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23-10-2008, 17:58
Hey guys. I got an 'Assault on Black Reach' set recently and I am going to play against my brother in a 600 point battle soon. I have found that in 40k you can often tell who will win a battle based upon the army lists. There are several other things that must be known, of course, such as terrain, player skill level, and mission. So, assuming that there is ~25% terrain and both of us are on relatively even ground tactically, who do you think will win?

His list:
Warboss with heavy armour and power klaw
30 shoota boys including 3 big shootas, nob with power klaw and bosspole
3 killa kans with big shootas
Deff dread with 2 extra CCW and armour plates

My list:
Captain with power weapon
10 tactical marines including flamer and missile launcher
5 terminators
Dreadnought with multi melta

Okay, so the variable left out so far (potentially among others) is the scenario. If you think that one army is more likely to win, please suggest a scenario that would even the odds!

Thanks for reading :)

23-10-2008, 18:08
I vote the orks, just for the fact that you wont be able to take out the walkers before they hit your line, the marines need more heavy weapons.

23-10-2008, 18:20
I'd have to say the orks will win this won, just on list hammer mind you. You don't have enough heavy weapons to stop his walkers from crashing into your lines, and and you don't have enough heavy shooting to stop his boys from hitting ya as well, or at least taking them down enough to make them manageable.

I don't think scenario will help you'd need a diffrent list set up to really heavy a better chance. Smallest possible diffrent might be adding an assault cannon somewhere.

23-10-2008, 18:21
I think Marines have the advantage here, but just barely. A missile and multi-melta will make short work of lightly armored Ork vehicles and the Terminators will be nigh impervious outside of combat. Once the Dred and Kanz are disposed of, the army can shoot and scoot to avoid combat while slowly whittling down the Orks.

The Orks need simply to force tons of save on the Terminators and get stuck in ASAP. 30 boyz are hard to kill, 30 boyz screened by Kanz are even harder to kill. If he can keep his boyz alive and shooting, he will be able to bypass the marines' armor with sheer numbers of saves rolled. Powerklaws do the heavy lifting in assault and can easily make paste of anything the marines bring to bear.

On second thought, Orks ftw :D

23-10-2008, 18:26
I'd have to say that Orks have an advantage.
Then again, this is just looking at the units. Without knowing how either of you guys play, it's difficult to predict.

The Base
23-10-2008, 21:21
What are your Terminators armed with?

My suggestion is try to use you dread to kill his dread with a close range melta shot.

If the Terminators have chain fists the kanz shouldn't stand much of a chance.

Let your normal marines fire bolters at the boyz mob for as longs apossible before getting into close combat.

You should win rather easy if you can do this.