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Once Bitten
21-10-2008, 12:54
I had a weird situation arise in a game the other day.

There were two combats going on very near each other. In one, I had a large spearelf unit facing north against a WE treeman ancient (obviously facing south).

Just to the southwest of that combat, I charged my dragon princes into a unit of eternal guard. In this one, my unit was facing northeast.

So, I choose to do the DP combat first, and my DP's win it. The EG failed their break test, and rolled a 4 inch flee movement. I rolled for 9 inches, which caught them, but when I moved the DPs forward, the right corner of the unit nicked the front left corner of my spear elf unit. I assumed that they would simply run through a friendly unit, but if I did that, then the DPs would have nailed the treeman ancient in the flank. (Which is why I set the combats up the way I did.) My opponent was having none of that. He insisted that my DPs either had to stop before they hit my own unit, stop before they hit his treeman, or run through the whole combat and end up on the other side, which is where the full 9-inch pursuit would have landed me - and where I was conveniently placed to receive a flank charge from another unit of eternal guard.

I couldn't find anything in the BRB that addressed this situation. Any ideas?

21-10-2008, 13:18
The Eternal Guard will be wiped out since they run into enemy units bigger than US5, but you are unable to complete the pursuit into fresh enemy because your own unit hinders the actual movement. However, since there is no charge involved, you will continue to move your full pursuit distance, will probably end up in your own unit, and therefore end up BEHIND the fighting units. Would you have placed your DP in such a way that they would just miss your own unit, and hit the enemy Treeman, then YES, it would be a charge.

21-10-2008, 13:51
If the roll of the pursuer is higher then the roll of the fleeer, then the fleeing unit is not moved at all but immidiately removed AFAIK.

Only a fleeing unit can move through another unit, if friendly it can cause a panic test, if enemy they are destroyed if the US is higher then 5, as Rooze pointed out.

The pursuers are moved in a straight line, and since they cannot move through their friends, they are stopped by them and they cannot charge the treeman.

21-10-2008, 15:20
I stand corrected: the DP will not AT ANY TIME move beyond your infantry.

Once Bitten
21-10-2008, 16:04
OK, great. Thank you!