View Full Version : 2 x 45 or 3 x 30 for NGs

29-10-2008, 12:46
Okay, so I'm going to try and make a competitive-ish NG list. first order of battle is the infantry, I'll have about 100 NG spearmen from 3 x BfSP sets. Saving a few extra figures for conversions etc I'm estimating 90 goblins.

Are these better deployed as 3 x 30 or 2 x 40-45?

My gut tells me 3 x 30.. but I haven't played WFB in a loooooong while so I might be wrong!

29-10-2008, 13:08
I'm not an O&G player, but I don't see that you'd get much of an advantage from 45 that you wouldn't get from 30. Still 10 models to lose before losing rank bonus. Admittedly need to take 9 casualties instead of 12 for panic tests, but if they're sending enough shooting to cause that many casualties on 1 unit, your others are probably relatively unscathed. And if it's because of a template weapon, well, you would've been better off with a smaller unit :P (Or at least no worse off)

3 x 30 gives you an extra unit to play with, and all the advantages that entails. More points where fanatics can be hidden.

I don't understand why anyone would pick 2 x 45 over 3 x 30. (Then again, I'm a Wood Elf player who doesn't understand why people take 6 x 6 blocks of gobbos either. Why on earth would you want MORE of the suckers in the front rank?)

Lord Malorne
29-10-2008, 13:14
45, as they may have to kill 12 to cause a test that turn but the following (if they did not take a test or did not flee from a test) they will then have to kill a greater number than if you only started with a 30 unit...also if its less than 2,000 then I would go for two units of them at the big size, 3 you might find cumbersome as they generaly have a wide frontage.

Taking the shortbow NG's on the flanks with the fanatics is probaly a good idea.

29-10-2008, 16:08
3 units of 30 is far better. The more units you have the better.

29-10-2008, 16:15
3x30. That's how I field them, in ranks of 6 wide. Gives a fair number of attacks, especially with spears, and you need to loose 8 before you loose a rank bonus. Going over 30 doesn't really add much to survivability, except maybe against large blocks of elves.

29-10-2008, 16:19
A single failed Terror test could eliminate 45 Gobs instead of 30!
45 Gobs could also Panic, break from combat, flee from a charge etc. More pts possibly lost than 30 Gobs.

Is it worth the risk?

Lord Malorne
29-10-2008, 16:24
For 45pts....

Its the next turn that is important. Though saying that I play 35 strong units...though I suggest playing around until you find a unit size that suits you and the players in your area.

29-10-2008, 17:20
I was at a tournament where the opponent was running 4 x 35.

It took me back to the days when a club member used to do the same thing with netters.

Anyway, pretty effective.

29-10-2008, 20:21
3x 30 definatly. NG win by static combat res. If you can get a shaman combine gork'll fix it with a charge. My other favorite tactic with NG is to give a hero collar of zorga. Then go find the biggest, nastiest monster on the field. Then cast gork'll fix it on the monster and chuckle evilly.

29-10-2008, 20:48
3x 30 defo. Checkboard deployment and you can force flank charges.