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26-10-2008, 17:39
So, I've got "the bug" again now, and I've started out collecting Space Marines. So far I've bought and assembled the following:

Librarian w/ Terminator armour
6x Close combat Terminators (3 with Lightning claws, 3 with hammer/shield)

2x Tactical squads

1x Dreadnought (Heavy flamer and Assault Cannon

I'm having loads of fun with this, and I'm going to paint them as Crimson Fists. :)

Now, any tips on what to buy next? I'm practically a noob when it comes to 40K, and it's been 6 years since I played WHFB and LotR. I really want to put together a flexible range of models which will allow me to pick out armies for both small and big battles.

Any help, questions and tips will be greatly apreciated! :)

26-10-2008, 18:09
The ravenwing box set is a very good buy, and would add a variety of mobile units to your list that are no longer hideously overpriced. Another tactical or scout squad wouldn't hurt either.

26-10-2008, 18:20
What weapons do the tactical squads have?

26-10-2008, 18:25
Both tactical squads have 1x missile launcher and 1x plasma gun.

26-10-2008, 18:29
Good thats solid, remember Melta weapons are never a bad idea, they practiclly always penetrate a Land Raiders armor.

I'd also consider getting a Drop Pod, with them being cheap (money wise) there a good transport for your dread, plus they have a hard time getting destroyed from deepstrike because of there special rules, giving a good chance for it too fire the Heavy Flamer to take out a horde or two.

26-10-2008, 19:04
Drop Pod sounds like a good idea, yeah. Would it be smart to get a Land Raider Crusader for the termiators, and a rhino for one of the tactical squads as well?
Oh, and I must say that I really like the look of the scouts w/ sniper rifles and camo cloaks, seems like they're quite good as well.

26-10-2008, 19:07
You should take a Land Raider when your army is bigger, but a rhino is also a good idea, but not the way your tactical is equiped, there more like sit and shoot TBH.

26-10-2008, 19:24
i'm no expert on sm (eldar player) , but i would think the very next thing you would want are snipers(scouts).they infiltrate so you can deny/take an objective not even in your deployment zone,during deployment.
then a tank....

26-10-2008, 19:30
if you want to be fluffy i think sternguard would be cool.
if you want an interesting convertion you could buy a tac squad(18 quid) and a deathwatch killteam pack
10 sternguard=28 quid and they look original

26-10-2008, 19:34
I'm glad that you enjoy collecting space marines, and I especially like the Crimson Fists colour scheme and fluff.

I think that a Rhino is always a good choice for a tactical squad (except in an all - Droppod army maybe.) It adds mobility and protection to the squad, and is extremely versatile. You want to deploy your squad to fully use its firepower? Deploy it, and use your rhino as mobile cover / LOS blocker / harassment unit. Actually, with an extra Storm Bolter, it dishes out a good amount of firepower for its cost, and in 5th edition I'm always impressed how resilient the humble Rhino is. If you need protection for your squad from low AP weapons, stay in the rhino. You can still fire with two models (usually the heavy weapon and the special weapon) without any disadvantages for the vehicle. And finally, if you want to get close & personal with your enemy, the Rhino again is a good option.

This is just my personal opinion of course, but in my eyes it is always a good choice - game wise and fluff wise. The model itself doesn't look bad either!

Getting a Land Raider is a good idea, these AV14 monsters are extremely tough to destroy. However, in a small point game it is a large point sink, so I'd recommend using it only in bigger games.

If you really want to go with Crimson Fists, you could also add some Sternguard Veterans and Pedro Kantor to your army, perhaps with a Drop Pod for the veterans.

Hope I could give you some ideas.

26-10-2008, 19:36
The Fluff angle:
Crimson Fists are low on regular marines so would have a higher percantage scouts and veterans.
So snipers and sternguard would be fitting.

26-10-2008, 19:44
I'm not very into the fluffy side of the game right now, but you never know when I might get interested in that, though. Anyway, the sternguard looks very good indeed! I love painting and modelling, so Pedro would be nice to have as well.

Anyone knows if the 15 scout w/sniper rifles-box comes with enough parts to make 5 full models with both the rifles and the camo cloaks? The pic of them on the GW-site shows one of the models with a missile launcher.

My approx. budget is around 200 at the moment, so keep the suggestions coming :)

26-10-2008, 19:44
I would say buy assault on black reach.

for $60, you get a tac squad, a dread, 5 terms, and a force commander. then you can sell/ trade your ork stuff, and buy a rhino.

that plus what you have already will be a really strong start. from there I would go for scouts, probably snipers. then maybe some assault marines.

the advice above saying you should pick up a ravenwing box is also a good idea, if it fits your playstyle (fast attack / light vehicle).

26-10-2008, 19:56
I'm not a big fan of those bikes, neither am I a fan of the AoBR models. I know it's pretty good value and all, but I really prefer to have the full multi-part models. More varied poses and better to paint, IMO.

So far it looks like this will be the plan:

Drop Pod
5 scouts w/ sniper rifles and camo cloaks
5 Sternguard Vets + Pedro Kantor
Land Raider

26-10-2008, 20:27
I'm not a big fan of those bikes, neither am I a fan of the AoBR models. I know it's pretty good value and all, but I really prefer to have the full multi-part models. More varied poses and better to paint, IMO.

So far it looks like this will be the plan:

Drop Pod
5 scouts w/ sniper rifles and camo cloaks
5 Sternguard Vets + Pedro Kantor
Land Raider

I understand not liking the AoBR marines, but they really do a good job of fleshing your force out, and when mixed in units with regular marines aren't even noticeably different.

if you aren't interested in the AoBR set, I would recommend picking up the SM battleforce box. you get a rhino, 15 marines, 5 scouts (not snipers, though), and 5 assault marines.

landraiders are cool, but for the same points and about the same money you can get a rhino and a tac squad.

26-10-2008, 20:51
Oh I thought you ment what army to start next. That is what I got from your title, I was going to say Orks, but see everyone giving you advice on how to make your army bigger.

26-10-2008, 21:30
I belive the scouts can all have snipers but one doesn't get a cape...

26-10-2008, 21:52
Some Land Raider advice; buy the new Crusader/Redeemer box and magnetize it so you can swap varients If you can get your hands on a Whirlwind turrent or six old hunter killer missiles (glued into two rows of three), you can also make a Helios varient as well. A Promethus may be possible with extra heavy bolters, but that will be tricky if your new to modeling. The GW store has a bits pack for the Terminus varient so if you want full versatility, then be sure to magnetize the side hatches as well.

If you want to expand, then you're looking in the right direction. You may want to buy Razorbacks for the 10 man squads for the extra firepower. Speaking of Razorbacks, instead of getting the Rhino kit, you may want to shell out the little extra for Razorback, Predator, and/or Whirlwind kits intead and build them so you can swap Rhino varients as you please. I avoid Whirliwinds since I have plenty of old hunter killer missiles and go for Predators and Razorbacks. You can also look at ebay and those bit stores for other parts if you want to make all of your Rhino chasis fully customizable.

26-10-2008, 21:58
The easiest one is the razorback, all you need to do is to keep the roof of the cargo-hold (the part which holds the turret) unglued and have both so you can switch variants whenever you need too.

26-10-2008, 22:06
Same with the Predator and Whirlwing turrets as well. The sponsons require magnets or a bottom lip to slide into but are still fairly easy. It is making to sponson variable that requires magnets since you replace that little stick with a pair of them. With a little work a large radar dish can be made to fit and you now have a Damocles (60 point HQ) Rhino.

26-10-2008, 22:59
I'd second Pedro Kantor, scouts and sternguard. 2 Tac squads and a unit or two of scouts is pretty optimum for troops in a 1500 point army. Kantor also makes your Sternguard scoring and gives +1 attack to all friendly units within 12", which is awesome when combined with assault terminators (LCs get five attacks on the charge, THs get four). Your Terminators can take a land raider as a dedicated transport if you don't want to have them walk, but I'd leave that until you've built your army up a bit more.

27-10-2008, 16:28
Just back from my local store. I bought:
Drop Pod
4x Scouts w/rifles, 1 with missile launcher
And a Land Raider

They had to order the 5 Sternguard Vets + Pedro Kantor, which should arrive someday next week. Now I've got lots of cool stuff to assemble and paint!

Thanks for all the help, guys! :)

27-10-2008, 17:28
You should buy 20-30 Sternguard (4-6 boxes). Buy each unit a drop pod or a rhino.