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Guardian of the Rage
21-10-2008, 09:40
Hi all,

I'd be very greatful if i could get critiques on these lists. I've not collected fantasy before, but i've read the rulebook (aren't they hard to take in if you don't play!) and watched several games.

Any general tips are obviously welcome, and if you suggest something please tell me why, as obviously it's entirely possible i won't get it straight away.

I'll start with the 2 1000 point lists i like.


Nobel: Heavy armour, shield, sword of might - 106

Mage: level 2 - 135

Spearmen (15) full command - 160

Phoenix guard (14) Full command - 240 (nobel fights with these obviously)

Dragon princes (5) Command (- the champion) - 180

Tiranoc Chariot - 85

Bolt thrower - 100

This comes to a shade over 1000, and supposedly has the spearmen and phoenix guard for defence with the dragon princes and chariot as counter/flank charge. The Mage for the magic phase and the bolt thrower for shooting. Is this close or way off?


Nobel: barded elven steed, great weapon, heavy armour, shield, war banner - 133

Mage: level 2, jewell of the dusk - 150

Spearmen (18) Command - 187

Spearmen (18) Command - 187

Silver helms (9) full command, shields - 247

Bolt thrower - 100

This again comes to a shade over 1000 and follws a similar idea to the one before.

Which of these list is any good, if either of them are? And have i missed anyhting really obvious?

Many thanks in advance,

21-10-2008, 19:24
I like the first list best, because it offers you a lot of flexibility and it has some of the most powerful HE units. 15 spear elves really do pack a punch, very useful for 1000 point games. But the Phoenix Guard pack more strenght and have the very useful 4+ ward save, making them useful for very different tasks.

To get below 1000 points, making it a legal 1000 point list: just give your noble a great sword instead of the Sword of Might and the shield. He strikes first anyway, so S6 combined with the PG attacks should finish off any enemy's threatening him anyway. If not: most of the time the enemy will just target the unit anyway (ignorance can be useful, as long as you are not the one that's ignorant!). Have not counted the points, so i''m not sure if you will actually get below 1000 points with this.