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Dooks Dizzo
25-10-2008, 01:27
I got my hands on the new book and I am pretty impressed overall. I am kind of interested in running a low body count, hard hitting army.



Chaos Warriors x 15
Chaos Warriors x 15
Chaos Warriors x 15

Chosen x 10 (280)
Mark of Nurgle
Hand Weapons / Shields
Champion w/ Dispel Scroll
Banner of Rage

Chaos Knights x 5 (250)
Mark of Khorne

Chaos Knights x 5 (250)
Mark of Khorne

Chaos Warshrine (130)

Chaos Warshrine (130)

Total: 1290

Leaves me plenty of room to add some leadership. That's where I would like the advice. Should I have my Lord/Heroes on foot with the Chosen? The Warshrines will be marching along with the Warshrines to get additional bonuses out of them.

Should I go heavy on the magic maybe? Without any real range, I might want to beef up on some sorcerers and use them like artillery for example.


Time of Madness
25-10-2008, 01:34
If you have the book you should have realized you can't take hounds as your only core (they don't count towards the minimum amount). So right now you need 3 more core choices.
Time of Madness

Da Black Gobbo
25-10-2008, 01:37
Right, you need some big bunchs of marauders/warriors/horsemen, i'd go heavy magic with Vilitch and 2 lvl 1 mark of tzeench sorcerors, maybe if you play in a tourney give one 2 scrolls and the other black tongue, pretty pretty nasty item.

Dooks Dizzo
25-10-2008, 17:13
Hmmm, not sure how I missed that note about the Warhounds. lame.

Does a 4th level Tzeench Sorcerer Lord sound like a good idea? Then maybe a Nurgle Sorcerer and some cheap heroes for a bit more melee?

I'll adjuts the list and get it legal in a bit.

Edit; What do people think of the Mark of Tzeench for the Chosen? It seems like a pretty solid way to go defensively. With their good armor save and a back up 6+ ward, I think that they'll deney easy kills a bit better.

25-10-2008, 17:29
i thik a 6+ ward is a bit of a waste on its own

it comes in useful with the eye of the gods chart, but that is down to luck

25-10-2008, 19:11
Nurgle would be better in most cases for protection against shooting. Tzeentch is much better if they take the blasted standard.

For characters, I would recommend Valkia. She works well with chosen and the warchrines, and is excellent at hunting those pesky warmachines and missle troops that will give you fits. A scroll caddy or two, and a BSB to keep your infantry from running. Extra points should go towards making your marauders worth using. Whether that involves MoN and shields/LA or MoK and flails/GWs is your call.

26-10-2008, 14:20
Maybe add one of the sorcerer that i use:

Level 2 sorcer with:
items: power familiar, book of secret
Gifts: Conjoined homunculus

This guy has 3 spells, 2 in mark and 1 in either lore of fire/shadow/death.
he produces 4 power dices, 1 dispel dice, gets +1 to all casting and can add +D3 to a roll that didnt roll high enough.

this means you can cast a 11+ spell is quite possible on 2 dices...
with +1 and +D3.

only drawback is; miscast is suecide due to book of secrets.
supidity next round when using the +D3.

so far his done quite well, his LD has prevented him from letting stupidity get him.
his a level 2 sorcerer that produces quite hellish potent spells.

You can use the same setup on a level 4, but the risk's are high, with him producing 6 powerdices, having 5 spells to go from. quite the sneaky devil.

Maybe even invest in case of a lord in the magic item that gives +1 to all mages within 3 inches... that would be quite devesating.

(6 power dices, +2 to all casting rolls, with an additional +D3 to a spell)

26-10-2008, 14:56
I'd rather not use the book of secrets. Getting a miscast that way will end up really foul real soon :p

26-10-2008, 18:19
No it won't, with the Infernal Puppet in play you'll roll the insta-gib result, and the worst result then is letting your opponent get a free spell.

Dooks Dizzo
26-10-2008, 21:57
Thanks for the input guys. After looking at it a bit I am going to have to mess around with the list quite a bit. I really love the Chosen and all but they are too expensive unless I want to run tons of Marauders or something to balance out my numbers issues.

I will update thge list shortly.