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21-10-2008, 19:32
Hey all,

I was looking at some of my really old (1995) guardians and thought i would do something with them.

So I took some left over swords and pistols, converted a little and made a storm guardian squad..

After doing this I was thinking, how effective are storm guardians and how have other people used them in the past?

What I was thinking was adding 2 flamers and a warlock with a sword and enhance. Pls tell me your ideas and uses for storm guardians.

here is a pic of them (not the best pic) :D


21-10-2008, 19:37
I only had my eldar army for a short period of time so cant tell you a whole lot. Some of my ideas are...
1. Equip them cheap and use them as a screen for other more expensive units.
2. Sneak them onto objectives to hold them. (likely better done by defenders though)

Lord Damocles
21-10-2008, 19:42
10 Storm Guardians. 2 Fusion Guns. 96pts.

Run forward and sit on an objective. If they actually get to shoot at any tanks, well thats a bonus.

21-10-2008, 19:44
Storm Guardians suck, just like normal Guardians. The only Guardians worth having are those manning support weapons (sometimes) but more commonly your vehicles. The reason storm Guardians suck is because they are literally quite terrible at their role. In cc they tend to loose to most enemies and due to their unastonishing leadership will break when there equally lack-lustre armour fails them. Also getting to cc might be difficult due to their fragility and buying them a transport is a waste of points.

I also think that Guardians struggle to fit into the Eldar background (why bring your barely trained militia to act as fodder on the battlefield if your a dying race?!).

21-10-2008, 20:54
Thanks for the ideas! the fusion gun one isn't bad at all, but I am thinking about thinning out numbers of a squad before I get hit in CC hence the flamers and the blade if I roll well can take out some tanks >) the new cover saves kinda nix's the ap 1 against troops so i'm thinking more armor saves with the flamers may mean more dead enemy :D

Baaltharus, I wouldn't go as far as saying they suck, most of my army is made of guardians and sometimes they do rather well. Guide them and doom their target you can get some nice results. going to groun in cover works nicely too. I think it's all how you use them.

21-10-2008, 21:27
I like running my Storm Squad with @ 10 man with 2 fusions, warlock with witchblade and enchance, and a Autarch mandiblasters, power weapon and fusion gun in a wave serpent it's nice and cheap in smaller games.

Warp Zero
21-10-2008, 21:48
I use Storm Guardians in two ways.

Unfluffy Method: Assault bait vs. Tyranids or any other melee rush army. They are deployed forward in positions that are least likely to be avoided. Heavier hitting and more elite units stand by behind them at safe distance to counter charge.

Fluffy Method: When you need every bit of manpower to grab opponent's objective and yet still need to hold your own, I have a cheap unit of Storm Guardians hiding in the back of my deployment somewhere. On the objective or a short move+fleet away from it. If at all possible this unit stays out of LOS of anything the enemy has.

I use that tactic usually against Tau who have so much firepower that I need to send as much as my stuff forward as I can. Usually works because Tau player is more scared of the Banshees, Avatar, anti-grav tanks, charging his way....he usually doesn't pay attention to the S.Guardians. Usually thinking, "oh, they're just Guardians ... I'll deal with them later".

The best thing about Storm Guardians is that they do not have to buy the weapon platform with them. This cuts costs and makes them easy to squeeze into an army where you've already spent points on bigger more uber stuff. That, and their rep for being rubbish. That rep is also their strength. :)

22-10-2008, 00:05
Well i play a thousand point army of JUST guardians, wave serpents and a farseer, and i must say.... guardians are pretty rubbish. (just out of curiosity can any 'nid players tell me what it costs them to make a storm guardian guant?) But you can field lots of them. The way that i sport my storm guard is to put 2 squads in wave serpents, 2 flamers and a destructor warlock in each (127pts) and kit my serpents out with s.stones, shuricannons/EML (140pts) then throw a doom fortune seer in one as well. (130 pts) yes this is expensive for guardians, but it was designed to be a guardian army; and 4 flamers/2 heavy flamers/2 TL plasma missile templates/6 Shuricannon shots on a doomed target is absolute carnage.

Aditionaly the serpent can be fortuned, then move flat out, then on your next turn fortune the squad doom the target drop out and unleash hell.

Also i recomend destructor over enhance any day. Enhance increases your WS/I by 1 this means that you'll strike before marines (without you'd go simultaneous and still get your attacks), but STILL hit on a 4+, they however will also need a 4+ to hit you (instead of three plus). However you're still a pansee little guardian and they're still bioenginered death incarnate wearing the finest armour guardsmen can die for. This means that Enhance is more of a deffensive ability when applied to guardians than it is an offensive ability... and you're still screwed against just about anything in assault.

Now apply 4 flamers and 2 heavy flamers. to that same DOOMED squad of marines... are they gonna be there to fight back? maybe. is there gonna be enough left to take out 10 guardians and a warlock... much less likely

22-10-2008, 00:30
i play with 40 guardians (2 squads),either 2 squads of stormies (10 apiece) or just 1 large mob (20) 1 squad of jetbikes,1 squad of pathfinders,and 1 squad of DA's.
not including heavies,or fast att.
i usually win.

EDIT: forgot to mention the avatar.....

22-10-2008, 04:06
Hey all,
After doing this I was thinking, how effective are storm guardians and how have other people used them in the past?

well, you know how all Eldar are highly specialized, right?
storm guardians are specialized in the Aspect of catching bullets and drowning enemies in corpses.

two held by guardians, one used by the Warlock. Their BS3 makes 1shot weapons not too great.
That's Three flamer templates, one of them s5 ap4. Very few lists can do that. Get 10, put them in a Wave Serpent, and you have a mobile template squad.

Or instead of paying 110pts for the transport, pump up their numbers and dash across the battlefield. for every 8pt guardian that dies, a 16+pt aspect warrior lives. Also the thought of being struck by 3 flamer templates may make them unusually prioritized by your enemies, or if they ignore them 'cause "they're just storm guardians" you smack them with 3 templates.

Enhance... it's not worth it, s3 means the attacks that land won't do much damage. t3 5+ means they won't stick around long either. The other ws4 i5 units Eldar have power weapons or s4 and a buttload of attacks to make every hit hurt.

Throw in an Avatar running alongside them, and you have a horde of guys that will never run away.
Throw in a wraithlord trotting alongside them, and you get a tyranid sort of big 'un/little guy combo. It also brings more flame templates and the warlock keeps the wraithlord from falling asleep in the middle of battle.

(why bring your barely trained militia to act as fodder on the battlefield if your a dying race?!).
because being a baker is very boring and they want to go kill things, but were too lazy to train as warriors. The farseer brings them to battle, and when they die in droves and run scared he goes "I told you so, get off the battlefield and go make me a sandwich"

22-10-2008, 05:50
I'll back up what kikkoman said about template weapons. It's basically the only way to get them in an Eldar army without taking Wraithlords.

Storm Guardians may not be the best unit, but they're good for counter-assault scoring. Remember that no Eldar unit should be operating alone, so try to think of how SGs can help other units. For instance, softening up a large Ork mob with flamers/Destructor before a Striking Scorpion assault.

Admiral Samuel Eden
22-10-2008, 07:51
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, Storm Guardian, ha, ha, ha. Y-e-a-h, good joke.
Nice conversion, shame about their rules.

22-10-2008, 10:15
Storm Guardians have their uses.

I see them as a support assault unit for Striking Scorpions or Howling Banshees. This is particularly true of objective based missions, where you can assault an objective with a combination of these units, then leave the Storm Guardians to hold it, and move the Aspect Warriors on to their next target.

Their big disadvantage is the fact that they don't have grenades, as this makes assaulting defended positions very difficult, almost suicidal actually, hence why they need to attack in unison with close assault Aspects.

Enhance can be worth taking in my opinion against armies whose troops only have WS3, as striking first against them becomes an advantage, but it's not much help against other opposition, where the massed template combination of Destructor and two Flamers is your best bet.

In the past fielding the Avatar with Storm Guardians was also a good tactic, but it's risky in fifth edition due to the No Retreat Rule, so you need to have Aspect Warrior support for this to work.

22-10-2008, 11:01
I use 2 units of 10 Storm Guardians, one with 2 flamers and a destructor warlock and one just plain with an enhance warlock. They support my Wraithguard, Guardians, Scorpions, Dire Avengers and Avatar and are very useful with practice to avoid the pitfalls of being Fearless!

22-10-2008, 11:49
As with normal Guardians Storm Guardian squads are usualy instantly written off as a pointless waste of time. As some people have pointed out they can be run as a template heavy unit which is great against armies which hug terrain like Guard. Another use for them is as a sacrificial counter attack unit. Hold them behind a static element of your battleline and counter attack when the enemy gets too close. You get plenty of attacks on the charge and will hopefully bog your opponant down for a turn or two while he deals with the counter attack.