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26-10-2008, 10:46
Hi there!

1. Can I take the pendant AND a nullstone? I mean, nullstones are "similar" to scrolls, and scrolls can be taken a few times, but you can still take another arcane item like the sacrificial dagger. So is it possible to give a highborn the pendant AND a nullstone?
2. If I took a highborn and stick him into a unit of BG, and they have to take a morale check, can I use the LD of the highborn combined with the stubborn rule of the BG? Can I say "I have LD 10 and I`m stubborn"?
3. Hellebron has witchbrew. Witchbrew affects the unit of the witch priestress, in this case Hellbrons unit. Usually, only Witch elves can get the witchbrew. But if I stick her into a unit of BG, does they still get the bonus? And if they donīt care, due to the witchbrew, about beeing outnumbered, can they still use the stubborn rule if they lost a combat against an enemy that outnumbers them and causes fear?

Hope you can help me

26-10-2008, 10:52
1. No. (at least not untill they say you can in an FAQ)

2. Nope, ld10 not stubborn, or ld9 stubborn. It's in the stubborn rules for characters.

3. Looks like they are affected by it, although the no outnumbering bonus doesnt negate the fact that you'll auto-break if beaten by an outnumbering fear casuing enemy. Although BG are immune to psychology so this doesnt happen for them regardless.