View Full Version : Defeating Dark Elves

Captain Plowman
22-10-2008, 09:02
Hi guys. I always have trouble against a dark elf army belonging to a mate of mine. his army is very fast with harpies, many dark riders, manticore, along with hydras, bolt throwers and spearmen.
I play empire and ogres. some help would be great.

Thanks guys.

22-10-2008, 10:06
What are more precise compositions of your armies? Empire in particular has a gigantic amount of variety.

22-10-2008, 11:34
okaii from his army composition just take empire knights like seriously cav on cav whoever has more armour always wins....just knights and great cannons....

22-10-2008, 16:21
I always find these units troublesome:

Ogres: Gorgers, Ironguts

Empire: Volley Gun, Pistoliers

Chariots are probably the worst thing a Dark Elf army can face

Dragon Prince of Caledor
22-10-2008, 18:15
Ogres are also fast and cause impact hits on the charge which makes mincemeat of even my noble high elves :) With empire war machines would be effective until he uses scouts and nerfs you of 100 pts with them. Empire knights are hard to kill and hit hard. I think that greatswords are good too. THey are stubborn, have a good armour save, and hit hard. Try the flagellants to feed them to the hydras (lol). That will keep him from killing your killy units. You might want to try detachments; I have never played against them but I hate the countercharge nonsense. Use it to your advantage! Good luck against the cursed Druchii ;)

22-10-2008, 18:19
Ogres vs DE:

1) Use 2 Gorgers, By turn 3, at least 1 will be destroying a Bolt thrower if any.

2) 3 Butchers, MSU is the best list - probably the only tournament list for Ogres. Keep the Butchers alive for as long as possible and maximise their spellcasting especially in the early rounds. The only effective shield against their shooting will be regeneration from Trollguts - target the unit that you intend to expose.

3) Assume you won't get the first turn and deploy out of range, of as much shooting as possible. Use at least 2 units of 3 Bulls to lure (in the usual manner) the DE combat units and then flank charge with Ironguts.
If they don't accept the bait, move around or behind them. This will be difficult in the centre but with an MSU army you could pull this off close to 1 side of the board.

4) Dark Riders will try to break through your front line so deter them with a single unit kept further behind your front line. If for some reason they have 'broken through', maintain a 10-11" distance between them and the unit you've selected to tackle them. Their shooting is less effective compared to the other DE shooting units so your units can absorb some of their shots.

3) Tyrant will probably survive against an Assassin and consequently destroy him but will also suffer wounds as a result. In the early rounds, choose his combat only when he will be safe from the Dreadlord and Assassins.

Good luck!