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elessar 2
29-10-2008, 11:36
Hello everyone,

I am new to warseer, but have been playing fantasy for a short while now.

I was reading the skaven army book, and saw the cautious shield entry.
I am a tomb king player, and thought of the blade of setep.

That got me a question:
Cautious shield negates 1 attack from the enemy
Blade of setep uses the first hit to destroy a magical armour.

Now let's say a skaven model has the cautious shield, and is attacked by a tomb king with the blade of setep.

Can the skaven player discard the attack that destroys the shield, or will it discard any attack (as in, the new first attack destroys the shield)?

additionally, if a model has 2 pieces of magical armour, will the tomb king with blade of setep destroy both pieces of armour (and lose 2 attacks for that turn), or will he destroy just 1 piece? and if he destroys 1 piece of armour, who gets to choose which piece of armour?

Many thanks in advance,

29-10-2008, 11:48
Cautious shield is pretty straightforward: it negates an attack, not a hit. Thus, you do not roll to hit for the attack that was negated. And Blade of Setep works on any first hit.

Thus, the attacking tomb king rolls one attack less, but the first hit he scores negates the cautious shield (and no, he does not get the negated attack back for that close combat phase).

As for multiple pieces of armour, that is not normally allowed (see BRB). Not sure how to treat the Blade of Setep in such a case.

29-10-2008, 15:44
I don't know of any situation where a character is allowed to have 2 pieces of magical armour. You can only pick one item from each section of the magic items (so, 1 weapon, 1 armour, 1 talisman etc. with a few exceptions like dispel scrolls and power stones)

Maybe there are special rules that allow something, but I'm not aware of any.

29-10-2008, 16:59
The rules are clear for combining mundane and magical armour and reasonably clear for multiple magic armour types (generally only if included in descriptions).

However the rules become ambiguous if you want to combine a magical helm with a magical shield and there isn't a specific exception in the item descriptions. The reasoning behind why you can't combine armours implies you can have it, but it isn't listed in the allowed combinations.

29-10-2008, 17:01
Skaven with Rust Armour is a funny target for the Blade of Setep:
Tomb King: Your armour falls apart
Skaven: It would have fallen apart anyway, take that!

elessar 2
30-10-2008, 11:34
Thanks for the replies:D

I think with the multiple pieces of magical armour I was reasoning a bit to much from logic, and not enough from rules (i.e. you can have both a magical shield and a magical body armour, but according to the rules you can't).

Again, thanks a lot!