View Full Version : 2nd attempt at a 2250pt lizardmen force any pointers

24-10-2008, 11:40
gday all, i am aiming for an all round army that can survive the magic phase with few casualties and still have a good combat force. well heres my army list let me know wat u think.

Saurus Oldblood 262 pts
light armour, shield, jag charm, gw,bs quetzl, bs sotek, bs tepok

Saurus Scar-Vet 222pts
light armoue, bsb, totem of prophecy, bs quetzl, bs tepok

skink chief 139pts
light armoue, shield, cloak of feathers, sword of might, bs sotek, scout

24 saurus (bsb in here) 342pts
standard, champ, bs tepok

18 saurus 246pts
standard, musician, champ

10 skinks 60pts

10 skinks 60pts

10 skinks 60pts

10 skinks 70pts

4 kroxigors 232pts

6 saurus cavalry 255pts
standard, warbanner

3 terradons 105pts

3 salamanders 195pts

total 2248pts
5 dispel dice

ok well theres the list let me know wat u think and suggest improvements :)


24-10-2008, 18:50
There is nothing wrong with your force, it's perfectly viable!

Still, if you want some suggestions (which are based on personal opinions on the usefulness and/or friendliness of some choices):

-I like the large saurus block, it has great potential (auto-break will win you games!) What you could do, in order to minimize the casualties they suffer (and thus maximize the effect of the banner), would be to give them the blessing of Quetzl on top of the Tepok one.

-If you follow the piece of advice I wrote above, you'll have a free special slot; I suggest swapping the scouting skinks for a 5-strong unit of chameleons. They do the scouts' job, only better!

For the above you'll need a few extra points, and I'm not exactly sure where to find these....

25-10-2008, 02:28
Mhh yea its hard to squeeze any points outa of anythin as i had quetzl on them bt it was to many points and i really had to thin everythin out. Im usen the terradons in conjunction wit the jag war to get flank charges etc to break units wit there combo so cant cut them out, so only thing i can really do is cut a saurus from the cavalry unit bt 5 saurus cav will be almost useless. only idea is to replace them wit 4 kroxigors and that will free up 20 odd points and yea get rid of another muscian and i get quetzl on them maken for a very tough unit of fear causen saurus and 4 kroxigors more and no cavalry. U reckon thats the way to go. thanks again for ur input need all the advice i can get :p

25-10-2008, 08:43
no terradons or skink chief.. mabey a mage or two also

25-10-2008, 09:34
why no terradons or skink of death lol. The chief is on war machine hunting plus a scout so things like skaven warpligtning cannons removed from play in my first turn as they auto flee from charges and doubt they could rally and he would own etherals and war machine crews so why dont u like him :p and terradons r there to back the oldblood up so that he wins fights more often than not wit the extra 9 attacks and flank/rear bonus for combat res. can u tell me why they r bad choices

27-10-2008, 11:43
well i just tried out this list and vs'd a mates wood elf army epic fail lol. totem of prophecy was pretty much useless all his units caused fear or were immune to psychology ie nasty wardancers. my terradons charged several times and lost everytime and didnt cause any wounds very disappointing they were useless. i faced a dragon and arround 30 archers a treeman so damn frustrating to play against wit so many terror tests and lots of missile fire. the big block of saurus and evan thou small unit of cavalry were gems bt other than that the rest of the army lacked any killing power. he had 3 things of woods on the board plus a hill so ill need to be stricker wit that for future battles as maneuvering was impossible wit all his skirmish units and dragon plus wildrider pains in the ass. so couldnt stop his flank and rear charges unfortunately he had no magic so all my bs of tepok wasted :p. so i am wondering how any1 would plan an army against a woodelf force consisting of 2 units wardancers, dragon, treeman, 30 archers, 2 units dryaids a unit of wildriders wit a noble and a hoda noble as well. any suggestions.