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27-10-2008, 00:12
I was talking to a friend the other day about the funniest games we've had, and was wondering how many other people have had games (or moments in games) that made them laugh themselves silly.

I would have to include the campaign game I played with my Orcs years ago, against a combat dwarf army (only shooting was a cannon). My army at that time used three rock lobbers. Part of the campaign rules was to role on a "random event" table, and the one we rolled for that game? Something that reduced all movement by half...So all of his units moved a grand total of 3" per turn while my wolf riders nipped in behind them to take out the cannon. To top it all off, all of my range guesses for my rock lobbers were bang on, they never misfired...and when they did scatter, they landed on another tightly packed unit of dwarves! To his credit he kept coming as most of my troops just waited for him, scratching themselves and roasting stray snotlings. By then end of the game none of his troops had even made it into charge range of mine.

No, it wasn't competetive. No, it wasn't exactly a "fun" game...but we did spend most of it laughing, and afterwards we did petition the guy running the campaign to remove that option from the random event table.

The entire table was scrapped the following week when the dwarf player got his own back and played a Brettonian army (one unit of arcgers, rest knights) and rolled the "horse plague" random event...leaving the Brettonions with only 25% of the horses they would have normally had...

Funniest single event I've ever had in the game was in a tournament against an all-conquering Khorne mortals army (I was Orcs again), where one of my rock lobbers scattered off its intended target, and landed on his Dragon Mounted general, killing the general outright, and the following turn the dragon went mental and wiped out his very expensive unit of knights.


Hrogoff the Destructor
27-10-2008, 00:34
This game wasn't very funny at the start of the first magic phase, but by time it ended it was pretty funny.

I was playing with my High Elves about two years back against clan pestilance. Two irresistable force plagues went off. Those two plagues managed to affect every single one of my units. It was funny on one hand, and horribly disturbing on the other. It literally managed to kill over 50% of my army in a single magic phase.

27-10-2008, 00:42
We are having an allied battle 1k pts+1k pts (any race combination are allowed) versues an other 1k+1k. I am Empire allied with Dwarfs and we are facing Skaven and Wood Elfs. First turn goes to us, and we are using an empire cannon (later into the game that is) we guess good and are very lucky with the artillery dice and manage to kill the Wood elf general in one shoot, they give up and we win.. the funniest i can come up with now =P

27-10-2008, 01:00
Empire + Bretonnian turn 1 shooting phase.
Cannon...rolls a 10, sails over the target unit(s)(chariots...3 of them)
Trebuchet...misfire, explodes! (we all cheer...well except the empire player. Yes the bretonnian player cheered at the demise of his own war machine...)
Heblaster...misfire (cheers), misfire (cheers), misfire (cheers)
Mortar...misfire (cheers)

Everyone bar the empire player was in tears at how funny it was.

27-10-2008, 01:04
Some Funny moments was a Nurgle Daemon army with a Great Unclean one on the first turn the big bastard miscast and rolled double 1's. Whats funny? The daemon player still won.

another was old VC, i ran two Blood dragon vampires (count and thrall). I had a very successful few games having them tag team units, the count wacking any challengers and the thrall making up for the +5 Combat res the unit had. Well, i got to cocky, sent them into a men-at-arms unit which had a paladin with that item that gives them the ward save rule. Well, my count took only one wound off the paladin(on foot), and the thrall wiffed. Then the men at arms took a wound off the thrall and poof, both characters and my general dead turn 1.

and finally, i had a Giant take down two units (spearmen and Silver helms) by simply yelling and balling. And in the last turn my giant charged and picked up his general, stuffing him in his pants. Giant kills, then, like 650 points without a single swing being thrown.

matt schuur

27-10-2008, 01:13
Dogs of War vs High Elves.

I tried to make a free-company-style fast force, made entirely of skirmishers and fast cavalary. It was based on sixteenth century fast cavalary armies that lived off the land behind back of enemy, taking or destroying unprotected settlements and being as troublesome as possible, while not pillaging lands of their sponsor for a moment. I proxied them with various human, dark elf and greensking models to increase flavour of band of deserters and criminals. My opponent took regular, balanced army.

I was hoping for cool battle with plenty of manouvering. Thing I forgot about was low Leadership and existance of panic tests - after his first shooting and magic phases more then half or my army has run off the table, just like that. My rag-tag band saw an regular army arrayed against them and decided to go plunder elsewhere...

27-10-2008, 01:26
1k brets vs 1k dwarfs

4x KOTR with bsb and pld (gen) frontal charge + 2 pegs flank charge a unit of iron breakers, knights lost combat and kotr unit with gen + bsb got chase down... rolling 4 on 3d6... LMAO even though i'm the bret player, damn stunties using carrots to lure the horses :D

27-10-2008, 01:31
Mega battle during Storm of Chaos, I managed to break Knights Errant charging me with Skaven Clanrats while the Grail Knights and Chaos Knights down the table had their horses killing each other whilst the riders twiddled their thumbs.

Bretonnian Lord
27-10-2008, 01:43
I was playing against Lizardmen back in 6th edition. He cast a Comet of Cassandora, and due to some bad dispel rolls I was unable to get rid of the spell for two turns. On the third turn, when all of our units were in combat near the spell's epicenter, the comet finally came down and hit pretty much every unit in our armies. This spell alone killed about half of my knights and pretty much obliterated the Lizardmen (who weren't fortunate enough to have a 5+ ward save :D)

27-10-2008, 02:39
Empire + Bretonnian turn 1 shooting phase.
Cannon...rolls a 10, sails over the target unit(s)(chariots...3 of them)
Trebuchet...misfire, explodes! (we all cheer...well except the empire player. Yes the bretonnian player cheered at the demise of his own war machine...)
Heblaster...misfire (cheers), misfire (cheers), misfire (cheers)
Mortar...misfire (cheers)

Everyone bar the empire player was in tears at how funny it was.

I had a game where all 4 of my warmachines misfired, in turn one... (angry) turn two (fuming, turn 3 (absolutely crying like a...)

Now I laugh and make explosion noises every time :D

27-10-2008, 02:39
Just a few months ago during a border patrol campaign a goblin player was up against a vc list.
The goblin list looked like 2 units of spider riders with a goblin on giant spider in one of them sitting on either side of the table. The unit without the general failed it's animosity 6 turns in a row, it was funny right up until the 6th turn when we felt kinda bad.

27-10-2008, 07:38
I was using my friends lizardmen army (as my ogres arent done yet:() to play against his dwarf army. i lost horribly but when my scarvet charged his lord I killing blowed his very expensive character killing lord in the first round with the dagger of sotek. Now he always brings his lord on shield bearers to be US 3 and immune to KB so it never happens again in any of his games

27-10-2008, 08:12
Scar-vet can't use the Dagger of Sotek though! uh oh... :)

27-10-2008, 09:23
Funniest thing I've ever seen?

One of the guys at my local club plays VC, and had made an uber-power Vampire Lord, completely decked out for powerful magic casting and really hard to kill. I see him playing a Skaven Hoard, with little Skryre weapons, player and he gets first turn. Magic phase rolls around, he tries casting Danse Macabre on 2d6, rolls double 1s. He then proceeds to roll a 2 on the miscast table. The undead test for crumble, and he ends up losing a ton of his guys.

By the end of the day, the Skaven didn't even get into CC, and everything the VC had set up on the field was dead. Good times, good times.

27-10-2008, 11:08
First game against my friend's O&G list was a comedy of errors. The first shot I ever took with my Organ Gun misfired and exploded killing the crew. My Ironbreakers were charged by his giant and all game he managed to roll a distressing amount of "pick up and stuff in pants" attacks (poor poor Ironbreakers) until he rolled a big stomp attack that wiped most everything out (I know it doesn't sound funny yet, just wait).

The remaining IB's fled and outran the Giant(:eek:) who then turned his attention to my Thunderers on the hill. Meanwhile I had foolishly brought my Warriors forward and set off his fanatics. One managed to fly right through them killing six of my proud warriors.

Now here is where the fun starts. He declares a charge on my Thunderers with his Giant. He rolls random movement for the fanatic who appears right in his charge lane. The Giant runs forward heedless of the flailing ball of mushroom-frenzied death and a single fanatic brings the giant down where a whole unit of Ironbreakers failed. After that we kept playing to the inevitable demise of my forces but despite my poor luck and the trouncing it dealt me I take solace in knowing that his Giant would think twice before charging my lines while Fanatics were roaming about. :D

13-02-2009, 14:06
Was playing against a lizardmen army. I was using Dark Elves. My army is quite magic heavy and what happened was just plain unfortunate for me. My opponent got first turn and in his magic phase he got 80% of his spells off vs my 7 dispel dice and two scrolls :(. First spell I attempted miscast, that was Power of Darkness on a snake eyes *face palm*. Next turn I miscast with my S.Sorceress attempting the same spell because I placed my Ring of Hotek too close to the wizard :cries: she took a s6 ht and lost that spell!

Now to the funny bit! Next turn my opponents slann attempts to cast portent of far but thanks to Ring of Hotek miscasts :evilgrin:. He then proceeds to roll snake eyes on the miscast table :D. Next 5 minutes I couldn't breath for laughing so hard.

Just goes to show that even if your having a bad game, funny things can happen.

13-02-2009, 14:27
2 Warplightning cannons.

My first game using 7th vampire counts...

turn 3...

4 dead vampires and not a single passed LoS roll. That was funny as hell.

Oh and recently we played a siege game of HE (defending) vs DE.

DE lord on flying steed with pendant and regen.

10 He archers killed him on stand and shoot. He failed his Armour, ward and regen. The best thing is i did 4 wounds which became 3 unsaved wounds. Funny as hell. Oh and Malekith was about half an inch within ring of hotek.. miscast and killed himself.

13-02-2009, 16:26
Mine is with my Orc army against Dwarfs, i had 7 war machines that used the artillery dice (4 doom divers and 3 rock lobbers)
Every shot was spot on the centre of the unit i was aiming at. The first 5 shots all misfired, one was destroyed.
With 6 left on my third turn i had another 4 misfires. :D

Volker the Mad Fiddler
13-02-2009, 17:37
Since a giant/fanatic mishap has already been told, I was quite happy when my cannon and crossbows managed to bring down a giant on turn one [before the opponent had moved]. As the giant died he fell across the Orc general's unit. A missed 'Look out sir' roll followed by a flurry of 5s and 6s meant a dead general and most of the O&G army fleeing [5th edition] before they got a chance to move.

Luckily, it was over so quickly, we had time to start another game.

The funniest one I ever read in a battle report though that to do with Malekith [6th edition] being killed by gnoblars' 'sharp stuff' shooting attack.

13-02-2009, 18:18
Had a game in 4th edition (I think, the one with the magic cards) where Malekith on his chariot managed to suck Tyrion, Imrik and Imrik's dragon into the Black Horror. Guy rolled 3 6s in a row for strength tests. (We were playing a 15,000 point game btw).

13-02-2009, 18:42
My friend was playing TK against one of the newer armies (want to say DE, but I might be wrong there.) Anyway, Liche Priest gets killed very early on in the game, maybe turn one or two. Despite this the TKs still go on for to a massive victory.

Last week I fought Orcs and reduced them to a lone shaman. I thought to myself "Well this is a massacre now, I'll do something fun" and charged my Tzeentch caster Herald into said shaman. Herald gets smoshed. So I then charge my Slaanesh and Nurgle Heralds in at the same time. The Orc gets cut into diseased pieces.

Finally after that game we played Blood Bowl Skaven vs his Goblin team. I won that even though he took most of my team out of play and Killed my mutant. I like playing this guy at anything as he always makes the game memorable.

13-02-2009, 19:22
Hmm. Here are some of my highlights:

Turn 6, 500 pt game, I'm down to a skink priest and a few skirmishers vs. longbeards, not looking good. Skink priest gets Comet off (6e version) which drops and deals 11 wounds to the (7) longbeards, wiping them out. So what, you say? Well, the comet hit the Skink Priest, too, and he survived.

Vs. High Elves, Three sallies get outfought, broken, and run down by a lone silver helm champion. Meanwhile, some HE hero choice (lol) hides out on top of a building, and 20 skinks spend four turns trying to kill him, needing 9s to hit. You've never seen so much dice rolling.

Again vs. High Elves. Can't remember game size. First turn Flame of the Phoenix gets irresistible force on a unit of skinks and wipes them out. A small (4-5 i think) unit of Shadow warriors takes one wound from Terradons, attacks back, wins combat, runs them down destroying them, overruns into Saurus Cold One Riders which they also kill, and then wind up in the big melee with my kroxigor and hero. Said kroxigor and hero inflicted over two turns 12 wounds on a HE hero on dragon, and he made a 4+ ward save on each and every one.

Hmm, that's it, I think. Oh, no, one time I shot 6e sallies at dwarves and actually did a wound; that was pretty funny.

13-02-2009, 20:58
I once saw my friend using his Lord of Change to glean magic off Malekith (who rolled double 1 for his dispell attempt!) and promptly cast soul stealer on a unit of warriors and ended up with 12 wounds!

On a personal note, it's not really 'funny' per say but was slightly odd. On Tuesday I played my friend's new Lizardmen with my new Tzeentch WoC list. First game he lost 3 saurus, I lost everything. We immediately played again. Second game I lost 5 warriors, he lost everything.

14-02-2009, 01:30
I played a game against new Lizards not to long ago, and I am now fearful of skinks.

Here's what happened. It was 5th turn, the enemy was wiped out bar a single squad of skinks. It was a new player, so this wasn't unexpected, but I gave him some pointers and warnings (like not relying on Saurus' armour to survive the charge of 35 Death Frenzied Plague Monks with two hand weapons, 7 models wide (29 attacks, plus I had banner of hatred in the squad)).

Anyway he had this single squad of Skinks left, 20 strong. I charge the front with the big Plague Monk squad, one flank with about 20 Clan rats, the other flank with Stormvermin with Screaming Bell and the rear with Rat Ogres. Every attack I made I either missed or didn't wound. He proceeds to attack back, and kills 1 Rat Ogre, 3 Stormvermin, 4 Clan Rats and 5 Plague Monks. I go and fail my break test and the Skinks run down the Stormvermin.

Next turn, final turn, he charges my Poison Wind Globadiers, who panic and drop every last one of their globes on each other's heads, giving nothing for the Skinks to charge. I then get my revenge when I find that the squad is now in range of 3 Rattling Guns. Needless to say, there wasn't anything left bar a grusome puddle of blood.

That is why I now fear Skinks.

For anyone who wanted to know, the game was a draw, just because of that squad of Skinks. Talk about a broken unit. :p

14-02-2009, 06:44
My Empire v Khorne Mortals. I'm playing against a new opponent in his first game, and set up a soft list to be nice and such. Turn 1 on his first roll ever a Hellcannon nukes my General and his unit. Another unit panics off the table. In my first shooting phase a Cannon nukes his Lord.... he still goes on to wreck my face. Needless to say, my list for game two was not so soft .... and I made that Helcannon PAY.

I'm watching my friend play his Skaven, turn 1 his Lightning Cannon fries a swathe straight through his own battle line. 75%+ of his army dies or Panics off the board before his opponent gets a turn. He forfeited, and they played again with the same deployment.

14-02-2009, 08:01
hm, shocking number of stories include O&G armies self-desctructing...

i remember a 4th edition game against a combined high elves empire army. the HE player didn t have many models, so he had to proxy a lot. he still was left with many points and no models, so he decided to transform a unit of silverhelms into HE heroes riding unicorns. (yes, a unit of 4, accompanying the general..)
on the first turn, a rock lobber shot aimed at a cannon scattered maximum distance and hit the centre of that unit...

14-02-2009, 10:07
Just last week, I played a game of Dark Elves vs Dark Elves with my friend... I took a level 4 and level 2 mage, and he took the Ring of Hotek... I managed to miscast seven times in a six-turn game. I was quite impressed. The lower-level sorceress managed to kill herself with miscasts, but the lvl 4 survived unharmed... only to finally be wounded on the last turn by a Corsair champion with handbows. Of those seven, I managed to actually roll three of them naturally... and I still managed to win. Just. It was amazing.

14-02-2009, 10:36
coupla days ago, 1250p, vs dwarves: didn't completely screen my 167point scarvet, cannon shoots and kills him and then in the following 2 turns goes on to kill my ancient steg with skinkchief and spear, and in the last turn kills my other scarvet, the general, who failed the look out sir roll. this caused my terradons to run of the table. almost all victory points were scored by the single cannon, the organ gun always misfired and the the rast of the army just stood there and watched. (minor loss)
then in the next game(now vs. woodelves), the scarvet who was shot in the first turn last game fights alone against 5 Treekin, 2 nobles, 1 spellsinger and an eagle. he killed all the treekin (flaming attacks), and halved the wounds of 2 characters while only suffering 1 wound. he clearly wanted revenge for being shot the last game :D (in the same game, hail of doom also caused 0 wounds) (draw)