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21-10-2008, 16:27
Hey all. I started playing Chaos many moons (and two codexes) ago. I've always been one of the big dogs around where I play and very rarely lose (not a boast, just setting the tone).

Well, last night was my third game with my 'Zilla nids with Flyrant, Hive Tyrant w/ 2 guards, elite fex with devourers, elite fex with scything talons, heavy fex with strangler and venom cannon, heavy fex with crushing claws and strangler, zoanthrope with synapse and warpblast and 82 Termagaunts.

Since we were playing 1750 and I only had 1500 I gave all my Termagaunts toxin sacs. Well, we rolled a Dawn of War (which I think my list will struggle with) Annihilation (which I think my list will struggle with) game. I deployed first with my walking tyrant and two termagaunt squads. He deployed nothing. My first turn I move up to put pressure on him. His first turn, on storms Lysander and 5 Thunder Hammer Termies in a Crusader, right into my Hive Tyrant. 2 Tac squads in rhinos jump out and rapid fire the gaunts. End of turn one, my Hive Tyrant and guards are all dead for the loss of no terminators and all my guants except one have been rapid fired to death. It went downhill from there.

It ended with him annihilating my army and winning with 12 KP and me only scoring 2 (but I dragged down Lysander with gaunts!). He was more maimed than expected, with a weaponless vindi, an immobilized weaponless Landspeader, only one terminator left, and one tac squad with only one champ left (who had killed to Carnies singlehandedly, doing three wounds in one turn with only two attacks thanks to "No Retreat").

This isn't a whine, it was a fun game. Still feeling out the Nids. I think if the deployment OR the mission was different I would have been better off. I hope you enjoyed reading this if you got this far.


21-10-2008, 16:33
Sounds like a close game, but he was a better player. I assume he ran his remnant units off before you could kill them? Maybe take a lesson from this and you will do better next time!

21-10-2008, 16:44
Oh yes, 3+ invulnerable save having, Thunder Hammer toting Terminators (for an absurdly lost cost) riding around in an all but indestructable tank will make you a "better" general every time *rolls eyes*

Just screen your expensive troops better (force the Terminators to charge 6 point gaunts). He can't consolidate into new combats, which will allow you to counter charge. You have plenty of fast moving units at your disposal, as well as expendable ones. Wait for him to jump out and rapid fire/assault with Termies, and then pounce (in the case of Terminators, I think fighting them with your big bugs is counter productive). KPs can be harsh on Nids, so take big units.

21-10-2008, 16:58
Nid'Zilla armies have nothing to complain about as far as easy mode go. I have a Nid'Zilla army and it is (unforunately) almost an auto-win.

21-10-2008, 18:59
having only a 1500 pt army and loading up on wargear just to make it 1750 could have an effect...

21-10-2008, 19:16
Nidzilla got a swift kick in the nethers with the advent of 5th, if they go heavy on MCs punish them by vaping what little Troops they bring.

It sounds like you were running a 1500 pt army against a 1750 pt army and managed to roll poorly for mission and deployment. That sort of thing will happen, the most important thing is to not get down on yourself over it (not saying you are, it actually looks like you took it well) and look at ways to improve your list/play to take into account things like that. I think it would have been fairer if your opponent and chopped out 250 points to make it even instead of forcing you to gimp yourself.

In the end, any game's a victory if you enjoyed yourself. And just like the 'nids, you'll adapt and overcome next game.

21-10-2008, 19:38
Hey all. Yeah, I wasn't really looking for advice or what I did wrong (although I listen to all of it anyway!), I just tend to enjoy a good rant (although this wasn't really a rant, it's still therapeudic!).

Overall, my opponent did play better than me, at least at the start, sending the perfect units to deal with the units in my army. I'm also notorious for having bad dice and his were rather superb at times. I'd rank it as his being average with bouts of extraordinary (like Lysander making 16 consecutive armour saves) and mine being average with bouts of tragic. Plus I was using wargear to make points, yada yada yada.

But I had fun. I used to take the game far too seriously, but a couple years ago we began having a severely developmentally challenged player show up quite frequently. Most players groaned at the thought of playing him (crazy lists, bizarre conversions, little competitiveness, VDR insanity, etc) and I was among them initially. But then, seeing him get obliterated week after week but only ever bragging about that one Rhino that his Hammerhead blew up, or those two marines his Chaplain killed before being instaganked by a powerfist shifted my perspective. I won't say he'd be my opponent of choice every weak, but I've learned more from playing him than anyone else!

So, thanks for the encouragement all. If I do have one tactical question I'm trying to figure out for myself it is how best to play out a game of "Dawn of War" and "Annihilation". Seems like a brutal combo for the side with less shooting.

Oh, and he didn't "force" me to go up to 1750. I like a challenge and seeing how things play out!


Lord Solar Plexus
22-10-2008, 11:43
Hey, just to chime in - while my first games in 5th went so smoothly I couldn't believe it if I had not seen it myself I got utterly tabled last game with an experimental drop troop list (D-99 to be precise) against Eldar.

Dropping/scattering lightly armoured troops into heavy flamer range isn't helpful. Setting up 6 men in range of 3 WW w/ SL isn't smart. The best part is that I knew all of this in advance.

22-10-2008, 11:56
Oh yes, 3+ invulnerable save having, Thunder Hammer toting Terminators (for an absurdly lost cost) riding around in an all but indestructable tank will make you a "better" general every time *rolls eyes*

Such a shame that this game-breaking unit cant actually claim any objectives for you, and is a significant chunk of points.

Lord Solar Plexus
22-10-2008, 11:58
I'm sure GW is aware of this oversight and will FAQ it with all due haste!

22-10-2008, 12:38
Or release a Special Character to make those Terminators scoring.

Or release a Special Character to make all the other Special Characters scoring.

Or release a Special Character to make all the Terminators AND the other Special Characters scoring, and give them all an extra attack and wound, as well as making them stubborn and lowering their invulnerable save by one.



22-10-2008, 13:11
Did you not think if you moved forward he could jump on you first turn with all his mech stuff?
Sounds more of a 'doh' first turn than anything else.

Lord Solar Plexus
22-10-2008, 13:26
I guess with Nids you just don't expect to get charged that often, or at least not with such overwhelming results. A friend of mine was stuck in this mindset. He's now a little bit more cautious when facing Space Wolves...

22-10-2008, 13:32
That is assuming he had seen his opponents list to know it was mech

I think you will have to put it down to bad luck more then anything. Who could plan their HT and guard would be taken down in a round of combat!

Next time try the screening as it should allow time for other units to appear :)

22-10-2008, 13:46
Yeah, I was so distracted about how to overcome the objective and deployment that I kind of just played my own little game on my first turn (minor stroke, maybe?). It was still shocking to see the whole unit disappear for no losses.

This thread is kind of fun, what with some people getting what I mean, some people taking it as a serious analysis and others just debating about how cheesy Lysander/Nidzilla is.


22-10-2008, 13:58
What can i say....its Warseer ^^

22-10-2008, 15:31
you think your list hates that mission and deployment? try it with all-infantry guard against grey knights