View Full Version : Safe BFSP Trade?

29-10-2008, 15:48
Does anyone know where I can trade the ork half of BFSP for the marine half online with no chance of being ripped off?
I dont mean selling then rebuying like on ebay, but literally swapping. TY!

29-10-2008, 15:49
I mananged to trade the ork half of the AoBR for marines on here pretty well

Lord Malorne
29-10-2008, 15:50
Yep, head over to the trading forum if you want to...trade :).

There is always a chance of being ripped off, even here on warseer, there is an itrader system like on ebay I suppose to see how trustworthy a person is, if there is ever a problem I have seen the mods auto ban people for it, though its best to look at a persons itrader on there public profile.

29-10-2008, 15:54
I dont care about someone being autobanned, if they keep my 20 worth of models... Is there not a site similar to ebay with guaranteed refunding if you dont get your item or something??

Jo Bennett
29-10-2008, 16:00
You're best off finding someone local to you and doing the trade in person if you're that paranoid. I would suggest that trading on warseer would be fine, just keep it inside the UK, make sure you keep all PMs and emails about the trade and insist on getting proof of postage. Agree a notional price in the event of items going astray and if you get ripped off pursue it through the small claims court. It's very straightforward and can be done online if you want.

29-10-2008, 16:00
You can try Bartertown. They are also good and have a good trader information like here with many members doing HUGE ammounts of trades having built a large and good reputation.

Likewise, you can try battlewagon bits at thewarstore. They will buy models if on the sprue or with sprue tips. You cont get an "even" deal (they are a business after all) but it will be with an established business at least.

29-10-2008, 16:13
BFSP is Battle for Skull Pass - wrong starter set!

Yes, many people do a straight swap. On here you can check out people's trade ratings, so you can get a good idea of traders integrity.

Having said that, i've never had a problem, even for people with zero trade rating.

Lord Malorne
29-10-2008, 16:20
I dont care about someone being autobanned, if they keep my 20 worth of models... Is there not a site similar to ebay with guaranteed refunding if you dont get your item or something??

When its trading items you will find no (I believe) site that gives you assurance.

You either go local or go to a trading site like the one warseer has. The warseer one is a damn good one as Jedi152 says.

Emperor's Grace
29-10-2008, 16:33
just keep it inside the UK

I've done trades and sales fine across the pond.

I personally limit myself to US, UK, and Canada.

This is more because I've dealt with their postal systems (and never had a problem with of any of the three) than any fault of national character.

Just as an FYI, no site's trade system is perfect at keeping out the idiots. iTrader helps sort out some but I've also sold/traded with people that have none.

And, any site that guarantees refund is likely to have sellers that have been burned on the other side of the equation.

I think the best advice is to go somewhere safe (like here) and to read the board, particularly the trading forum. Cheaters tend to post like idiots or be talked about in posts in the trading forum.

It all boils down to how comfortable you feel with the folks you're dealing with.

Jo Bennett
29-10-2008, 16:45
I trade outside the UK quite often, I'm just pointing out that for the truly paranoid you have a lot more comeback inside the UK where you are governed by UK law and can pursue any issues easily. I doubt the OP knows any more than I do about how to pursue a rip-off merchant outside the UK, whereas inside I know what to do and have done it.