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Insane Psychopath
22-10-2008, 12:00
Hi everone

Well in the pass I try to get a warseer project log on the go but it stop due to lack of intrest on the army I was trying to do the blog on.

But this time it diffrent. It one my second favrout army being Orks (Iron Warriors are alway my first favrout force).

With the second wave of the new orks I have chosen to put my foot down & finial get another ork force done since Ork are my second favrout force & having use the new codex in a mini 40k in 40min tournament I had real fun (though did not do well until I fought Mech Guards).

Now my idea's are

My theme is a Armour Company (Meck Orks) due to that my style of warfare. But along the line try add as much ork stuff. You see I usely collect my armies to 1500pts because I usely play a few tournament. Then I might add a few models here & there for play testing. But the ork codex is one of the best I have see where there is no right or wrong with units or wargear IMO. So I wish to have a bit of everthing/that least one of each unit.

As for this blog & what to exspect on the model & painting front

- In my first attemp to make my Mk2 ork force I spoke of making my Big Mek into a Tech Priest knock off. Basicly a Ork with some robes, a servo arm knock off.
- The Orks skulls that you get I am to add a few them as Ork Servo Skulls
- Base will use some the new City Fight stuff as I like urban bits.

As for the army, as said I tend to make 1500pts, but with orks I will add onto this later so I have a good mix but for time being with a lack of money I am going to focuse on this lot.

- Warboss with Power Claw
From Black Reach box & see what I can do
- Big Mek with Force Feild
As said Tech Priest knock off

- 12 Lootas
One my favrout Ork kits, got a few conversion idea after seeing Phil Kelly Orks that UK Games Day

- 6 Nob, one being Pain Boyz & Trukk
I am waiting on the new box to come out but I have some idea like model them with trench coats.
-10 Grots & Hearder
There mainly going to hold my object but will have some/try to have some comidy conversion
- 2x 12 Orks w/Nob in Trukks
- 20 Orks w/Nob

- 12 Storm Boyz w/Nobz
Just seen the new kits & already have tons of conversion idea

- Looted Wagon
Seen a really nice Leman Russ conversion & having done a HND model making course I have a lot of free plasticard.
- Battle Wagon
Again new kit I really like it.

So that what to exspect for time being.

Also to keep you lot happy here some of the first few Orks for this growing green monster/beast.

First up my unit of Lootas


I've not done as much conversion work as I would like to. But when the Lootas are as cool as kit as these. I will aim to get a few conversion in here base around Phil Kelly idea for his Lootas & see if I can do some comidy conversion with Grots being fire out or somthing??? Also useing a lot of left over beakie Devastators weapons.

*Note here Phil Kelly orks from Games Day UK




Also George Dellapina orks are going to play a big role for idea for my own orks :biggrin

Insane Psychopath
22-10-2008, 12:00
Damn warseer & it image limit + smilies

Also my unit of boyz that will fourm one of my two unit of Trukk boyz


Then my Ork trukk which is still very WIP on the painting front



As you can see a lot models are very WIP & once my Chaos WFB project done I play from the 3rd Nov to fully focuse on building & painting my Orks.
The models that where painted where done quickly to basic get away with for games for a mini 40k in 40min tournament held in the Games Workshop that I use to be part timer in.

With the models above my focuse was more on getting cool looking base useing the new GW City Fight buildings.

Finial ment to show this photos, my pile of orks that I had since the Spearhead box was release almost a year ago


So I got a lot of work ahead of me & most stuff should be done by the time the second wave of the orks is release. Hope get them gaming around mid Jan.

I will try update it from time to time, but I think I said I am going to be busy with my WFB Chaos for a bit until after the 2nd Nov when my first WFB tournament is.

Also those intrested here a link to my Iron Warriors army to know what to exspect of a fully finish force.



22-10-2008, 14:18
Oooo an Orky blog :D keep this going J!

22-10-2008, 14:22
That looks like a big amount of stuff you have to paint. I feel with you (I really do... I have the same amount...). The skin colour of your orks looks interesting. is it possible to get a close-up?

Insane Psychopath
22-10-2008, 15:05
That looks like a big amount of stuff you have to paint. I feel with you (I really do... I have the same amount...). The skin colour of your orks looks interesting. is it possible to get a close-up?

You don't know the half of it. Right now I have a WFB Chaos force to build by the 2nd Nov for a tournament my club holding for friends & other gaming club in Scotland.
I was busy during the summer making my Mk5 Iron Warriors for the Grand Tournament in Nottingham, now doing a Fallen Angels unit (act as Chosen) for a tournament this weekend. Then I got a small 5 man squad to make up for my IW for a tournament in Edinbrugh the 15th Nov.

It has been a busy since Sept lol :D Just with my birthday in Sept, follow by games day UK, 40k Radio tournament, Grand Tournament, tournament this week, next week WFB Tournament, 15th Nov the Edinbrugh event. Getting best student award from my HND model maker course & then I am getting my HND award from college. It never ending lol :D

The flesh, way I done it was the way the Eavy Metal guy done his in the Tale of Four gamers in the White Dwarf. But I give them a dry brush of Rotten Flesh because one my friends ork armies from back in the days use that style (but before the new wash & foundy paints).

I have a a lot orks to do so I will try get a step by step of my Orks done that some point :D

22-10-2008 15:18
andy10k Re: My Mk2 Ork force (Blood Axe)
Oooo an Orky blog keep this going J!

Yep been a year been trying get orks done but as you know I was busy with my Death Watch Kill team biker force & Imperial Guards as well as stuff I was doing in my time working for GW as part timer.
Now I have time & second wave now a good time to collect orks as any time :D


22-10-2008, 16:34
Do you have some close ups from the following picture:


Insane Psychopath
22-10-2008, 16:47
Do you have some close ups from the following picture:


Nope, sorry I do not have any more close up of Phil Kelly orks, they where taken like that due to I am not a fan of having people behind the models.

There only posted to show people kind of idea I am aim for with my Mk2 Ork force.


22-10-2008, 22:26
Nice one IP! You finally started a log then? Btw, can I play your Deathwatch sometime? fed up gettin a whipping off of your Iron Warriors :D And in january your orks :D

23-10-2008, 03:24
The colors are vibrant, I like them!

Insane Psychopath
23-10-2008, 07:47
Nice one IP! You finally started a log then? Btw, can I play your Deathwatch sometime? fed up gettin a whipping off of your Iron Warriors :D And in january your orks :D

Deathwatch Bikers will not be seeing the light any time soon as I was getting a bit fed up that there not shown any challenge.

Iron Warriors will be played until my Orks army done & then IW brough back out near the tournament season next year. Also on that note they got that tournament in Edinbrugh on 15th Nov.

To everone else, I am going to try & build me some new Orks might even get some Lootas converted up useing left over Devastators weapons. If this get done I will aim to get photos up/done.
Then it all focuse on my WFB Chaos. After that when I focuse on my orks I aim to have a update that least once a week min.

Edit: Sorry ment to add in thanks to everone for the kind comments :D


Insane Psychopath
23-10-2008, 11:59
Hi everone

Just a quick update on things. Had some time to build what few orks bits I could.

May not be much but that least it somthing. It basicly a few Loot counter useing the Banner/Boss Pole from the spure. I aim to add a bit more to these later on with possible grots or what not??? Also my Loot Boy who was copy Phil Kelly once in the photo I shown.
Finial as you will notice the Black Reach Warboss. I thing he a cool models & did a little conversion being: Metal Jaw, I move his head so he more looking & give order with his power claw instead of point that one thing & pointing that another thing.


Sorry for the blurry photo here hope it try & show you what I done



Also what I have off my orks so far


Insane Psychopath
23-10-2008, 12:01
Some more of Orky goodness




So again once my WFB chaos force is out the way for a tournament (look for a log) I will be focuse on my orks. Just right now things like Green Stuff needed for this Chaos force & what ever left will be use on the orks (on the base to make the ruin building look a bit more relestice with the ground & fill in gaps).


Great Harlequin
23-10-2008, 17:19
You'd better be painting those vehicles with red stripes IP. ;)

Any special ideas for your Stormboyz? I know you've got the conversion bitz to do something with them! Anyway, good stuff so far!

23-10-2008, 18:32
Excellent Orkies IP really like the Plasma Cannon idea (might have to nick that one myself.)

Armoured Orks do i detect a hint of the IW in that concept :)

With all the nice new ork stuff coming out after Xmas Ork players have never had it so good. Blog bookmarked.


Insane Psychopath
23-10-2008, 21:24
You'd better be painting those vehicles with red stripes IP.

Any special ideas for your Stormboyz? I know you've got the conversion bitz to do something with them! Anyway, good stuff so far!

Red Strip, I'll be painting some on but game wise just chop & change the list :D Right now it just trying everthing as the Ork codex is the best where there no right or wrong IMO. Want to try all the new toys.

Storm Boyz.... I would like to do what George Dellapina did to his or some fourm of flying. I'll need to see the spure but I want to do some comidy stuff. Want to have one possible kicking a Black Templar like that Tau conversion kicking around the net??? Possible try a Grot Storm Boy as well or hanging on for dear life on one the Storm boyz.

Edit, just seen the spure photos on da waaahhh fourm. Going to convert the little grot to be on one my boyz base to be a fellow flyer.

philbrad2 Re: My Mk2 Ork force (Blood Axe)
Excellent Orkies IP really like the Plasma Cannon idea (might have to nick that one myself.)

Armoured Orks do i detect a hint of the IW in that concept

Orks with some hint of IW... never, IW can hit stuff with there heavy weapons ;) Orks just get in & bash.
Nah just everone who I battle against will tell you I like Mech armies. I got, IW Mk5, Black Legion, Storm Troopers Mech force, Raven Wing Mk1 (Land Speeder heavy). With 5th Ed rules.... also the new trukk models & lootas is really want wanted me to collect a second ork force :D Also the new Battle Wagon though some are not fan of it, I really do like it.

Yes I feel it going to be a very green year Mk2. One reason again I move my orks forward. Just trying to slow do them while the new stuff get release, so good thing I need a lot orky buts from Black Orc & other WFB goods & the City Fight buildings.

Thanks again folks


ps: My WFB Chaos force I need done for the 2nd Nov, the log can be found here


Just got the army book & a box of Knights today.

Insane Psychopath
04-11-2008, 10:44
Hi everone

Time for a quick word update.

First all, this is the first week of Nov & so my orks are going to be in full swing. Aim to pick up some boyz later today when I goto my Games Workshop.

Just from the last post to now, I been up to my head with a lot stuff on the go. Also right now I am getting a new unit of Khorne Bezerker ready for a local tournament on the 15th Nov which is in a week time :eek: just got the bits today.

Also for those wanting to know what to exspect check out my IWs


So today will see another box of boyz & I aim to get some photos up on Fri when I aim to do some works on my Orks boyz.


Insane Psychopath
05-11-2008, 13:05
Hi everone

A little update with photos

I been doing some work here & there be it undercaoting, a little bit of paint or building




Also the box of boyz I bought yesterday


So once my Khorne Bezerker have been done for my IW & a tournament on 15th Nov. I will get some Boyz built on Fri or that least they will be on & off this week.

Also if thing go well, who know I might have my 40k Daemon Blog. Yep just started orks & already though of another army. Just I am a big fan of all that is chaos. Daemon, I am showing that they can do well in games & also try to test my skill with conversion (lot armies I seen of Daemon been out the box) & just try some new painting skills.


Insane Psychopath
21-11-2008, 10:53
Well it been some time since a update. Been a little busy with real life events & other stuff going on but I am still working away on my orks

First up the army list has been updated to the following

Big Mek
8 Nobz, 6 them with Big choppa in trukk
12 Lootas
2x 20 Boyz
12 Boyz in Trukk
10 Grot & Runt hearder
Loot tank
2x Battle wagon (here where 20 boyz go in).

There a lot more in term of wargear & stuff

Anyway, over this past week I been painting the odd bit here & there on my orks. From the white & black square just because it look cool (but still need to be tide up). Finial got some new Catachan (sp) green so I can start doing the Blood Axe comoflauge (sp?) for my ork boyz.

So here what I got so far.

My Ork trukks (still need to make up some boyz). As you will see I use one of the Black Reach nobz & converted him useing the Warbike nob arm, just seem fitting for Big Chopa & been wanting to use that arm on a conversion for some time



My loots. I not done any conversion other than use City fight bit for the base. Just loota model are really great to be honsty, though as you will see I am short by a few model, these I hope will be converted just waiting on a few thing from the second wave of orks to be release.

Also a close up of the mostly painted loot from the squad

Insane Psychopath
21-11-2008, 11:00
Because of the photo limit

Here my warboss, conversion wise just change the head slightly so he pointing/give order out, give him a Metal jaw & just a cool city fight base.



Also the start of one my 10 Boyz unit arm with Choopa & 2x Big Shootas



Also for those intrested the colour for my Orks skin is
- Base caot with Knarloc Green
- Heavy wash of Badab Black
- Heavy wash of Devlan Mud
- Dry Brush with Knarloc Green
- Very lighting dry brush Rotting Flesh

I tend to do the metal work force useing a tank brush, paint the flesh above along with any part going to be brown (so I can wash all same time), then ork hide skin for the trouser follow by Catachan Green, then I aim aim to do some black strip for camoflauge (sp)
Teeth are scortch (sp?) brown follow by Bleach Bone & highlighted with skull white.
Top are just Chaos Black with shadow grey highlight (when I get them done).