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Grom Wronghand
27-10-2008, 20:21
Lords and Heroes

Lord - 301
Runic Weapon - Great Weapon, MRo Kragg the Grim, Ro Fury, Ro Snorri Spangelhelm
Runic Armour - Ro Resistance, Ro Stone
Runic Talisman - Ro Challenge

This lord, intended to be the king of the hold, is the general of the army and a nasty fighter. In close combat he's got 5 S6 attacks, most which will hit on twos or threes absolute minimum. Not to mention his two shieldbearers of course. He's also got a rerollable 1+ armour save and the rune of challenge to make sure he isn't avoided. He'll ride with the 18 hammerers to get a stubborn Ld 10 and immunity to fear and terror.

Thane - 190
Runic Battle Standard - MRo Grungni, Ro Battle, Ro Stoicism

The Battle Standard Bearer goes with the Hammerers along with the Lord. Having him here is going to make them nigh-impossible to shift with rerollable stubborn Ld 10 break tests. His runes give the unit a 5+ ward save vs. missiles and magic and also give the unit an extra +2 combat res (aside from the normal BSB bonus). He lacks any sort of real effectiveness in combat, but the presence of the Shieldbearer Lord and Hammerer champ should take care of danger from challenges and I'm hoping that his 2 wounds and T5 and 4+ AS can take care of the rest. I hope.

Thane - 142
Runic Weapon - MRo Swiftness, Ro Fury, Ro Cleaving
Runic Armour - Ro Stone

The Thane of Pain!!! NNRRGGHHH!!! Ahem... Anyway... (He joins the Ironbreakers with 4 ASF WS6 S5 attacks).

Runesmith - 149
Great Weapon
MRo Balance, Ro Spellbreaking

This Runesmith provides effective magic defence with the Rune of Balance, nicking an enemy power dice and making it into a dispel dice for me. The Scroll (Spellbreaking = scroll) helps do scrollish thrings. I slapped on a GW to give a bit of punch to the Warriors he joins.

Runesmith - 124
Great Weapon
MRo Spellbinding

Same as above effectively, but gives +1 to all attempts to dispel.


24 Warriors - 241
Full Command

Standard block of infantry with support from the runesmith. At 25 strong they can spare some casualties while keeping their full static combat res.

24 Longbeards - 313
Full Command

See above, but better.

10 Warriors - 125
Great Weapons
Full Command

I know there's mixed opinion on the GW warriors, but I use them if nothing else for the awesome imagery and models. They've never failed me anyway, so...

10 Thunderers - 140

Basic fire support to shoot and such.

10 Thunderers - 140

See above.

10 Quarrellers - 130
Great Weapons

I'm a big fan of GW armed quarrellers. Relatively cheap and damn effective in close combat. Gives a nasty sock to anyone who tries to wipe them out with fast cavalry and such.


18 Hammerers - 289
Full Command
Ro Battle

The Lord and BSB ride with these in a 7x3 formation for maximum use of their great hammers. Altogether this unit has (assuming they outnumber, which they likely will with a unit strength of 42) a static res of 7 along with a whole ****storm of attacks. 5 WS5 S6 attacks from the hammerers, from the shieldbearers and standard bearer 5 WS5/6 S4 attacks and see above for the lords attacks. In the event they are beaten, they are stubborn on a 10 and get to reroll. Its gonna be a pretty good rock. Whittling them down with missiles is going to be tricky as well with the good magic defence my army has and the hammerer's 4+ AS (shields) and 5+ ward save (MR of Grungni) against shooting.

19 Ironbreakers - 312
Full Command
Ro Battle, Ancestor Rune

Ironbreakers are one of my favourite dwarf units for their models and imagery. What's not to love about a 2+ AS and with the Thane of Pain, get some good attack power. If they get beaten badly by combat res, then I'll invoke the ancestor rune so on a 4+ I get to test as if stubborn.

Grudge Thrower - 155
Ro Accuracy, Ro Penetrating, Ro Reloading

I've recently started to really get into grudge throwers and so i included a good runed up one here. I find the Rune of Penetrating for S5 to be invaluable against the tougher R&F.

Bolt Thrower - 70
Rune of Reloading

Bolt Thrower - 70

Absolute bargain. The Ro Reloading is just becasue I had the points spare and why not?


[B]Organ Gun - 120
What's not to like about one of the most versatile weapons in the dwarf armoury?

Total Points - 3001
Dispel Pool - 7 with +1 to dispel, they get -1 power dice and a scroll

Any comments will be greatly appreciated. I've been writing up the fluff on this list sporadically. I've been stealing most of the names from norse mythology, they go very well.

27-10-2008, 21:54
I would recomed the rune of burning on at least 1 of the bolt throwers for those nasty regen troops that like to show up

27-10-2008, 23:59
i really do like this army
i would maybe drop the rune of reloading on the BT and the full command on the GW warriors for some more numbers in that unit
other than that, spot on (Y)

28-10-2008, 03:12
I would change just a few things from this list:

*Drop the unit of 10 warriors w/GWs -125pts

*Upgrade quarrelers w/GWs to rangers -115
-for an extra 1pt/model it's worthwhile, especially since you've already equipped them w/GWs. Should you decide to deploy them as scouts or not will always be your decision.

*Drop R. Reloadings from your BTs and GT -145
-with a crew of four/machine this rune isn't worthwhile

*Give one BT the R. Penetrating and both the R. Burning -110
-R. Burnings are great for nasty regenerating monsters, and the R. Pen. on one BT will mean you have a chariot-crunker

*Drop the R. Penetrating on your GT -135

*Take another R. Spellbreaking -110
-at 3k you'll find uses for it, even w/7PD and +1 to dispel

*Drop the R. Spangelhelm from your Lord -135
-You're WS7, which means you're almost always hitting on 3s; your lord isn't kitted out for character killing either imo but will be pretty hard to take down, meaning you'll wear most opponents out.

*Finally, drop the R. Battle on your Hammerers -160
-with a static res. of 6 this isn't worth the points

*spend these remaining points on a flame cannon or preferably a gyro; either will serve you well depending on the circumstances. The leftover 20pts can go to a R. Sanctuary on the Hammerers or on whatever other runes you might prefer on your lord, Hammerers, or wms.

Hope that wasn't too confusing. Another thing I would change would be to drop the Thane of Pain for a small unit of miners (about 8, 88pts) to take a quarter or wm hunt and also a few more IBs, hammerers, or GWs for the longbeards. I usually don't field many characters in my lists at almost any size, so this is just personal preference. I do think you will be very well served by bringing a gyrocopter to the field or, when you know you're up against low LD and/or horde armies, a flame cannon. In any case, go bust some oathbreakers.

26-11-2008, 19:04
Really cool army!