, well, gigantic. I guess with fear on the charge and a high US this can be handy.

The remainder of the trrops look fine.

The Royal standard should provide your infantry core some good magic protection.

That said, I'm curious why a pair of level 1s with 50pts of magic each (2 scrolls each?). They won't get much casting in and with all the MR from the royal standard to you really need 4 scrolls? I guess if your opponent is going magic nuts-o with dark elves you might need that much but I'm thinking a single caddy would get you another unit of troops.

I'd love to see a unit of glade riders tagging along with the wild riders for flank support, march block and harassment.

24-10-2008, 18:39
Sorry but i have to think that either my list is really good or so bad that everyone is so repulsed by it they won't leave comments ;)

Kinaes Ethyn
28-10-2008, 13:26
I like the "Break" unit of hard hitting Cav led by the mounted High born. I've done similar.
And the Stubborn Eternal guard (presuming the BSB is in that unit).
Always found that my BSB (same as yours) got picked out in combat by characters so I started to give him a SPITE.
They are not classified as a magic item
If you want to cancel out a heavy hitting enemy hero (I always get challenged) an Annoyance of Netlings severely reduces his chances of hitting.

13-11-2008, 23:23
Its not that is bad but you lack presence in the field heck a WoC will out number you, eternal are only good in conjuction with the lord since they became stubborn, if they wander by themselves with the bsb theyre just regular unit that can deal a lot of attacks but lacks staying power both in number and armor. And spites count as magic items and towards the maximum you may be allowed to have either 100 for lords or 50 for heroes so you can have the spite and the banner. i will consider making the lord join the eternal and making the eternal bigger unit.
Your support units are good.