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19-10-2008, 23:03
I have a kislev contingent that I have been playing with my empire and dwarf armies so far, but would like to put together a DoW list resembling a standalone Kislev army. Since people in my area mostly play 2250pt games that's where this list is coming from. I would appreciate any feedback on how to build a competitive DoW army.


Mercenary General, Heavy Armor, Barded Steed, Enchanted Shield, Sword of might

Boyar, Heavy armor, shield, biting blade, barded warhorse (-1 armor modifier)

Boyar, heavy armor, shield, sword of battle, barded warhorse(+1 attack)
(added barded warhorse to each boyar)

Lvl 2 Wizard, 2 dispel scrolls


Volands Venators with 6 knights total

24 Pikemen, Light Armor, Full Command
(changed to light armor from heavy armor and dropped 1 pike)

10 Duellists, handweapon and buckler

19 Kossars, Full Command

19 Kossars, Full command
(dropped 1 from each unit)

5 Winged Lancers

5 Winged Lancers
(added a second WL unit)


2 DoW Cannons

6 Ogres, handweapon, iron fist (I think that's what it's called)
(dropped 2)

5 Gryphon Legion, champion, musician
(dropped 1)

Total 2,250 pts

This list is mainly for friendly games but also with the potential for RTTs. The only thing I worry about is the lack of characters with any real punch. Other than that I thin it is pretty balanced but I would appreciate any and all comments you guys might have. Thanks in advance.

20-10-2008, 03:31
Give the duelists pistols over the bucklers.

Drop some ogres, 8 is way too many in a single unit. Mount the boyars, and maybe grab another cavalry unit.

20-10-2008, 07:17
Does anyone know if kossars are any good? Their strength 3 bows don't pose a threat to anything with any sort of save/toughness, and they are innapropriately armoured for great weapon-toting assault troops. It seems to me that they could easily be shot to pieces, or get mauled in close combat. I like the models though.

I would decrease the size of the ogre unit (maybe make smaller sized units), and add a second unit of duelists. I don't feel comfortable in a game without two units.

22-10-2008, 00:30
I actually only fielded the unit of duellists so that I could get the minimum core of 3 DoW units, not really for any other reason so I'm hesitant to give them pistols.

I do like kossars but primarily for a fluff standpoint however they do work great with boyars who are stubborn. I guess they are primarily missile troops but since they have great weapons they can dish out some in CC. They also have a special rule where they don't shoot at -1 when standing and shooting. Since kossars are the only infantry unit boyars can join, I usually put a boyar in with them.

I think i will drop 2 ogres down to a unit of six so I can do 3 wide with a rank and get str 5 impact hits on the charge and have +1 for combat res, but that's theory hammer talking.

My question is should I reduce the number of kossars in my units? I have also edited the army list rather than posting a second one.

22-10-2008, 00:39
Ogres need to be 5 wide for rank bonus, just like everyone else.

22-10-2008, 08:47
Isn't a paymaster mandatory for DoW? Also, it's probably not worth making your scroll caddy level.