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21-10-2008, 06:08
Hey all,

am thinking of starting a new fantasy army. I have very limited experience in the game (Empire and O&G each a couple games), playing mostly 40k but watching other people play (though not with VC) has really got the bug going again. I am a huge zombie-phile and love the models the VC army has to offer. Anyone willing to give me some advice on what to run, why, etc? I am not a huge power gamer guy, I just play stuff I like painting really. I figure zombies led by vampires with a vargulf and ghouls and... yeah... so any advice? Thanks in advance!

Vile Druchii
21-10-2008, 06:58
It's always a good idea to go with mini's you enjoy painting, especially for vamps cos you'll be painting so many of them! Personally, I really enjoy painting skeletons, so I have loads of them. Tactically, zombies, ghouls or skellies as your main units will do you proud. Other than that, I'd say go with what you want. Maybe proxy some units for some friendly games to see if they fit in with your playing style before you commit to buying/painting the real things. To be honest, I have a hard time deciding on my army, and I love the undead so much that I've got a bit of everything. Sure, it's a pain to paint (not to mention expensive!) but I sometimes just stand and stare at my army on my shelf and have a good ol' grin!

21-10-2008, 07:09
I definitely want zombies as a core. I honestly wouldn't even run skeletons most likely... at first anyhow. Lemme list a few of the units I find most interesting (even if by look) and maybe give me some feedback?

Bestial Vampire Lord (the one with one wing unfurled) is arguably their best model in the line. Him up front, with due care in attention in the modelling, would be a fantastic centerpiece.

I think the Corpse Cart is freekish and great. They fit in with the zombies as do Ghouls. Grave Guard would be fun to model. I could paint them up in specific empire or high elf or bretonnian colors for flavor and fluff.

Blood Knights and the Vargulf looks insanely cool. Too bad the knights are a trillion dollars to buy. I REALLY like the Vargulf though.

the ghosts/banshees/wraiths look great too... and easy to paint! Prime white and wash in blues!

Stuff like the coach, necromancers, wights and bosses I know not enough about. This is why I put the post in tactics. Figured that's really what I was asking: army composition and what not. I am gonna make an effort to read the army book over this week/weekend. I have a possible sale of some other WH stuff, the funds from that would go to my new fantasy army.

Vile Druchii
21-10-2008, 07:31
Vampires are a good start, and if you like that winged one then go for it! You'll need a few more though because they are the best characters you have available to you, being good fighters and spellcasters in general. A Wight King never goes amiss, so I'd consider one of them. Necromancers are a little disappointing actually. There's some nice miniatures out there for them (one of my all-time favourites is Heinrich Kemmler!) but they're little more than lackeys. You can guarantee one of the Necromancy spells for them though, which is useful if your tactics rely on using Vanhel's, but not much else. I'd just pay the extra points for a vampire.

Zombies are fantastic to use, and if you like the miniatures then all the better! The corpse cart is fantastic. Good, useful rules and an absolutely amazing miniature, so you can't go wrong there. If you want to model your grave guard, then you can do pretty much anything you want with them. Personally I like the old metal miniatures with hand weapons and shields, but modelling them up won't hurt at all.

The Varghulf is very useful and an amazing miniature. I occassionally run two, and have a converted werewolf as my other one (body of a Yhetee from Ogre Kingdoms, head of a Dire Wolf, lots of green stuff!) I've never used Blood Knights. They're amazing on paper, and I don't doubt they'd do a lot of damage, but they're restrictively expensive, both in points and money. However, you could also model some of them too? Maybe base them on Bretonnain Knights?

I love wraiths. I used to have two banshees, but find them less useful now. Wraiths are most useful in combat and Banshees actually lessen their effect. However, against certain armies they can be handy.

Hope this helps a little!

25-10-2008, 21:43
So I have more or less settled on VC now. My running plan is to start small. Get a small force, probably consisting of the battallion box and a vampire to start and then adding more as I go. The force would obviously grow from there, likely with grave guard and knights of some sort, painted in a fun bret or empire livery, though rotted and worn and dirty.

28-10-2008, 09:28
i suggest getting a battalion box and a vampire

then another box and another vampire

the battalion box gives you an exelent core of troops and each time you biuy one buy something secial to go with it like a vampire of something else and take your time painting it.

a VC army can look extreamly good or really bad looking, so take your time painting and your opponantswill be looking more at your models than the actual tactics :P

28-10-2008, 09:47
So long as you dont go down the route of your 2k list being 1200points of vampires, 600pts of rare slots and 200points in your 3 minimal size core slots then you'll have a decent army.

Troops, troops and more troops. That's what makes a Vampire Counts army!

1 character as the general is fine.
Although you'll then need to invest in non-wraith rare slots as they're also vampires so will allow your army to move at normal speed (black knights aren't actually all that expensive as all metal knight models go...you make a not too insubstantial saving by buying the unit of 5 rather than individual knights).