View Full Version : Black Reach Dread Modding

Try Again Bragg
20-10-2008, 16:05
Would it be very hard to get these Forge World arms onto the Dreadnought that comes in the Assault on Black Reach set? I love that the new codex makes double autocannon dreads playable.

20-10-2008, 16:27
Nope just cut off the arm using wire cutters or similar (saw will also suffice)

Then using a drill create two smalls holes in the arm and the dread, then pin using superglue and and strong bit of metal, should work a treat....

Also using earth magnets if you can get hold of them would work instead of pinning.

20-10-2008, 19:22
It would probably be easier to buy a regular dread, that way you can very easily swap the weapons for whatever mood you're in.

20-10-2008, 21:46
The FW arms will go on the AoBR Dread no problem - there's no cutting involved at all, the arms are separate just like on regular Dreads. The pins on the AoBR Dread for fitting the arms to are a little thinner than the ones on the normal plastic or metal Dreads though, so you'll need to thicken them up a bit if you want a tight fit or use magnets for easy arm swaps :)

Blue Orphen
20-10-2008, 23:14
As Spacker said, simply swapping arms on the plastic dreads is easy.

There's no need for cutting or pinning - the arms of the AoBR Dread come separate.

20-10-2008, 23:30
AoBR Dread "holes" are of different size to normal Dread and you wont be able to put FW weapons on it without some cutting and pinning.