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17-11-2005, 17:23
Okay, I’m taking Orcs to my first tourney with them, and I’m curious how people think the list will perform. I’ve only played it once, against an undead player, and won.

Now cries of cheese aside, this is a 2250 tourney, with 40 entries. Players are, from two countries. The US and England. A plethora of armies are represented, and the caliber of player is something I won’t be able to compete with…so I’m going to have fun.

Black Orc – Drog’s Armor, Choppa/GW
Lvl 1 Gobbo Shaman w/ 2 scrolls
Gobbo Hero w/ GW
19 Big Un’s w/ spear, command, and Night Banner (-1 to hit w/ shooting)
24 Gobbo’s w/ LA/shield/HW & command
2 x 20 Night Gobbo’s w/ bows; 3 fanatics
20 Night Gobbo’s w/ spears; 3 fanatics
4 x 16 Orc Boys w/ 2 HW
Rock Lobba w/ Bully
3 Gobbo Chariot’s; 2 w/ extra crew and spears
2 x 10 Boar Boys w/ command
2 Giants

The idea is that the Black Orc is in the Big Un’s. I chose a Black Orc, not for his ability to quell animosity, but because for 11 points more than a Orc Warboss, he is Str/WS 7. If I can get charged and strike at I 4 with him, or strike last at Str 7, and pop chariots/characters…etc.

The shaman is a scroll caddy, and to give me 3 dispel dice.

The Gobbo Hero is just there to throw people off. I thought about a BSB, but I don’t know that it would really help.

The Big Un’s don’t have a shield because it would only give them a 5+ save, anyway. So I gave them the banner to help them survive shooting a bit, to get into combat.

Gobbo’s are there as a sludge pit.

2 units of bow gobbo’s for some sort of shooting, and to provide fanatics. Spear unit will run with the other gobbo unit to provide backup. Fanatics are there for anti-armor units...dwarves, Knights...etc.

4 units of 16 Orcs for combat res. They are cheap, with no command, because they shouldn’t be charging into anything alone. If they lose combat, I’m not giving up 100 points for a banner, and I don’t have a champ, as they already have 2 attacks apiece.

1 Lobba, because I can. I need something for Large targets, or to hit Grave Guard/Knights/Greatswords…etc, for 1-2 turns, before its’ charged by something flying/ambushing/tunneling…etc.

3 Chariots – 2 for 1 slot, and 1 by itself. The two have extra crew and spears to provide greater combat res when they charge in with the Orcs, or in tandem with themselves. The lone chariot, again, because I could. Though I’m thinking of making it a Orc chariot for the Str, they it would lose its’ speed.

2 Giants, because I have the models, and they are only T 5. They have to be dealt with, and anyone who is a good player will know how to deal with them, either with magic, poison, cannons…etc. Otherwise, they are great against other large targets, and they can, easily, deal with regimental units if they jump up and down.

Again, screams of cheese/flaming aside, how do you think it will do? Should I take a Boar Chariot instead of a 3rd gobbo chariot? Drop the night banner, and do something with the Orc squads? Drop the Gobbo hero, and add something else?

I’ve played Orcs for years, and have done the magic army, gobbo army…etc, and I will enjoy this list, but I’m sure it could use some tweaks.

17-11-2005, 17:39
I don't think it's cheesy at all.

Anamosity will be a problem tough (but that's always a problem isn't it)
The main gobbo units look well armend and the rest of the army also looks good.

I think it's very cool to have 2 giants in the list, With boar boys also handy as support and hrad CC-er I do think it will be a good list.

I wish you muzh good luck with it :)

17-11-2005, 17:51
thanks for the compliment. I've heard from other players how bad it is to take 2 Giants, but just don't agree. These are, usually, they same people bringing undead/tomb kings, and laugh every other time I fail a charge because of fear.

Animosity is a problem, but not anymore so than any other Orc army. You know there are times it will screw you and there are times you can only hope it helps you.

17-11-2005, 18:37
I think your orc unit's are too small. Orc unit of that size doesn't get along. I recommend that you grow units to size of 20.

17-11-2005, 20:42
Why? 4 x 4 units of Orcs are going to be just as effective as units 4 x 5.

I don't want to go 5 x 4, because then, you are more apt to be charged by multiple units.