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24-10-2008, 19:28
A few years ago Mark Robson ran a Wood Elf "Fairies of Albion" list that included lots of eternal guard, a tree man, 2 units of archers, and two units of dryads. I forget the character mix but I do believe that he included a wizard on a dragon.

I have tried to bring that list into the present day. Tell me what you think.

General: Nobel with HoDA and great weapon
Nobel with great weapon
Nobel with army standard and nettlings
Wizard with 2x scrolls

19 Eternal guard with full command (general goes here)
18 Eternal guard wtih full command (wizard and nobel)
19 Eternal guard with full command and war banner (Army Standard goes here)


10 Archers
10 Archers

8 Dryads
8 Dryads

Basic formation would look like this:

the two units of archers would be out in front of the main body to act as fire support and as diverters.

From left to right the main body would look like this:
Eternal Guard with General
Eternal Guard with Army Standard
Eternal Guard with Nobel and wizard
The archers are in the front to act as fire support and diverters.

All units should be in range of the Army Standard

This gives me 5 stubborn units rerolling break tests.


Fallen Scholar

24-10-2008, 23:03
I think this is not playing to the Wood Elf strengths at all and a very poor army list.

25-10-2008, 03:55
At the very least, drop one of the EG units and buff up the others to a minimum of 21 (7*3), possibly 28. I'd personally stick with one big unit of EG (35 or 40 sounds yummy) with the BSB and a spellweaver (level 4 - consider the Wand of Whych Elm if you pick up more dispel dice with your other characters, otherwise Rhymer's Harp) in it.

I honestly don't see how your general is going to do enough more that a lord-level caster or a treeman ancient wouldn't be better. You can use a standard altar noble (HoDA, HotH, light armour, great weapon) as well, and still have a very reasonable points total for your characters. The BSB is good, though - consider the Amber Pendant.

Where's the glade riders? I cannot imagine leaving home without a unit of those...

13-11-2008, 23:37
You want to have your BSB and general in the same unit as mentioned before and that unit be 28+ that way youre stubborn and get the +8 CR +3 ranks, outnumber, banner bsb and war banner.
You need to tool up your heroes for either character killers or troop killers add more magic items