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23-10-2008, 08:18
I'm still going along with this shades clan idea for the moment, because my small skill at converting will probably be able to manage this :D. Game-wise, heres the newest version of the list I came up with:

+Master on manticore with Armor of Darkness, lance and Ring of Hotek. - Standard in a no magic army, this guy will team up with his other manti brother and acheive flank and rear charges where possible.
+Master on manticore with Ha, Lance, SDC and Shield of Ghrond. - Another flying monster, this guys will most likely be the one who will go headfirst into shooting if there is no other way around.

+ 3 x 5 Dark riders with crossbows. - Pretty standard.
+2 x 5 Harpies. - Again, a practical must-have for this kind of army.

+ 7 shades with great weapons. - The whole shades clan thing gives it away :D. Plan to make the best use of cover and knock ranks off so the beasties have an easier time of smashing.
+ 7 shades with great weapons. - Same as above, may struggle if the board is light on useable terrain.

+2 x assasin with ex HW, Manbane and Rendign stars. - Each of these little guys will head a shade unit. As far as I can tell manbane works on shooting hits, so I will count my str as one higher and THEN add on the +1 for rending stars. Potential str 7 shooting hits and a perfect way to chip wounds of big monsters.

+War hydra. - Perfect monsters to take the centre or breathe on the flanks.
+War Hydra. - Because ten heads are better then five :D.

So there you have it. Obviusly, its fast, hard to get, and has some good combat potential. On the other hand, virtually no armour and absolutely no magic/little magic def. Whatdya think?

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23-10-2008, 16:19
As far as i can tell the manbane can never be higher than str6 as it says maximum.
Admitely this has been up for discussion but thats how we play it.

That being said the army looks fast and tough but very fragile with few bodies and poor magical support. Against a horde army or a magic strong army you might run into deep problems but against most other youll problary do good.
Beware tho that many players dislike this kind of monster heavy armies but as long you and they have fun go for it.

23-10-2008, 17:03
I love your theme. It's very well thought out and represented in your army. Kudos.
Unfortunately you'll only get 6 str from manbane, because the rending stars don't add +1 str to the attack, they give "as user +1" meaning you'll throw them at the strength on the assassin's profile + 1. Manbane doesn't add strength to his profile, so the rending stars will fire off at S5, and then if the target has T5 or greater, manbane will kick in. As most targets you'll be shooting at won't be T5 or greater, i'd drop the manbane and instead take either rune of khaine, or cry of war for when you charge.

I also think you'll have trouble against magic heavy armies. Shooty armies not so much because you're so fast you'll be in combat really soon and you have so many fliers and scouts. But vs magic armies, taking the ring of hotek and then flying it away from your troops is antisynergy.

23-10-2008, 17:04
Thanks for the feedback. I understand this isnt a fun army to play, but for freindly games I have some balanced armies I like to use, but you know, sometimes you gotta listen to the evil inside and make a few people cry :D.

24-10-2008, 11:40
I like it, I've been trying to work out how to make shades and monsters work together and this may just be it. It looks like an annoying army to play but I'd love to see some reports. I just love the look and idea of monsters and shades that's why I want to play this sort of list myself.