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23-10-2008, 21:13
Three Words: The Battle For Commorragh.
(ok, four words including the definite article)

First of all, this would not be a justification for killing off the Dark Eldar. Even if Commorragh were crushed utterly, plenty of Dark Eldar would survive and even thrive. If anything, the adversity would provoke a DE renaissance, since I can only imagine the stagnation that their current centralization must have caused.

Now, the hardest part would be justifying a sufficient breach in the Webway that would let hundreds of armies from dozens of factions be able to converge on the hidden metropolis, but there are few options:

-Ahriman seems the likeliest option, what with his prior experience with the webway, vast resources and specific long-term goals.

-The Necrons may be pursuing action against the Eldar as a continuation of the War in Heaven. I know that the Warp is anathema to the C'Tan, but perhaps the webway isn't...

-I'm sure Slaanesh would like nothing better than to open Commorragh up like a spiky goth pinata, and it sounds like his/her demons are way sneakier now than we'd ever thought.

-Lastly, since GW loves to shoehorn Marines in whenever they can, we could say that Jhagatai Khan, or at least survivors from his lost raid (c.f. 13th company) open up the webway from the inside out.

Anyway once the battle is joined, the participants would be divided roughly as follows (note the unconventional division, this isn't just another "good guys vs bad guys" scrap):

Dark Eldar, fighting for their homeland (sorta)
Eldar, grudgingly assisting their decadent brethren in defending the webway
Orks, bribed/manipulated by DE agents, also possibly echo of Old Ones plan
Tau, because [justification in progress]

Chaos Marines, gathering souls and lore
Demons, gathering souls and lore
Necrons, destroying their ancient foes
Tyranids, finding new and exciting things to eat

Unlike most campaigns, the Imperium would be the wild card here (equivalent to the orcs in Storm of Chaos). I figure, Inquisitor A may focus on destroying Chaos, but Chapter Master B has a grudge against the Dark Eldar, and Colonel C has been manipulated by the Deciever to attack Eldar, while Canoness D is crusading against the Necrons, and so on. This approach sidesteps the usual issue of having Imperial forces, who I'm sure comprise the majority of the 40k player base, firmly on one side of the conflict.

Now obviously, this is more of a thought exercise than anything else, but I figured it was worth sharing. Please feel free to comment on this or propose other worldwide campaigns that you think would be better.

max the dog
23-10-2008, 23:20
I'd like the Imperium to go on a good old fashioned crusade. Something that makes a difference where the battles won or lost in one year effects the fluff in new codex and novel releases next year.
Give us some new limited edition models for each army that go along with the campaign. Yes, I want it all.

Col. Tartleton
23-10-2008, 23:42
I'd like to see a campaign like Medusa V. Its not wicked relevant, its off to the side, and its tying together the races.

Heres my scenario.

Ork Waagh launches an assault into the Farsight Enclaves (he needs a bit of revitalizing as does Aun'Shi who is traveling there with him. Imperial forces in the region make a non aggression pact with the Blood Axe Waaagh in an attempt to turn around recent 3rd Sphere intrusions. (The Tau need to at least see a setback to be realistic) The Imperium and Orkish forces strike hard and crack open a Enclave fortress world. A few Marine chapters including the blood ravens send some aid to the Guard, but refuse to hold to the non aggression pact. This causes the Orks and Humans to break down and begin fighting one another Marines fire upon those Guard units still holding to the pact as chaos ensues. Chaos Renegades strike from the warp under watchful eye of a Word Bearer Lord who is interested in controlling the region around the Damocles Gulf in order to erect new demon worlds.

The Necrons appear on the moon where Chaos Forces have set base in order to prevent the Connecting of the warp and real space. The Iyanden Eldar their dark equivalents also intrude and a full blown war erupts. The radical elements of the Ordo Xenos who are dispatched to deal with the Tau and aid the Orks are soon caught up in a much more complicated war. An order is sent for the Ordo Hereticus to intervene. The Psychic Beacon of the Chaos Cabals lead to a new enemy entering the field... A splinter hive fleet.