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20-10-2008, 17:12
OK. I guess I am getting over my bitterness towards GW for taking a sledge hammer to the Chaos line of 6th ed. I have alot of models that I can use for demons, but I am unsure as to how to put them together effectively. I have alot of models that I can use in a Proxy fashion. Like Bestigors of Khorne as bloodletters, and warhounds of chaos as fleshounds etc. So I'll tell ya what I have and what I can make easily.

I own or can make easily:

24 demonettes
5 mounted demonettes
2 nurgling bases
5 screemers of tzeetch
1 Demon Prince
6 furries
24 bloodletters (khornegors)
20 fleshounds (warhounds)
2 tzeetch chariots
2 slaanesh chariot
3 fiends of slaanesh
10 pink horrors
Plenty of characters to fit any bill.

So, here is what I am looking for. I don't want to see a whole of point sinks. I am loathe to spend points on anthing over 350 pts. But I may be enticed to use a demon prince. I like there to be alot of synergy in the army. So I don't like to rely on any one unit or model to win the day.

Also, I like to have one good solid anvil. And I don't mind spending points for that. But I don't like to go overboard either. I am not a big fan of magic either. I don't like to use mega power dice/dispel dice. Roughly around 8 pd for a 2k army would be good. I like fast moving combat troops.

I am thinking of buying some nurgle plague bearers for this role.

Any and all advice will be taken seriously.

20-10-2008, 17:49
Hey Marco, Long time no see. (Mostly cause I was off playing war for real for the last 7 months.) You're doing the same thing as me, I see. My Sisters Repentia, converted to be female marauders with great swords just got a fresh paint job, and now are Slaanesh flavored Bloodletters, My spawn has a newer and bigger base to make him/her into a Keeper. I've dusted off my 30 or so all but useless before Daemonettes, and I even fixed the paint on my old Fiends and gave 'em a new base.

The Daemon Prince is all but worthless, but four heralds should fit the bill for you. Two Tzeetch, 1 Slaanesh and 1 Nurgle maybe (ot 2 Slaanesh) adds up to 8 power dice. Bloodletters make a pretty good anvil unit I guess, or PBs as you suggested. Horrors are cool as they give you an extra spell in the magic phase, Seekers still do the same role they used to for you, except they're not as strong anymore. Fiends seem pretty cool as well. You should be able to make a good strong list with what you have, and it should play fairly similar to the surgical knife MSU that you are used to.

20-10-2008, 18:09
Plaguebearers with a herald is one of the strongest anvils in the game. They have regen and can hit pretty well, with a very strong hitter in the herald. Everything else is pretty good. Bloodletters are kinda squishy, though they balance it out through hitting power. My fiends can do wonders on the battlefield, because of just how far they can go, and same goes for the seekers. It seems like you've got the start of a very good combined army. Check out the army lists for some good army builds and the critiques, and i think that you'll find your list is pretty close to what most 'fun' gamers are playing.

21-10-2008, 03:19
Thanks for the advice so far. I think I will look at using my chariots to advantage. Also a large block of blood letters with a few demonette detachements may round out the front lines. And a few flesh hounds for flanking and support. I'll see what I can write up.

22-10-2008, 05:14
So here it is:

General -- Herald of Khorne on Juggernaught with firestorm blade and armor of khorne (190)
Icon bearer of slaanesh -- steed of slaanesh, siren song, demonic robes (?) (165)
Herald of tzeetch on chariot of tzeetch -- iridescent Corrona, spell breaker (225)
Herald of tzeetch on chariot of tzeetch -- iridescent Corrona, spell breaker (225)

11 bloodletters: Full command (162)
11 demonettes: Full command -- banner of ecstasy (187)
10 pink horrors: (120)

5 fleshounds of khorne: (175)
5 seekers of slaanesh: standard (siren standard) -- (187)

3 bloodchrushers of khorne: standard (Icon of endless war) -- (225)
4 flamers of tzeetch -- (140)

Total 2,000 pts.

So there is movement up the ying-yang, and I am controlling alot of the enemies movement phase. There are 5 levels of magic with 2 scrolls. And the chariots can hit pretty hard, even in the front. The khorne and slaanesh characters are highly mobile and can join up with flanking support units.

I am wondering if I should find space for some furries to help hunt warmachines, because a cannon can really put the damper on 450 pts of chariot madness. I might have to tone down the characters/flamers to accomplish this.

I don't want to see any suggestions about greater demons/special characters/demon princes for now. I am looking for advice on characters. Like what kind of combos would work well.

Also, I am not quite sure how the demonic robes works. Can't be wounded on better than a 3+ is really poor english. So what is the mechanic for that?

22-10-2008, 05:52
Well first things first, can't be wounded on higher then 3+ is actually inverted language when you think about numbers. Just means even if they are at a strength value with respect to toughness that would wound on anything but a 1 it now becomes 3 and up so 2's cannot wound you.

Definitely think you should put your furies in. I recommend also dropping a Bloodletter (no point and the herald slides nicely next to this unit to give them hatred so 10 plus Jugger Herald)

I do not think you really need the BSB the army is designed to manipulate movement as you said and take it to the enemy so I would not be banking on the insurance of rerolling Instability.

Instead that Slaanesh herald would be much better on foot and with Siren Song, in the unit of Ecstasy Daemonettes to force a charge and hold so that next turn you may use one of your hammer units to crush the enemy.

Also I find the Bloodcrushers redundant in the list with a potential to increase Bloodletter offense for less points, 2 chariots and fleshounds. In my experience they are much more vulnerable then other heavy cav. It is not that they are easier to kill then others, its just that to do so is a much bigger reward. I would use your special slots on a unit of 3 fiends (will help with shooting armies and artillery) so that your furies aren't the only defense for such a strategy. Also I would beef up flamers.

This also allows you to throw Endless war on the bloodletter unit with your Khorne Hero.

And if you have points putting 2 nurglings in for march block or just to make someone nervous near their fragile units is always a good idea.

Also I figure its a typo but the cost for ur seeker unit (well designed) should be 157.

I like your core, and specials, I think more daemonettes can help but don't worry if you don't have the points (I really hope you at least test my suggestion of Siren herald with daemonettes on stubborn)

Also I'd like to say it is really nice to see other daemon players not restrict themselves but simply avoid the Hard as Nails approach for the army. I know how good the book is and I guess one of the main reasons I chose to post for ya and offer my 2 cents was because of the (in my opinion) great etiquette you put into this army while remaining competitive.

22-10-2008, 10:12
It needs a 14 man plaguebearer block with FC & a nurgle herald on palanquin. As it stands nothing you have there could be called an 'anvil'

22-10-2008, 10:26
Although the chariot might seem like a good idea, a flying Tzeentch Herald does it faster, and does it better; especially since you don't get any additional protection from being on the chariot, you're a larger target, and you're not giving Locus to Horrors where it's all at.

22-10-2008, 19:15
Thanks for your replies:


Your advice is greatly appreciated. It seems to me that the robes are not that great of a protective item then. It is really just like a poor man's 6+ ward save then. So perhaps I will find something else for the character.

Also, the siren song herald is good advice. I want to make the herald a little more versatile by putting him on a steed and giving him the option of putting him in a seeker unit, when he can do some mopping up.

The idea around the bloodchrushers/fleshounds is to have a unit that the HoK can sneak into once the initial advance occurs. Thus making the points invested in him more versatile. Plus the models look cool. But, I do have fiends ready to go, so that might be a good switch without any work to do for it. I'll have to test it out.

I like nurglings too, but I have only 2 of them. I guess I could use some swarms from the lizzie army I have to compensate. They can put a cramp an opponents plans and can dishout alot annoyances themselves.

Also, thanks for your comment on my army comp. I generally don't like to play with or against big nasty dragons/demons/carnosaurs etc. The game becomes more like hero hammer. Plus I think that MSU tactics are the most fun anyways. It helps to balance out the statistical anomolies by spreading out the normal curve. I still think it can be competitive, as there is//will be something there to deal with almost anything (yet still sticking to a game plan).

Ya! I heard that unit is a big nasty anvil. So I need to invest in that pronto. I suspect that I will make that my #3 priority. After flamers and bloodchrushers.

@ shamfrit:
Don't I get the usual chariot save? At any rate I don't have a flying disc and I like chariots. But those guys are a bit of a point sink. I just like the idea of a 20" flying chariot that can break ranks. Atleast I won't have to paint it up.

I will submit a more tailored list later. (shh -- when I am not at work)

23-10-2008, 04:52
Here's a list that might be a bit better off. Still sticking to MSU tactics.

Herald of slaanesh (general) siren song, torment blade, steed of slaanesh -- 145
Herald of Nurgle (Icon bearer), palanquin, noxious vapours -- 215
Herald of Tzeetch (chariot of tzeetch), iridescent corona, spell breaker -- 225
Herald of Tzeetch (chariot of tzeetch), iridescent corona, spell breaker -- 225

16 plague bearers: full command, banner of seeping decay -- 247
11 demonettes: full command, banner of ecstasy -- 187
10 horrors: (naked) -- 120
6 furries: -- 72

5 fleshounds -- 175
5 seekers of slaanesh -- standard, siren standard (157)

4 flamers of tzeetch -- 140
1 bloodreaper of khorne -- 90

I still have 5 levels of magic and 2 scrolls with effectively 10 units (8 + 2 chariots).
Still lots of movement plus a good solid anvil. The bloodreaper may be too much points for an extra attack, but it is a nasty piece of work and can zip in and out of holes to add that needed punch. It's kind of like an extra character running around that can accept challenges and is much less costly than 165 pts for the herald that does pretty much the same thing.

I have dropped the bloodletters in favor of the plague bearer anvil that so many people speak about. But, that means more work to make this work.

Is this list a more well rounded list? Can I make more efficient?

24-10-2008, 00:19
I have to say yes, it is more well rounded, you are covering all your bases now instead of going for pure offense. I do offense anyway lol even though its not as smart.

I would say drop the Champ upgrade on the Bloodcrusher simply because sometimes you want to be able to charge in and target a character, rather then be puled into a challenge with the champ and then crumbling horrible. Also I'm a lil worried about the slaanesh Herald being the general. She is gonna be in situations that get messy (using siren) and shes not exactly Tough, I would recommend making one of the tzeentch boyz your general they have the better ward and will be able to pick where they fight, as well as usually acting in support.

25-10-2008, 00:38
@ Eiholt:

Again excellent suggestions. The tzeetch general would be a good idea as it can pass its leadership on to some of the faster support units that will be raging on the other side of the battle field. Good spot there!

Also, I think you are right about the bloodchrusher. Perhaps as a standard bearer or just naked. I'll have to see what feels/looks right.

Thanks for the great advice: