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26-10-2008, 12:10
Vampire lord : 440
Flying horror
Walking death
Avatar of death (2 hand weapons)
Infinite hatred
Wristbands of black gold
Hand of dust
Lvl 3

Vampire lord : 710
Blood drinker
Flayed hauberk
Black periapt
Red fury
Infinite hatred
Walking death
Zombie dragon
Lvl 3

Vampire 200
Master of the black arts
Book of arkhan
Cadaverous cuirass

Vampire 225
Battle standard
Talisman of the lycni
Armour of night
Sword of battle
Infinite hatred
Walking death

Necromancer 170
Corpse cart
Dispel scroll
2x Spells

30x Skeletons : 285
Full command
Banner of the endless nightmare

30x Skeletons : 290
Full command

10x Crypt ghouls 80

10x Crypt ghouls 80

5x Black knights 180
Full command

3x Spirit host 195

5x Blood knights 360
Full command
Royal standard of strigos

5x Cairn wraiths 275

PD: 13
DD: 9
Models: 104

Dragon and either flying lord or battle standard (who runs 18") team up on one flank, and Blood knight+black knights+ either flyer or bsb on the other.
Walking vamp and necro keep main line intact.
Atleast that's the plan before i see my foes army :p

C&C welcome, and tips. This is loosely based on what models i own though.

26-10-2008, 12:49
maximum chracters? check!
over half the points spent on them? not quite, only 49.9%
minimal core? check!
less than 25% core? check! only 16%

The army looks far too small.