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27-04-2005, 04:58
im considering collecting a skaven army and would really appreciate some advice on what to get first. Would it be best to buy the starter set, or are some of tthose models useless? Please suggest a versatile 1k or 2k point army.

Ethereal Alpaca
27-04-2005, 06:50
Well, obviously the first good buy is the army book. Then the new battalion box set is the good basis for an army, it give you around 565 points worth of troops. Expand on it by then getting another clanrats box, so you can have two units of 30, the best number for units IMO. Equip them with hand weapon and shields, not spears. After that get some slaves, two units of 20 is good, you can use clanrat models, the more exensive 5th edition ones, or something else entirely if you want.

You will need a general, in 1000pts and under a chieftain is the best, when you get to 2k you can use him as a warlord. For the model you could use the current one with the great weapon, old warlord Queek, the 5th ed. standard warlord with hand weapon and shield, or make your own.

Baron von Quirk
27-04-2005, 12:20
I would probably advice two units of 25 with full command as it is a bit cheaper and still can withstand a lot of fire.
I would also advise a warlock engineer as they are good magic users with a spell that makes your opponentds scrabble for their dispel scrolls.
Also try and take weapon teams. Warpfire throwers have better range and always cause a panic test. While Ratling guns can cause more casulties (but do not be too greedy) same as above buy the army book also.

27-04-2005, 19:30
thanks for the advice. i'll get the army book and starter set for sure. so i should always give my clanrats hand weapon and shield rather than spears? i have limited funds, so what do you suggest first, additional clanrats and slaverats or some warpfire throwers and ratling guns?

27-04-2005, 21:03
Pish posh, once I went spears I never looked back! +1 to armor save doesn't do crap and the bonus five attacks combined with nigh always gaining outnumber helps out a lot for combat resolution. It really depends on what you're going to use the clanrats for, though. Basically, its either take a unit of 30 w/hw and shield or take a unit of 25 w/spears. In 2000, I would say grab a unit of 6-10 jezzails to make sure cavalry doesn't get in your way. I find warpfire extremely unreliable, but when it does work it is one of the most wonderful things that a skaven player can witness. Three rolls on a ratling gun each turn usually makes it worth its points. A strong unit of 25 plague monks carrying a banner is quite fearsome, 16 attacks in cc (with champion) and if you throw a plague priest in there it gets really nasty. Wow, I love skaven

27-04-2005, 21:50
I think the hand weapon-shield compo is better than spears for all crapy fighters, like skaven and gobbos (I play O&G, a friend used to play skaven). The extra attacks aint going to do anything, but if you happen to make one more saving throw its a lot when you already have ranks and outnumbering. And a lousy skaven with a 4+ AS aint that lousy any more (night gobbos dont even have light armor... stupid skaven...)

and like therat said plague monks are great, you should get some of those, and jezzails... oh how I hate those, you should get some of them also, just not too many, people really hate them and then they get a sudden craving for cheese... not sure why that is, maybe the skaven army remind them of cheese in some way...


Ethereal Alpaca
28-04-2005, 07:32
Pish posh, once I went spears I never looked back! +1 to armor save doesn't do crap and the bonus five attacks combined with nigh always gaining outnumber helps out a lot for combat resolution.

Couldn't be more wrong. Spears almost never do anything, the extra armour save often means the difference between winning or losing the combat. And without spears is cheaper to boot.

29-04-2005, 02:11
That totally depends on the gaming style, opponent and unit size. I won't put spears on my unit of 20 clanrats, with 5 ranks of 4-wide. However, 30 clanrats (5 ranks, 6 deep) are made to win combat and with a lot more attacks, the extra wounds could make the difference.

02-05-2005, 00:22
ok, i have the army book and im buying the new battallion box with an extra box of clanrats as suggested. what do you propose i should get for my general?

02-05-2005, 05:26
I don't know the specifics about the Skaven army book, but as a High Elf and Vampire Counts player, I greatly fear that S5 spell... Maybe that warlock would be a good start? Skaven players, any advice?

02-05-2005, 17:02
its your choice of style for general

if you want the best Ld you can get, go for the general (the current model w/ a 2handed weapon is ok, easy to convert)

if you dont mind spending more points and having no leadership bonus for your general, use the warplock engineer (again, great model), because warp lighting is very effective in smaller games

for troops go for weapons teams and the night runner boxes first... weapons teams are some of the best deals for skaven, but stick to 1 or 2 for every 1k unless you want to be cheesy... and the eshin box is great since it can be used for slaves, night runners, gutter runners, assassins and triads!

and if youre getting the new battallion youll have the plastic rat ogres, giant rats and plague monks... sounds good

02-05-2005, 20:25
Couldn't be more wrong. Spears almost never do anything, the extra armour save often means the difference between winning or losing the combat. And without spears is cheaper to boot.

If I were wrong I'd have seen it play out like that on the battlefield, and I don't. As skavenguy13 said, it depends on playing style and unit size. I'm likely a very odd skaven player, but my style still works. 4 units of 25 clanrats, 5 wide 5 deep. They hit the flanks of units engaged with slaves like mad, and the bonus 5 attacks does help in that situation, when the armor bonus is rather pointless.

02-05-2005, 23:31
if ur chargin the flank of a unit, ideally they panic and flee. if they stand then your spears help on the first turn, and if you're still fighting them on the turn after the charge your oppopent will probably reach to your CR's flank, and when they are charged, if they dont flee they will lose their spear bonus anyways.
spears make your units less versatile too because you waste your time trying to bait the enemy into charges so you can get *woot* 10 attacks!...

imho hand weapons are better becayse of the better save...
id rather have 8 rats die at 5pts a model and get no attacks than have 10 die at 6 pts per model and go no attacks as well.

again, the spears are effective if you feel confident baiting the charge. they are useless if you're charging with your cr

03-05-2005, 02:52
Ideally, yes, it would be nice if the enemy fled. My question is what unit will be flanking my CRs? Perhaps if I were tangling with a gobbo horde I'd have that problem to watch for, but other than that I should outweigh my opponent's units by about 5. I simply must disagree that spears are useless when charging. Only with great luck can a combat be ended in the first round, and each round after that the skaven will generally take the initiative with 10 attacks and almost ensure little to no retaliation. I used to take hw/s always, just as you do. For one game I switched all my units to spears and I found them extremely helpful and I've used them ever since. The save bonus just never did anything for me (I dunno, maybe I just have bad luck with my saves).

05-05-2005, 20:54
should i equip my slaves with shields?

Ethereal Alpaca
06-05-2005, 07:23
Definitely not. You should equip them with nothing. Their purpose is to be sacrificed in as many different ways as possible. No sense in paying half as many points again when they're just meant to die anyway.