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28-10-2008, 05:57
Been testing with the different marks of chaos to see which ones work best with beasts of chaos until they improve. Right now, Khorne is dominating everyone. So i'm going to try out and see how slaanesh does. The marks are cheap and immune to psychology is very good for this army with poor leadership.

Wargor: MoS, Great Weapon, Chaos Armor, Horn of the Great Hunt (124)
Bray-Shaman: MoS, level 2, staff of darkoth, the dark heart (180)
Bray-Shaman:MoS, level 2, x 2 dispel scrolls, bray staff (186)

Beast Herd: 12 gors, 8 ungors, shields, full command (171)
Beast Herd: 10 Gors, 7 ungors, 2 hand weapons, full command, (133)
Bestigors:15, full command, MoS, The Flesh Banner (250)
Tuskgor Chariot: MoS (105)

Chaos Ogres: 4, 2 hand weapons, heavy armor, standard, bellower (198)

Spawns of Chaos: 150
Fiends of Slaanesh

28-10-2008, 17:12
I'd drop the MoS on one of the shamen and on the chariot; you want the chariot to be able to flee if it has to, and personally Beasts or Death is a good lore for a lvl2, depending on whether you want to be able to cast cheap magic missile/hitty stuff or some of the more tactful Beasts spells.

Also, you might consider reversing the number of gors and ungors (i.e. unit of 12 gors and 8 ungors becomes unit of 12 ungors and 8 gors)...this will maximize the unit's efficiency and with the points saved from this and dropping the marks from one shaman and the chariot allow you to take another small unit of ambushers (5 and 5, probably).

I would swap the ogres for minotaurs too, a unit of 4 w/extra hws and a sb will come to 196pts and they will be more than worth it if you consider the stats increase compared to ogres.

28-10-2008, 18:44
I'd have to agree with Icfr.

Go 8 gors/12 ungors in the herds. The Ungors will take all the shooting wounds for you and you'll have just enough Gors to fight in CC effectively. Saves a fair amount of points while still providing sufficient unit strength and damage mitigation.

With the spare points I'd buy some nice cheap Warhounds.

Another nice thing about Minotaurs over Ogres is that you can put your Mark of Slaanesh on the Minotaurs to keep with your theme (maybe take a unit of 3 instead of 4 to afford it).

Do BoC use the lores from the new WoC book or are they limited to Death and Beast (barring MOTz)?

28-10-2008, 18:54
Bray-Shamen can use Beasts, Shadow, or Death (or Nurgle or Slaanesh if they have a mark). Bray-Shamen would follow the BoC Lores of Chaos, which means you can still have Wargors and Beastlords w/MoT; the only change in the BoC army book consistent w/the new WoC is inability to mix units from Hordes of Chaos or use wargear from it.

Devon Harmon
29-10-2008, 00:07
I'm not a fan of the MoS on chariots either.

I'd have to know which units you plan on deploying your character with to better advise about taking the marks on them. I generally like having an unaligned shaman so I can take the Lore of Beasts. I have found the Bear's Anger to be extremely useful.

30-10-2008, 01:10
You do realise slaanesh characters do not pass their immune to psychology onto units they join?

Seeing as how powerful lore of slaanesh is and the fact that all your units are already Ld7+ already, have you considered swapping your wargor for another shaman?

You've over costed your first herd; you seem to have paid for the shields on the gors. This isn't neccesary as they come with additional hand weapons OR shields for free. Shields aren't great on ungors, most attacks are going to negate a 6+ save. You've also forgot to include the price of the command group for the bestigors.

Also look at the rules for SoD and dark heart; they don't work that well together (at most the dark heart will put a few more models into the front rank if you are at the edge of your charge range). A power stone sits better with SoD for making sure you get the most important charge off.

Based on these thoughts (unlocking points where available), but otherwise sticking to your original list:

146 Slaanesh bray shaman (general). level 2 Bray staff, chaos armour.
180 Slaanesh bray shaman. level 2, staff of darkoth, powerstone.
161 Slaanesh bray shaman. level 2, dispel scroll, bray staff.

140 11 gor (shields), 7 ungor (spears). full command*
140 11 gor (extra hand weapons) 7 ungor (spears). full command*
280 15 slaangor. full command, flesh banner
105 slaanesh chariot

198 4 chaos ogres. extra hand weapons, heavy armour, standard, musician

150 2 slaanesh spawn

*The herds are 18 strong. This is because when joined by a shaman they become 19 strong. Against enemy units that are 5 wide and on 1 inch bases the herds will rank up 7,7,5, thus allowing you your 2 rank bonus.