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26-10-2008, 17:10
Well, I just finished playing my first game with Daemons. I played against a guy who I normally take apart, or did with my previous chaos army. I guess I'm just not satisfied with the way the game played put.

My Army:

Daemon Prince of Slaanesh, Lvl 2, Many Armed, Winged Horror, Torment Blade, had Shards and Acquiesence spells.

Herald of Slaanesh, Lvl 1, no gifts

Herald of Khorne, Armor of Khorne, Torment Blade

11 Daemonettes, Banner of Ecstacy, Aluress

12 Daemonettes of Slaanesh, Banner of Ecstacy, Aluress

11 Bloodletter, full command

10 Horrors, Icon of Sorcery

6 Furies

5 Flesh Hounds

5 Seekers, Siren Standard

2 Fiends

His Army:

Saurus Old Blood, Jaguar Charm, Enchanted Shield, Aura of Quetzl, Spawning of Sotek and Tlatzcotl

Saurus Scar Veteran, mounted on Cold One, BSB, War Banner

Skink Preist, Lvl 2, Diadem of Power

Skink Priest, Lvl 2, unknown items (he fled off the board on turn 2)

12 Skinks with blowpipes

12 Skinks with Blowpipes

12 Skinks with Javelin and shield

4 Kroxigors

3 Kroxigors

5 Terradons

5 Chameleom Skinks


3 Salamanders

The battlefield had a hill in the center. a wood on the left side of his deployment zone (my perspective) a wood in the middle on the right side of the board, a hill on the right side of my deployment zon, and a building on the left side of my deployment zone.

He deployed from left to right (my perspective) all salamanders behind forest, Skink Priest in the Salies, and Skink priest behind the salies, 12 Skinks in a line with General in the unit and 3 Kroxies with the BSB on Cold One and 5 Terradons behind, 12 skinks with shields in a line with 4 Kroxies behind, 12 Skinks in a line, and the chameleons directly behind my flesh hounds.

My deployment from left to right:

Seekers, Furies on the building, Daemon Prince, Daemonettes with Herald, Fiends, daemonettes behind fiends, Bloodletters, Horrors on hill, Fleshhounds.

I got the first turn, so moved forward with nearly everything. On the left flank had seekers, furies and DP only 4" away from his battle line. The Fiends went on top of the hill, and the daemonettes stayed on line behind the hill. the bloodletters moved forward 10" and the Fleshhounds moved 8 because of the chameloens marchblocking. In Magic phase, the DP tried Slicing shards of the salamanders, but miscast, causing him to lose a level and the spell, then cast Acquiesence on the salamanders, the Horrors cast their spell on the Chameleons and caused 5 S5 hits, all Chameleons died.

All of his units passed their terror tests, due to the nearness of the General. The Salamenders moved forward in the woods to get a clear shot on the Furies, The General Charged my DP, while he tired to charge the Kroxies with BSB as well, but forgot that the BSB couldn't pass through the skinks. the Skinks then moved forwardas fast as they could (all three units) with the ones on the right almost all behind the woods. His Terradons flew behind one unit of Daemonettes and his Stegadon moved forward in the center. His magic phase saw no spells cast, and two dice saved. Then the Sallies unloaded on the Furies causing 14 shots, and two eaten Skinks, the furies vanished in a puff of ozone. the Skinks shot at the Daemonettes, causing one wound, as did the terradons. His second unit of skinks were unable to wound the Bloodletters, and the Steg missed with his gisnt bow on the Fiends on the hill. In Close Combat Neither the DP nor the Oldblood could cause a wound, so the Oldblood lost by one, and stayed put.

On my turn two, My seekers declared a charge on the Salies, who fled (I forgot about the standard) 9 " off the board, they fled through the other Skink Priest, who failed his panic test and also fled off the board. My Daemonettes Charged the skinks on the left, who held, the Fiends charged the Stegadon, the bloodletters charged the 2nd unit of skinks who chose to flee (only running 3" and getting caught, leaving my letters face to face with the 4 Kroxies. The Fleshhounds moved up to support the letters, and the Horrors moved to get LOS on the 3rd Skink unit. The 2nd Nettes unit moved up onto the hill. Magic phase was normal. The 3 Kroxies bacame stupid, and 5 Skinks on the right died to the Horrors spell, but passed their panic test. CC Saw the Oldblood and DP still evenly matched with no wounds caused, The Daemonettes crushed their Skinks and pursued into the Flank of the Oldblood. The Fiends killed three skinks on the Steg and took one wound in return, the Steg fled, and was caught, while the Fiends pursued into the Kroxies with BSB.

26-10-2008, 17:58
His turn 2 began with his 4 Kroxies charging my Bloodletters, and his Terradons charging my Daemonettes on the hill in the flank. His Skinks moved up to shoot the Fleshhounds in the back, but failed to hit. He no longer had any magic, and most of his shooters were dead or fled, so onto CC. The Herald of Slaanesh wounded the Oldblood, and lost 2 'Nettes in return, the Oldbloods lost but held once again. The Fiends killed one Kroxie, and wounded the BSB, Taking two wounds in rewturn, but the Kroxies rolled three ones, and held. The 4 Kroxies killed 4 bloodletters but took 4 wounds in return, failed there breaktest (even with the re-roll) and fled off the table, with my 'Letters in pursuit. The Terradons took two wounds and caused 1, and chose to flee from combat without pursuit.

On My turn 3:

The Seekers charged into the Fiends and Kroxies combat, the horrors moved again to blast the remaining skinksthe L'etters came back on the board and moved towards the remaining Skinks, The Fleshhounds moved forward to try to aid the DP. I cast Succor of Slaanesh, but it was dispelled, then the Horrors let fly and killed another 5 skinks, who again passed their panic test. CC between the DP, 'Nettes, Herald and Oldblood wnet predictably, no wounds on the Oldblood, three dead Nettes, who then lost by 2, but low rolls for instability had my Daemons standing firm. The Seekers and Fiends caused 5 wounds on the Kroxies, and took two in return, with the Kroxy and BSB still holding.

His 3rd turn saw the Terradons charging the 'Nettes on the hill once again, and the two remaining Skinks hot-footing it into the woods. CC Saw the Herald fail to wound the Oldblood, but the DP finally wounded him, whill the remaining 'Nettes were slaughtered. The 'Nettes on the hill again killed a Terradon, and took no wounds in return, and again the Terradons flew away. The BSB killed the remaining Fiend, but the Seekers saw off the remaining Kroxy, winning by two, and the BSB fled off the board with the Seekers in hot pursuit. The Oldblood wounded the Herald, but the combat was a draw.

My turn 4 brought the Fleshhounds and Seekers in closer to the epic combat between the generals. The Horrors moved to try to blast the Terradons, and the 'Nettes moved around to take a frontal charge rather than a flank. Magic again saw Succor dispelled. The Oldblood wounded the DP, but again it was a draw.

The Lizards 4th Brought the Terradons into the 'Nettes again, but this time a frontal charge resulting in all three Terrs dying, while only one 'Nette was speared. The Oldblood again failed to wound the Herald. We called the game at that point.

End result Daemons with a Massacre (three table quarters, BSB captured, everything but 2 skinks and half of the Oldblood dead or run off, while I had lost 2 fiends, one unit of 'Nettes, my Furies, half of the Herald of Slaanesh, and half of my Bloodletters.

I was hoping for a better fight I guess. The list itself is not all that strong, no Bloodbeasts, no Flamers, no Greater Daemon, 5 Core units, two specials and 1 rare, and only three characters. Next week I'll be playing against VC in the hands of an experienced tourney player, so I think I can expect a better fight. I feel that the lizards were definitely overmatched in this fight, not only by the power level of the army, but by the General as well. It just wasn't satisfying playing today.

26-10-2008, 18:54
well hope for better challenges, I guess lizard leadership is overrated, seemed to be some excess fleeing there :)
Cudos for an original list though

27-10-2008, 13:55
Nice battle report.

One part I was surprised about was how the fiends managed to kill three skinks. With the 2+ save from the howda it must have been a good/bad run of rolls.

Anyway keep the battle reports coming and hopefully next time you won't be disappointed :)

27-10-2008, 14:16
Looks like things simply didn't go well at all.
Huge streak of abysmal luck, as your lizards should really have ruined that daemon army with relative ease.

Shame there werent any pictures....

27-10-2008, 17:47
Nice battle report.

One part I was surprised about was how the fiends managed to kill three skinks. With the 2+ save from the howda it must have been a good/bad run of rolls.

Anyway keep the battle reports coming and hopefully next time you won't be disappointed :)

Actually I hit 6 of 8, and wounded with 5, of which he saved only two on a 4+. He really did have horrible luck with his rolls. Also, he was absolutely sure that he would be stubborn on the General's LD with the Steg, but I showed him the rule, and my friend Lionel translated it out for him, so all was well. There are several things in the French version of the rulebook that are slightly different, for instance, spells number 4 and 5 of Lore of Heavens are reversed in the French book. All of the players here know that the rule in English is the actual intended meaning so if there is a difference, they ask to look at my books to translate it for themselves.

27-10-2008, 18:45
Nice report Briohmar. Enjoy your massacre victory while you can, as I heard and read in several threads the Lizardmen will get a serious boost when their new army book comes out:D

Anyway, keep those reports coming, great stuff!!

04-11-2008, 05:49
You must be the very first person in these forums to use a balanced list of Daemons. I think that lists like this (i.e. toned down) take skill to win with, so do not worry; it seems to me that you controlled the movement and had the initiative all game long. You managed to take the lizardmen army apart one piece at a time and I can see nothing wrong with that!
What I'm trying to say is that you didn't win due to a more powerful list, but due to tactical play and bad rolls from your opponent, of course.

If you have the time, I'd like to read how your next battles work out for you!

Thanks for the report!