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gab-skull trasher
20-10-2008, 05:16
Well even though i don't played CSM i'd never liked Nurgle's rot physic power it just seemed... meh S3 AP- i couldn't imagine it being useful

Until that dark day....when the orks from Skull-trasher's waaagh were fighting the follower's of nurgle in the planet of Castellan VI, all the orks needed to win the battle was to take one last objective from the hands of the Death guard before more DG arrived, the orks had been fighting furiously all night and warboss Skull-trasher knew he was running out of time, the last 'umies and their sorcerer seemed to be more 'ard than the other 'umies that lay dead on the floor. Skull-trasher told the runtherds to take the 20 puny grots hidding in a crater against the sorcerer while he would get rid of his bodyguard. Skull-trasher attacked the bodyguard and yelled at the grots to go for the sorcerer, the grots had no choice with the runtherds pushing them and squigs eating those who ran, the grots saw the runtherds shoting their sluggas at the sorcerer standing in front of them and that's when they realised they could kill him without getting close to him...one lucky grot was able to find an oppening in the old armour and wounded the sorcer, the sight of the leader bleeding was more than enough to get the grots into a frenzy, the grots brought their superior numbers to account dropping the sorcerer to his knees but what Skull-trasher didn't knew was that nurgle himself had bleesed this sorcerer. The sorcerer made a small prayer to nurgle and then a disgusting miasma of disease came out of his armour, Skull-trasher having killed the last of the sorcerer's bodyguard turn to see the grots fight and like nothing the grots dropped to the floor. His timed had run out, the sorcerer still had the objective, and the distant figures of rhinos could be seen on the horizon while skull-trasher retreated he knew now not to make grots do the boyz work

So basically 20 gretchins charge a sorcerer. But the gretchins can't hurt him then he calls on nurgle's rot and wipes out all the gretchin except for the runtherds which were already dead.so something that seemed useless to me changed the entire game.Now i learned to fear nurgle's rot.

20-10-2008, 10:39
Against most targets, Nurgle's rot is actually better than it used to be. The biggest difference is that it's a psychic power instead of a 5 pt upgrade you can give to any plague marine squad. I can't think of anything else in the game that can put out the same number of hits to an enemy unit.