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21-10-2008, 23:46
My new Epic army is sufficiently underway now to start a project log more substantial than the I am going to buy some marines ... maybe.

I'm managing to game with these guys fairly regularly now, and each game is just getting me more and more stoked up about getting the army gorgeously fully-painted, and modelled with all sorts of extra gubbinz.

By this Christmas, I intend to have finished a 3000 point army, plus themed objective markers.

http://www.ninjabread.co.uk/epic/fighta-bombas.jpg (http://www.ninjabread.co.uk/labels/Bad%20Moonz.html)

http://www.ninjabread.co.uk/epic/bombas-in-action.jpg (http://www.ninjabread.co.uk/labels/Bad%20Moonz.html)

http://www.ninjabread.co.uk/epic/kult-of-speed.jpg (http://www.ninjabread.co.uk/labels/Bad%20Moonz.html)

And here's some WIP infantry. They're based on 2 pence pieces to give the feeling they're swarms, and not neatly organised squads.

http://www.ninjabread.co.uk/epic/2p-or-not-2p.jpg (http://www.ninjabread.co.uk/labels/Bad%20Moonz.html)

I've written a little bit more about them in my blog (http://www.ninjabread.co.uk/labels/Bad%20Moonz.html), which expounds on a lot of the thought that's gone into them.

22-10-2008, 07:06
Really well painted Orks you have there! Good move on using coins to base up Orks. I agree with you that they look much more Orky when they are in mob format. Great work. *Subscribed*


Lord Seafire
22-10-2008, 09:40
The painting you did on the Fighta Bommas is really good, I have never painted any epic models, but I assume their harder to paint than regular warhammer, good work:)

22-10-2008, 10:38

Very nice, very nice indeed. Good to see another player getting into Epic. I have been collecting orks for a while now to create an army and I was looking for a colour scheme. I think you have sold me on Bad Moons and the yellow and green horde. I am also looking fo a non - uniform basing technique. I have bought some washers and I am going to make some circular bases and then caste them for the entire army.


11-11-2008, 21:50
Cheers for the comments guys. In fact, I find Epic scale models easier to paint than their 28mm counterparts, as there's so little to the models. No faces to get hung up on, or skintones to worry about getting realistic, or battle damage.

Originally my list featured two 3-strong swadronz, until it was suggested I merged them. Both swadronz went after the tended to pick on the same unit anyway, so I'm losing little in the way of flexibility. They take only half as much flak now.

I've been trying with washes for some of my larger vehicles Aaron. Why not just buy a big sack of washes rather than cast up copies?

http://www.ninjabread.co.uk/epic/6-fighta-bombas.jpg (http://www.ninjabread.co.uk/)

There's maybe a tad too much red on some of these. I use the red to cover the areas I've messed up the yellow on. Sometimes it just starts over-powering the model. But rather than obsess over repainting bits, I'll just call them finished and aim to not repeat the mistake on the next batch of models.

Skink Master
11-11-2008, 22:03
Epic! Orks! Awesome! Keeping my eye on this one.

What's your list so far?

11-11-2008, 22:32
Very nice indeed! It's nice to see some retro bright yellow Orks, and those Wheelz especially look very nice.

What else is gonna be in the army? Some of the old plastic Stompaz would look wicked the that scheme!


11-11-2008, 22:52
Wow! Brilliant Bad Moonz. I've been rushing through my lil' Orks and I'm deliberately painting them "dirty" to disguise the fact they're just painted sloppily. It's great to see someone really taking some time over them. How many points are you aiming for?

By the way, I'd recommend using black as a cover-up colour rather than red; it avoids confusion with Evil Sunz and black/yellow is a very popular Ban Moon scheme I believe (black flame freehand would work a treat on the planes if you've any more to do).

12-11-2008, 14:05
Those Bad Moonz are amazing, I love the vibrant colours you've gone for, very cool. Would you mind sharing what material you are using on your bases (the flock and beneath the flock)? Thanks.


12-11-2008, 14:25
Always had Bad Moons planned for my Epic Orks. Just never got round to doing them yet. Got them all based for one of our campaign games so there is progress.

Great little log so far. Keep it up.


12-11-2008, 14:39
Wow, flashback to 1997 there! Love it very much.

12-11-2008, 19:28
Great stuff. Difficult to pull off a good crisp yellow, but you've done it.

Now when do we see the boyz painted up? ;)

03-12-2008, 15:31
Now! And with a Stompa as suggested by Moronguhl.

http://www.ninjabread.co.uk/epic/stompy-warband-525.jpg (http://www.ninjabread.co.uk/)

And as requested, here's the planned list:


Blitzy Warband - 545 POINTS
Normal Warband (200)
5 Gunwagons (175)
Flakwagon (35)
Gunfortress (135)

Stompy Warband - 535 POINTS
Normal Warband (200)
Oddboy (50)
5 Dreadnoughts (175)
Flakwagon (35)
Stompa with 3 Big Gunz (75)

Big Gunz - 360 POINTS
Big Mkboy Gunzmob (225)
Flawwagon (35)
2 Oddboyz with Supa-Zap-Gunz (100)

Kult of Speed - 605 POINTS
Big Kult of Speed (350)
2 Skorchas (50)
Flakwagon (35)
2 Gunwagonz (70)
2 Oddboyz (Gunwagonz) with Supa-Zap-Gunz (100)

Fight Bommers - 300 POINTS
6 Fighta-Bommers

Gargant - 650 POINTS
Gargant with 3 Soopagunz (650)
Warlord (0)

It's a bit of everything I like, plus an extra Warband for the sake of having bodies on the ground. It's being doing quite well against everyone except Eldar.

03-12-2008, 22:51
Now! And with a Stompa as suggested by Moronguhl.

I'm honoured! Looks great dude, infantry looking wicked too.

It's a bit of everything I like, plus an extra Warband for the sake of having bodies on the ground. It's being doing quite well against everyone except Eldar.

I reckon a bit of everything is always good. I plan the same sort of thing, but the lift cobbles itself together eventually!

Where you based Curis? Trying to maybe organise a London Epic 'Seer gathering at some point soon...


04-12-2008, 03:04
beautiful figures the planes look awesome, I used to get to "play" with my uncle's epic figures as a kid and have always had a love for the game, yet never really played it. These look great keep up the good work.

22-12-2008, 18:23
Where you based Curis? Trying to maybe organise a London Epic 'Seer gathering at some point soon...

Based in Manchester, but I travel darn sarf quite a bit and'd love to meet up.

http://www.ninjabread.co.uk/epic/wagonz.jpg (http://www.ninjabread.co.uk/)

Left to right: An unmolested Bone Cruncha (Gunwagon), a Flakwagon with a Doomdiver Magna Cannon (Flakwagon), an unmolested Epic 40K Wagon (Gunwagon), an unmolested Giblet Grinda suffering slightly from lead rot (Gunfort), a Space Marine Battlwagon with a Weirdboy Tower (Gunwagon with Oddboy upgrade), a Bone Cruncha with an Epic 40K turret (Gunwagon), and a Brain Crusha with a Space Marine Battlewagon Turret (Gunwagon). A veritable smorgasbord of cross-generation conversions.

One criticism levelled at Epic: Armageddon by the previous generation of gamers is that all the old variants of vehicles have been abstracted out. Lung Bursta/Bone Cruncha/Gobsmasha/Brain Crusha/Gut Rippa/Bowel Burna/Spleen Rippa/Gobsmasha/Battlewagon - they're all gone and replaced by either a Gunwagon or a Battlewagon. They say it's a blandening of the game. I disagree. I am paralysed by inconsequential choices. Should I field a squadron of Bone Crunchas or Gut Rippas? The difference between an Ork vehicle with a big spiky steamroller on the front and an Ork vehicle with a big pair of klawz on the front is quite minor when you zoom out to Epic scale. They can be represented with the same profile, leaving people like me to freely mix and match the models that take their fancy.

And, secondly, my objective markers. A crashed plane (a staple of Epic conversions), an exploded Stompa, and my command bunker which will be my Blitzkrieg.

http://www.ninjabread.co.uk/epic/objectives.jpg (http://www.ninjabread.co.uk/)

I'm rather chuffed with my command bunker. It's simply the top panel from a Battlefort with all the guns cut off. I've got several more of these knocking about I could do a settlement out of. Much better than the mud huts of old.