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21-10-2008, 17:21
I ran into an interesting situation in a game over the past weekend. My opponent had his vampire hero mounted on a 40mm base instead of a 20/25mm base. Obviously this makes the vampire easier to charge because you don't have to travel as far to come in to base contact. It also increases the character's field of vision.

The question is does it have unintended consequences like requiring the hero to follow all the rules for monstrous characters?

21-10-2008, 17:42
There is no allowance for taking other bases than the usual in warhammer, bigger or smaller.

A vampire has a 20mm base if he is on foot. Period.

21-10-2008, 19:23
The legal size base is the base that the model comes with. There was a large discussion about this when Terminators in 40k were switched from 25mm to 40mm bases. As stated above, 20mm is the only legal sized based for a vampire model used in the game. It can be mounted however for a diorama or showpiece, but that's not a gaming model.

Bob the Butcher
21-10-2008, 21:32
If the Vampire hero was on foot he has to be on a 20X 20mm base.

Lord Dan
22-10-2008, 02:47
There are all kinds of practical (though often unintended) issues that come up from taking a larger base size:

1) Allows the character a wider arc of visability
2) Allows the character to get into base-to-base with more models
3) Allows the character to displace more rank and file models, which both makes him take up space he isn't supposed to, and forces enemy models to stike the character when they may have wanted to strike RAF models.
4) Makes him easier to charge
5) Confuses the crap out of people

So that'd be a no go for me, even in friendly games. I don't need the headache.

22-10-2008, 06:00
And, not really unimportant, might allow for a bigger range for terror and other effects, like the general's leadership bubble.

Lord Dan
22-10-2008, 17:34
That's a great point, Braad, I hadn't even thought of it. Come to think of it, a larger base would extend the range of just about everything...ld, spells, shooting, even charging!


Mad Dok Wotnot
22-10-2008, 17:45
should also point out that 40mm based thingies are immune to killing blow too, naughty vampire.

As has already been said, legal base size is the one you get with it, no cheating up extra big bases... ever

22-10-2008, 18:03
And no smaller bases too.

If you take a big U-shaped base (if we start cheating, lets' go all the way!) on your general, and make it so big his Ld-bubble covers nearly all the board. Or do it on a shaman, and give him a destructive spell that causes hits on all enemies in a certain range.

You'd be in trouble in the enemies charge phase, though.

Mad Dok Wotnot
22-10-2008, 18:36
lol - I demand a 6footx20mm base for my Orc general, that'll stop the little green buggers running off.

22-10-2008, 18:38
Thank you for the response. I'll keep these points in mind for the future.