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22-10-2008, 20:24
So a friend of mine has one of those starter battle sets for warhammer fantasy and i played it and liked it a lot. So i decided i wanted to give the game a try. But i don't know with what army i'd like to start with. I think i'd like an army full of hard to kill units. That's what i think i want in my troops more than anything. That and maybe some flaking ability so my main force can hold off my enemy and my flankers will will pick the pre-occupied enemy off. I suppose as well at least alittle heavy support would be necessary too.


errr hehe i'm not 100% just thinking in my head what would be needed to win a game... i just know how i want to play ><.... I was hoping you guys might point me in the right direction by recommending an army book or two to buy because my college isn't close to a games workshop store, but when i go home in december i'll be back home and in range and i wanna have an pretty set idea of what i want to start when i go into the store.

oh oh.... and armys that seems to be what i think i'd like (from the games workshop site descriptions):

orge kingdom (even though they are all big and icky looking)
Dwarfs (they look cute!!!!)

i hope i've made since and thanks to all that help out.

22-10-2008, 20:35
Welcome to WHFB mastercats,

If you're looking for a tough, hard-to-kill army the Warriors of chaos would be a great army to start off with. Giving Warriors the mark of Nurgle will make them tough to kill and they are excellent killing machines in close combat. Also, Marauder Horseman are a very powerful flanking unit which will be able to pick pre-occupied enemies off. Chaos Knights are extremely powerful and are probably the best cavalry in the game, so if you're after a bit of 'heavy support' they're your unit!

Ogre Kingdoms are also a strong choice for a hard to kill and tough hitting army. Using Bulls to bait enemies for a central charge and flanking with Ironguts is a good tactic, and Gorgers are great Warmachine hunters or just for popping up behind a battleline and causing mayhem.

Both armies won't be redone for a long while now the new Warriors of Chaos are out so i guess that won't matter to you.

22-10-2008, 20:41
Ogre Kingdoma seem to be difficult for new players to begin with and dwarfs are very static, and dare I say it, boring.
Other options for you could be warriors of chaos, a mass of very solid infantry backed up by some very nasty monsters with rather good flankers in the shape of Maruder Horsemen and Dire wolves. There also just getting updated so you'll have one of the newer armys and thus little fear that they'll get updated.
Beasts could be an option with the possibility to make an army of minotaurs. However these will proberly be like ogres except awfully more expensive with little firepower to back them up.
Lizardmen Saurus are also very powerful, have the quick and nippy skink to protect them but there firepower is short ranged, hower its annoying and potential deversating, couple this with the most powerful spellcasters in the game and its a rather good army. However its about to be updated so if there the army for you I'd wait until March-April time.
A Nurgle Daemon army is proberly the toughest army your going to get, however with it being all metal its going to cost a fortune.

22-10-2008, 22:02
oh gosh you guys are so great hehe ^.^ hmmm i'd want to go lizardmen because they look like they'd fit with the colors i'd like to have on my army (pink and blue) orges look like they'd be ok with that too as like belly paint. The chaos guys are well <.< like all guys and i want some ladies in the fight <.< almost wanted an all girl army but i quickly gave up on that dream *tear*.

I was wondering how are lizardmen defensive? i can under stand orges they are so big and fat <.< blush they has moobs so i'll pretend their ladys :P.

Beast look cute but i'm still on the fince on those guys.

anymore suggestions are greatly accepted.

right now its looking lizards vs. orges though orges might win out because i dont want to build my army and have my defensiveness taken from me :(

22-10-2008, 22:46
IMO Lizard are far more fun t play with than Ogres.Lizards are a wee bit more forgiving and i would have to say a great army for beginners and you won't get board with them fast.** Lizardmen are getting a new army book and new models just after xmas**

My vote is lizardmen

22-10-2008, 23:18
Well if you are thinking of painting your models pink;
then try DE they have quite a few female characters and troops
(sorceress' and witches) also they have recentley recieved
a new army book making them quite powerful.

But i'd suggest popping into a store and trialing a few armies
you don't know what you might like to you try it.

22-10-2008, 23:55
If there's one piece of advice I'd give you it'd have to be to go for the army that interests you most both modelwise and when it comes to painting it. Otherwise, you could lose interest and might not have a painted army at the end if there's no motivation modelwise.

Lizardmen is a really nice army and why not give them a go at your local club/gw store before buying them. Another way could be to buy a model and the army book and see how you feel about them after reading their fluff and painting a model

Heres a link to the Lizardmen tactica:

23-10-2008, 00:10
Orges are quite diffcult to play but they are powerful, not many units can survive 1 round of their charge, their charge = getting hit by multiple trains

dwarfs are a gunline army, they sit back and shoot usually, but thier troops are hard to kill

lizardman is a great army even with the old book, you have good leadership/magic/combat troops, if you like the models go with lizard.

vinny t
23-10-2008, 00:12
Dwarfs don't have to be a gunline army, the army idea I'm currently entertaining involves 3 warmachines and 20 quarrlers, hardly a "gunline"

23-10-2008, 00:47
To the TC:

Don't be fooled about the Ogres. There is nothing in the army that is hard to kill. They have very few "wounds" overall, and they are easily taken from you by shooting and protracted combats. I don't think Ogres are the army for you if you value that most.

That said, I notice you have latched on to the big fat guys, based on their image. This is probably the most important part of a commitment to an army. Ogres were in fact my first army - I was sold when I saw the army book cover. I love them, and they're a lot of fun to play. As others have said, however, they're very hard to learn the game with, and require a lot of cunning tactics and knowledge of the game to win with. With Ogres, unless you pick your fights and outsmart your opponent by a mile, you probably won't win.

Dwarfs are my second army (fancy that). I love the rock-hard core troops, and shooting support. They lack the mobile units you seem to be looking for, though, except for the one flying unit (gyrocopter). Warmachines and gunners are a good replacement, however. Also, Dwarfs have lots of armor and flags and things, which can be painted any color you desire, without having to paint pink skin (:wtf:?).

I think the armies that would best match the style you're looking for are (in no particular order):
-Warriors of Chaos - hard to kill, good light and heavy support. Suffers from "bug burly man syndrome".
-Orcs & Goblins - similar to Ogres in style & feel, you can paint them pink and nobody will mind, solid infantry & fast support. Heavy support available, but lacking. Also, like Ogre Kingdoms, considered a "weaker" army. Not because they require you to outsmart and outplay your opponent to the degree that Ogre players do, but because even your best laid plans can be ruined randomly.
-Dark Elves - Not very tough generally, but have some very hard units. Also very fast, with some hard-hitting chariot and knight support. Also there's female models and characters, which seems to be up your alley.
-High Elves - Same critique as Dark Elves.
-Bretonnia - lacks the hard center you wanted entirely, but I thought I'd mention them because they're a good starter army, they have excellent heavy and fast cavalry, and also female models. I think they'd look good painted pink.