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25-10-2008, 19:20
This thread is to guess what forces for every new 7th army will play against in the upcoming white dwarf battle report:D
Since I haven't yet read the latest one, I would guess:
Warrior of CHaos vs Combine forces of Empire/High elves/Dwarf
Lizardman vs Daemon
Skaven vs Lizardman
Beast vs woodelves?
TK vs ???
And your thought

25-10-2008, 22:29
From Tuatha Dar on Warhammer.org.uk:

I just got the shiny new WD (US Issue 346), and figured I'd share a few tidbits with our listening audience.

First off, the mag was quite a bargain at only $8.00 (US). Since I only cared about the Fantasy portion of the magazine, and therefore 2/3s of it was completely useless to me, I'll describe what I got for my lunch money (since I could have eaten at McDonald's and had change to spare for the price).:

Besides the shiny pictures I can see for free on GW's website, I found:

An article about the new Chaos Warriors where I learned that:

1) Chaos Warriors are undoubtedly the best Core infantry unit in the game

2) A marked Chaos Warrior unit, even though it's coming in at around 350-400 points is an unstoppable force (I assume this means IF they ever get into combat).

3) A whole army clad in Chaos armour would be quite small, but pack one hell of a punch.

So hey, that's all good info.

So on to the battle report. I expect the Chaos Warriors (taken by Phil Kelly) will really have their hands full with playing against Allesio. I figure a real clinic where Allesio might take his Brettonians to demonstrate how the Warriors will have to deal with fast moving, hard hitting cavalry, or his Skaven, where the CWs will have to deal with lots of hard hitting shooting, fast infantry, and lots of troops. Or maybe even the new Dark Elves, where the CWs will have to deal with lots of magic, very fast, maneuverable troops. Heck even possibly a real test, Wood Elves with their quick lateral speed and masterful use of terrain. With any of these choices, the battle report would show how the studio's internal playtesters developed the list to deal with skirmishers, hard hitting cavalry or flyers, I can't wait...

...But no, Allesio decided to test the CWs against that fast, skirmishing army known as...Dwarfs. Hmmm.

Well at least we have these pearls of wisdom from the report:

Allesio: The obvious thing I can do is pick as many guns today to obliterate the Chaos army at range before those terrifying combat monsters can lay their hands on me...

Oh good, the battle report will show us how the studio developed the WoC army to take on guns lines, EXCELLENT, they thought of this.


Allesio: However, this will likely lead to a very two-dimensional game one that I've seen many times before - Chaos runs at the guns and then either a) Chaos is shot to pieces or b) Chaos reaches the gun line with reasonable numbers and cuts the enemy army to pieces. This time, I'll try something completely different - I'll go for balance!

So the answer for WoC to deal with Gun lines is for...the other guy to not play gun lines. Got it, I'll use that in my next tournament. But hey, at least they recognize the problem right? Um...right? That means in 5 years, they might fix it. I can wait, no problem.

Well let's see what Phil is doing just in case he does have to deal with a static Dwarven army:

Phil: I have another ace up my sleeve in the form of Wulfrik the Wanderer. Wulfrik is a fantastic asset when facing an enemy gun line, as with a bit of luck he can turn up behind enemy lines on the first turn...

So Phil's solution is: Use a Special Character and pray.

Okay, I can use this as well. Assuming that I like to use SCs (I don't) and my opponent/tournament allows them. Plus I DO know how to pray, so I'm half-way there.

Well let's see how the game went, a few quotes:

Whereas Chaos ignored the Shooting phase, the Dwarfs bypassed the magic phase...

Sounds exciting so far with both armies completely ignoring entire phases of their turns.

The Cannon was the first to speak. Allesio aimed it at the Chaos Warriors...killing three despite them having a 6+ Ward Save from the Mark of Tzeentch.

Yeah, that just sucks when you fail something as robust and reliable as a 6+ Ward Save. Very bad luck there.

Etc., etc., the rest I just kinda skimmed to be honest. Oh and guess who won?

I think I'll just go to McDonald's next time and maybe just play Dark Elves.


What a bunch of idiots.

25-10-2008, 23:19
Dont buy the WD magazine. YOU are paying for advertisement! WD contains no articles of value to a hobbyist, other than falshing pictures of new releases. Pictures that you can easily find on the internet, for free.

26-10-2008, 03:46
Dont buy the WD magazine. YOU are paying for advertisement! WD contains no articles of value to a hobbyist, other than falshing pictures of new releases. Pictures that you can easily find on the internet, for free.

Sadly, I must agree. I remember back in the days of yore, I couldn't wait to get the latest issue of WD to see what kind of cool articles they had about building scenery, and modeling/painting tips and tricks and what-not. Now a days, it's just one long, continuous advertisement for the newest army release, or a sneak peak at the one after. And the battle reports are just sad, anymore. So obviously staged, and the compositions usually don't make any sense, because they usually just use what is painted and available from the studio army selections.

I haven't bought a WD in years. I would very much love to see WD get back to its roots.

@SolarHammer: LOL! Classic. And so very typical.

26-10-2008, 03:49
I stop reading WD report for one simple reason: A new army always wins the battle or 'tie'.