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27-10-2008, 08:24
Ok. First I'm not a fan of the always strike first rule for the elves. I think it interfers with the game on too fundamental a level.

Personally I think that combat should be initiative based with bonuses for charging, spears, lances etc.

Having said that, I do like that each of the kingdoms is represented in some way. What I don't like is that GW in the interests of selling miniatures decided to invent a lion chariot that is completely superior to the Tiranoc chariot. Chracian white lions are my favourite unit in the elven army but I don't like that they now have TWO units in the list.

I'm not advocating their chariots be removed, I'm advocating that Tiranoc chariot get a major change to show that they are still the chariot masters.

There are 3 ideas I've had that in combination, seperately, or selectively, I think would make them great again and really push the Tiranic chariots as THE elven chariot.

1: Make them light chariots ala Tomb kings so you can take units.
2: Make them fast cavalry
3: Allow them to march

I'm not sure about ALL of them together, but I think that those 3 options are in keeping with the tiranoc way of war (they've always struck me as more like tomb kings than the chaos warrior-esque lion chariot).



Von Wibble
27-10-2008, 13:58
Light chariots are a tomb kings thing surely? I think that rule hsould only fit them. Also in the high elf army dragon princes exist who are much better at the same role. Tomb kings have no such option.

Fast cav - if not in units not so applicable. 360 degree shooting - woot. However I like the idea of letting the chariot have 1 free turn during the movement phase to face any direction it chooses.

Marching could be a bit too good. Then again its a nice idea with a points balance.

My take on it is however a much simpler fix. Make tiranoc chariots 2 for 1 choice. Reduce their wounds by 1 and points cost by 10. This would mean an army with numerous charoiots is viable, but with a high level of fragility the lion chariot still has its place in a balanced list.