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Khorne warrior
25-10-2008, 03:44
So I have decided to do a dire avenger/ wraithguard/ wraithlord list.

I was thinking that for the wraithguard and wraithlord, I would not want to use the set out models, because they are too bland for me (not really the lord, but the wraithguard I do not like the look of at all).

Thus, I have decided to create my own group of eldar.

My theme goes along the lines that when fleeing from the chaos caused by the eldar weakly falling for the power of Slaanesh, a group of eldar flew from their home-world to another (haven't yet decided) in search of peace. However, a malfunction forced them to crash land on an abandoned world which was once the great civilization of Lustria (Lizardmen). Although the lizardmen had died out, there were still large populations of carnosaurs and cold ones. Due to Darwin's survival of the fittest, these creatures grew more powerful and by the year 40,000 were unmatched in power and strength in regards to natural animals.

Thus, I will model the wraithguard as guardians or dire avengers riding upon cold ones, and the Wraithlord will be Carnosaurs ridden by a dire avenger.

Two things though for you guys to answer:

1) what do you think of it?
2) What should the mount for my farseer be? What should the mount for my wave serpent be. I was thinking stegadon with eldar inside and a brightlance instead of the crossbow, but I have no Idea for the farseer.

25-10-2008, 04:07
i personally think its too much

eldar are the undisputed masters of grav technology and cool stuff

it does not seem fit (to me) to have them riding such vermin

In the year 40k, Darwin, does not exist

Changing the models foe the wraithguard is also very unfluff worthy... the reason the are called wraith is due to the encapsulated eldar spirits within the stone heads... thus the wraithlord and wraithguard look very similar because they are almost one in the same thing.

I think the wraithguard models are stunning, but thats just me

Also, with your current list... you are restricting yourself down to a very short range army with the exception of the lord... Avengers shoot up to 18" whilst the guard shoot 12"... relying on your wraithlords to dish out anything up this leaves you with not much long range firepower... you may be wasting early turns only utilising that small component of your army that is able to fire upon the enemy from turn one.

25-10-2008, 04:16
Sounds like an eldar Exodite army list to me. Which is fine and in keeping with the background so go for it.

I had a list written out for counts as using the eldar army for exodites.

Wraithlords were megadons, jetbikes dragon knights, wraithguard were grazing reptiles that had wraithcannons mounted on their backs and led by a beastmaster (warlock).


25-10-2008, 04:25
An exodite army would do the trick, but I don't think Wraithguard fit dino riders. Scorpions or jetbikes would be more suitable I==M==HO.

25-10-2008, 05:50
Hellebore is completely right. You want an exodite army, and I think hes got it all planned out.

25-10-2008, 09:08
i personally think its too much

eldar are the undisputed masters of grav technology and cool stuff

it does not seem fit (to me) to have them riding such vermin

They'll ride dinosaurs because it's cool, a whole faction of them do so already, Exodites.

this may sound odd though, but Blood Angels work well for 'counts as' dragon-riders

assault marine= exodite knight. i4 is above human, s4 t4 3+ from lance, armor, dragon (barding too?) and 12" movement
Furious Charge= Lance charge

explain the lower tech weapons as well, they're Exodites, their equipment is not going to be as advanced, their resources lower
boltguns= exodite lasrifle
lascannon= don't have tech to create the focus of bright lances etc.

furioso= carnosaur or exo-armor

death company= elite knights

landspeeder= flying dragon


Eldar Troop jetbikes move possibly too fast for dinosaurs (turbo-boosting raptors would be cool though, heheh) and have little close combat ability


here's one of the few official artwork of exodites that exist

25-10-2008, 10:06
When was fantasy 40k a billion years ago?