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Pitalla Crimson
22-10-2008, 22:47
I was wondering if this list was Lome and Tourney Legal, because I have been reciving very different opinions, wether if its ok or if its surpasses bow limits etc...


Easterling Captain
w shield and horse

w horse


8 Easterling warriors
W shields
8 Easterling warriors
w bows
8 Easterling warriors
w shields and lances
5 Easterling Kataphracts

8 Haradrim warriors
W lances
8 Haradrim warriors
w bows
5 Serpent Riders
3 Haradrim Riders
w lances
1 Haradrim
w banner

Total=751 pts.
The Easterlings are supposed to be allied with the haradrim.

23-10-2008, 10:07
You need at least one character for each allied force in your army. You have this.

The number of banners in each allied force cannot exceed the number of characters in that force. You're fine.

For each warrior you take with a bow, you must take two or more warriors without. This is calculated separately for each allied force. Both forces are fine.

A force the size of yours has a model limit of 75, you are well within that limit.

It's quite straightforward, and I have no idea why you would receive 'very different opinions' unless you talk only to people who have never read LoME.

23-10-2008, 12:02
The only aspect in which it is illegal is that it is 1 pt over for 750pts. You shouldn't really have problems with this in friendly games, but at a tournament the organisers will probably pull you up on it. I'd suggest simply dropping a spear from a Haradrim Warrior, that will do the trick.

23-10-2008, 14:55
I would suggest you download 'Lonely Knights Armycreator' from TLA when it's up again (start of next month, if all is well). It automatically calculates all these things. Just search for the link in his signature on the forums. :)

Pitalla Crimson
23-10-2008, 22:52
OMG! thanks alot!, then everything its going well :p. Ill download that army creator once it is up again for sure.
Guess Ill have to drop a lance from a haradrim rider or a haradrim spearmen.

BTW, do I need some muscle or extra will in the army?

23-10-2008, 23:28
Personally I would be inclined to drop out the Hasharin in favour of a Haradrim Chieftain and some more warriors. You currently have 57 models, in a 750pts list like this I would want at least 60. Then again, I wouldn't personally bother with 5 Kataphracts or the horse for the Easterling Captain or the 3 Raiders. I would take the Captain on foot with HW+Shield, 4 Kataphracts, and then 8 Serpent Riders. The Kataphracts make a great shield for the more vulnerable Serpent Riders, but aren't as good on the charge. Suladan can also take shelter behind the armoured dudes before hitting home hard. You then have 13 Cavalry models and more points to play with!

Just my 0.02.

Pitalla Crimson
26-10-2008, 00:44
yeah, tought the horse for the easterling captain its really , really cheap. Just check on the LOME book to see how much points it is.
I was thinking on using the hashari as a hero killer, so when my foot lines get to clash I could be having him with 5 attacks! wich will mostly kill anything.

tough I agree, I kinda feel a little low on models for a 750 pts list.

01-11-2008, 19:20
the armoured horse in the legions book is wrong you have to uswe trhe shadow in the east i thought but then i asked my local staff member and he said you have to use the shadow in the east.

I think you should drop the haradrim riders and get more serpent riders.