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28-10-2008, 23:50

as we all know, Black Orcs are supposed to be the elite of an army of monsters. Built like a tank, even Sigmar had trouble with these guys on occasion. Unfortunately, the rules for them are a little pants considering how dead 'ard they're supposed to be. Therefore, I've come up with some new rules for 'em!

M4, WS4, BS3, S4, T4, W2, I2, A2, Ld8. 23pts/model
Boss upgrade gives +1S rather than +1A. The Characters recieve +1 Wound and S, for 25pts extra cost.

Armed to da Teef- Includes a Shield as standard, and you may switch weapons every round of combat rather than just the first.
Quell Animosity- Units within 6" of a Black Orc may reroll failed Animosity checks.

Dead 'Ard! Having a 2 wound unit may sound extreme, but these guys are supposed to be the hardest of an army renowned for being tough. Besides, it gives the Orcs a unique identity as having the best infantry in town. Somewhere between an Ogre and an Infantryman in power.
The 2nd attack is because nobody ever uses the Great Weapon right now, unless they're fighting a Steam Tank. 1S6 vs 2S5, hmm...

Whatcha reckon?

29-10-2008, 00:10
I thought Chaos Warriors were meant to be the 'ardest of the "man" sized infantry models?

29-10-2008, 17:03
The black orcs are fine for their cost. And their cost is low enough to field them in big units.

Acheron,Bringer of Terror
30-10-2008, 16:02
i agree with changes.

but chaos chosen should be harder [2w infantry of course!] as fluff suggest!