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28-10-2008, 23:34
With the new book just around the corner, how are people planning on kitting out their marauders?

I've got a 25 strong unit armed with great weapons waiting to be painted but im not too sure if i'd be better ripping off the great weapons and going for hand weapon and shield?

These guys are going to have MoK (going to attempt a mono list), but any other suggestions for equipping them would be appreciated.

29-10-2008, 00:18
i like them in units of 20-25 with shields and light armor, and mark of slaanesh; but with the MoK i will go with great weapons/flails

P.D: i'm new to the forum, so hello!

29-10-2008, 00:22
MoK, go for the great weapon.
Same effect as a flail in virtually all circumstances.
First round, you are charging or the enemy is..who goes first is irrelevant.
Second round, the flails offers no bonus, the great weapon does.

Mo(something else) then light armour and sheilds.
5+ save vs shooting, 4+ save in combat to the front, they're just empire swordsmen then without detachments.

Make sure you have big units of 20-30 models as well.
Mainly as they are incredibly imposing but also because they are going to outnumber more often than not.

Devon Harmon
29-10-2008, 00:25
I'd have a mix of both. Then when you want to field them with GW, put the GW guys in the front, and the HW & S guys in the back. Then when you want to field them with HW & S, put those guys in front and the GW guys in back.

Based on the rules (pg. 54) only a majority of the models need to bw WYSIWYG. So long as the appearance of the unit is not misleading, you can have both in the unit, and tailor it to suit your needs.

29-10-2008, 00:25
MoK for flail wielding marauders in my opinion. Can you say 2 Strength 5 attacks per model? Ranked into sixes, the frontline with champion will have 13 S5 attacks. ItP too aren't they technically?

MoN works well with hand weapons and shield.

I currently have two units of marauders modelled up, one of 20 with hand weapons, LA and shield that will have the MoN, and then a smaller unit of 18 with flails and LA. Both have commands. MoT is wasted on them (MoS is ok.) and I don't think GWs are worth it on marauders either.

29-10-2008, 06:22
I run 2 Marauder units 20 strong with Mark of Slaanesh, HW and shields. I also have 20 Maruaders with Flails and Mark of Khorne and 20 with Mark of Khorne and Great weapons.

Also, if you put an exalted with the Great weapons, the character can clear away some enemy attacks and give your Great weapons a chance to swing.

Yeah, Marked Marauders at a cheaper price is great. My forementioned Marauders of Slaanesh are 25 points cheaper than the old guys who didn't get a mark.

matt schuur

Lord Dan
29-10-2008, 06:30
1 block of 25 with HW, shield, and MoN or MoS.

2 blocks of 12 with GW and MoK.

2 blocks of 10 with HW, shield, and no mark.


29-10-2008, 16:57
I don't have any useful input to add here I'm affraid, I'm a new member and a bit of a N00b. I'm going to start a Chaos army quite soon and I'm doing my best to pick up tips and advise on this forum. Be kind.

Sorry for the stupid question in advance.

What does "Mok" stand for?



Von Wibble
29-10-2008, 17:05
MoK = mark of khorne.

I agree with Fenix. Generally hw + shield is better for surviving attacks and winning from static CR, whereas the extra attack from MoK justifies being at S5, as even if you take 3-4 casualties from your rank you still pack a punch in return.

29-10-2008, 17:11
Thanks Von Wibble ;)

29-10-2008, 17:18
All of mine are built in units of 20, though I don't always run them that way:

No Mark, HW/S/LA x2
No Mark, Flails/LA

The unmarked ones can be given a mark easily, to fit my needs, but I have converted up several units to be colorful. I usually give MoK to the flails unit and one of the HW/S is done in a Lustrian theme, and can have Tzeentch (stole some random magical LM artifact).

29-10-2008, 20:37
No Mark, Flails/LA

You should change the LA for MoT, the same cost for a 6+ ward-or a 6+ armoursave ;)

29-10-2008, 21:44
I run a 25-strong unit of Marauders with la/S & MoN. I then have 15 strong units on either flank, one with GW, the other with Flails. Both of these units I typically give the MoK. I don't give these units armor simply because of the abundance of S4 and armor-piercing weapons that are out there. I find more times than not they don't get a save anyway, so what's the point in paying the points for it?

30-10-2008, 16:07
For me it sometimes depends on who I'm fighting:

-vs. Shooty/non-fear causing/3T (elves, skaven, Empire): I definitely go for HW&S+LA with MoN in large units (20-25). Durable and reliable.

-vs. fear causing/High Toughness: MoS or MoK and either GW (if 4T or more) or HW&S (if 3T) in smaller units (15-20, sometimes as low as 10 if they are meant only to support a stronger unit). I say smaller untils because on average they do most of their damage in the first round of CC only.

-If you like big blocks of Marauders (21+) in "Light armor only" then take the MoT and leave the Light Armor at home. It makes that 6+ save unmodifiable for less than the cost of the armor, you just can't combine it with a shield. It is pretty much limited in it's usefulness.

01-11-2008, 21:41
Or take them both, admittably, it's quite costly, but as far as basic infantry goes, you can't really get more survivable than with a 4+/6++.

I'm probably going for 20 with handweapon/shield, light armor and full command. At 140 pts that's a bargain.
MoT doesn't really make it that much more expensive; like I said, a 6++ is quite good on that unit; it's one point per marauder. IMO a better buy than flails, which should be taken on smaller units...