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27-10-2008, 14:08
I decided that I wanted a change from my empire army and wanted an army with more agressive characters, lizardmen have always appealed to me since I read the battle report in wd 280's-something and eventually I want to get the krok-gar model as it is an absolute beaut!
Here is my first list based on the lizardmen battalion and extra bits. My main opponent is orcs/gobbos which normally consists of 2 shamans/orc fighter, unit of orcs, big unit of gobbos, archers, 20+ spider riders, chartiot, troll and a rock lobba.
Any crticisms welcome.

Scar-vet- Light armour, shield, sword of might, glyph necklace, BS tepok/quetzi= 174

Scar vet-light armour, shield,charm of jaguar warrior, great weapon, BS sotek/quetzi=153

Skink priest- 2 dispel scrolls= 115

18 saurus- shields,hw, full command= 246
3 X 10 skinks- javelins, shields= 180
10 skinks-scouts, blowpipes=70
18 saurus-shields,hw, full command= 246

5 chameleon skinks-stalker= 81
5 saurus calvary= 175

2 salamander hunting packs= 130

The 2 saurus units will hold the centre and should be able to handle my opponents big blocks especially with the scar-vet, the skinks will do the usual charge diverting, march blocking, knocking of a rank from the orcs, sacrifical units for the spider riders. My flanks will be covered by the saurus calvary, jsod and salamanders which should be able to cope with the chariot and spider rider units. Only concern is magic and his rock lobba but hopefully my chameleon skinks will be able to take care of that early on.

28-10-2008, 17:40
Noone got any suggestions? To many points in characters?
Wanted to try and get another salamander but not sure where could get the points for it without removing whole units =[

28-10-2008, 19:16
Not a bad allround list. u have ur jsod wit str 7 on chariot duty he will easily take care of that in one turn as str7 auto destroys the chariot. u got salamanders to take out the trolls wit there flamable breath weapon so no regeneration saves for them. use ur scout skinks to rush up on the night goblin unit and get rid of those fanatics asap and let em whirl arround in his battle line :p if u can i would try and add an aditional saurus cav to ur unit of 5 to make it 6 strong giving them a higher unit str and more attacks on the charge. bt other than that ur list looks solid.

Desert Rain
28-10-2008, 22:55
You have a solid wellbalanced list there. So I don't really have any more suggestions. Maybe you could drop the Sword of Might and the Stalker, using the points to give the Scar-veteran a GW and uppgrading your SW with a spawning, like Tlazcotl och Quetzl.

29-10-2008, 06:25
ya mabey just blowpipes over javs cause there all t4. very good however.