View Full Version : New FW Chap Dread Chaosified?

20-10-2008, 01:31
Now just a question or a thought rather, but technically couldn't chaos have these in their forces?
Follow my thoughts here, for those who want to try and stop chaos from having everything the Imperium does, There is a chaos chaplain and they are called Dark Apostles. They belong to the Word Bearers legion yes? Now lets say next dude to take the Apostles spot hated teh prior one, and as a method of vengeance, shuts him in a chaos dread suit, and wallah, Chaos Chaplain Dreadnought. Thoughts?

Deus Mechanicus
20-10-2008, 01:32


20-10-2008, 01:57
Yeah no. A Dark Apostle is like a Chaplain, granted, but Apostles are a different type of crazed already. So in the end it would be like a normal Chaos Dread than anything else.

and no one just shoves someone into a dreadnaught. Its a rather complicated process of plugging them into it really.

20-10-2008, 03:50
I could see a Dark Apostle having a very ornate dreadnaught if it came to it. And I could see some traitor marine armies (not legions, who murdered their chaps) having a converted chaplain do the same thing. However, the forgeworld chaplain dread is just too imperial looking. It has imperial wings as the predominant feature even. Dark Apostles don't have even a hint of imperial iconography. IF you want to have a dread for one, it would have to go in a very different direction.