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16-11-2005, 19:00
I was asked by someone about allied contingents are they just for Kislev or can they be used with other armies? He was thinking of doing Chaos Dwarfs with Night Goblins as the allies not slaves.

16-11-2005, 19:23

Kislev is an allied contingent or a seperate Army.

No other Armies can use the *allied contingent* rules to-date.

There are no other *allied contingents*.


16-11-2005, 21:08
Theoretically, the allied contingent rules are useable with any allied contingent list, but so far the Kislev list is the only allied contingent list in existence.

Of course, friendly and sensible gamers might allow for making ones own allied contingent list for use in the local gaming group.

Of course, I think no chaos dwarf worth his hat would want to tread with a Goblin on a somewhat equal level - so put the greenies to the chains and send them to the mines!

16-11-2005, 22:36
There are no other *allied contingents*.

That is the answer, it can't be done. Tough you can field them as slaves ;) and I would go for that. I also don't think CD would like to listen to a goblin.