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Lord Wasa
27-10-2008, 16:08
Hi guys 'n' gals!
I recently decided to start up a chapter of my own, the Fists of Redemption, an Imperial Fists successor.
Since I love making fluff and stuff up, I've been sitting here trying to make all companies playable, and it succeded! Almost anyway...
I wanted my 1st company to be an all-termies company and I've also decided that the chapter master will be in charge of it. So I went creating my own character for friendly games
(I will use Belail w/ DA dex in other games, but he doesn't fit the fluff). I was hoping the more experienced players out there would help me by reviewing it.

YURI NEMAARU, Chapter Master of the Fists of Redemption...................220pts

THE REDEEMER, a master-crafted Power Fist
THE WRATH OF DORN, a combi-flamer


COMBAT TACTICS: If you include Nemaaru, all units in your army lose the COMBAT TACTICS special rule. I
nstead, Terminator squads at 5 men strength may be fielded as troops, and all Terminators get the STUBBORN special rule.

STAND FIRM!: Nemaaru is STUBBORN, as is any unit which he joins.

RIGHTEOUS RAGE: Nemaaru, and any unit which he joins, has the FURIOUS CHARGE special rule

So what do you think? Is he overcosted, undercosted, unbalanced or unfitting? Thanks in advance!

27-10-2008, 17:29
Looks nice and shiny.
You might get more/better responses if you put this in the rules development forum,Here (http://warseer.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=17) (You could post in the helpdesk and ask it to be moved or something;)

Lord Wasa
27-10-2008, 19:02
d'oh, i missed the exitance of that forum, how i could do that is beyond me. thanks for the tip anyway, i'll try that

de Selby
27-10-2008, 19:42
First, thank you for inventing the word 'brewn', I shall use it myself.

Second, this all looks fine to me. I'm no kind of expert player, but the wargear and cost looks in line with the SCs in the new book, and I'd play against him with those chapter tactics.

27-10-2008, 20:18
Seems pretty cool.:D

Field him along with a Master of the Forge to get access to Dreadnoughts as Heavy Support as well as Elites, and you well and truly have a Terminator Company.

If you decide against the Combi-Flamer, two power fists with Auxiliary Grenade Launchers is a pretty tasty option, and quite characterful.

Lord Wasa
27-10-2008, 20:50
Thanks for all the input, it means a lot!
I considered using the master of the forge, but the fluff i invented includes every company being accompanied by an Inquisitor Lord, and I chose not to contradict my own fluff. for friendly deathwing matches, the master of the forge could be used. the chapter also relies hevily on plasma and flamers, hence the combi-flamer. and the powerfist is obvious if you'd seen the company banners i've made up.

BTW-thanks to the mods for the move!