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Da Black Gobbo
29-10-2008, 15:10
Hi there! here i go with another doubt, in the BRB says that you can only have one magic item of each kind excepting Dispell scrolls and the like, the question is this, the item in the Dark elves book that gives you MR1 for each one you carry allows you to get for example the Khaeleth pendant or the seal of Ghrond?? I mean a lvl 4 sorceress with 2 of the items that give you MR and then the pendant??

Hope you understand it and help me.


29-10-2008, 15:23
I do not have the book to hand but are you suggesting that you can have multiples of the MR item (which you can, even on other characters) as well as the Pendant of Khaeleth?

If I remember correctly, they are both talismans. So you could not have both the Pendant and the MR item. But you could have multiple MR items and magic items from another category.

However, as I have said; I do not have the book to hand, so I may be wrong on this one.

29-10-2008, 16:01
Either several Null stones
or the Pendant only
but not Pendant and Nullstones (any number including just 1)

for your Talisman choice

29-10-2008, 16:03
The Null Talisman rules say the character can take more than one of them, like scrolls - this doesn't grant them the full set of rules for scrolls.

Interestingly, the phrasing of the rule ("Models...") suggests more than one Dark Elf in an army can take them (unlike Gnoblar Thiefstones) - but, there's nothing to suggest a model can take other Talismans in addition to the Null Talisman. So, no Pendant, no Seal, for that model.

Da Black Gobbo
29-10-2008, 16:38
okay that's what i thought but i just needed to check, it can be taken several times in different minis but not more than one Talisman per character.

29-10-2008, 16:42
...unless it's a Null Talisman, yes.

06-01-2009, 06:00
so what is the opinion of you guys? i was planning on running two units of 6 COknights and giving the champs null stones for some magic protection. can this be legal or not? the wording on null stones says "Models can carry multiple Null Talismans, just like scrolls, and thei effects are cumulative."

it seems kinda weird to be able to take multiple talismans, but the wording is weird as well.
i guess i will probably err on the side of caution and change up my list to give my master 2 null talismans, and the other the +DD talisman.

EDIT: sorry for the threadomancy, but i searched and this topic was the closest i found.

06-01-2009, 07:39
Any character (and certain unit champions) can carry as many null talismans as their magic item allowance permits. But this counts as their talisman choice so no pendant as well.

06-01-2009, 08:08
but i meant can i have 3 null talismans on 3 different characters...

06-01-2009, 08:18

I think the "models" is enough to make it arguable that you can, and I wouldn't object if you turned up with them against me.

It's in the list for the FAQ, which we're still waiting for.

06-01-2009, 09:11
I suppose that when there's a new FAQ/errata or a revision, someone will usually post it in General Fantasy.

06-01-2009, 10:04
yeah, i changed my armlist so that the two princes accompanying my cold ones each have two null stones. ill explain the rule to my opponents, and if they disagree, on prince will just carry the +1DD talisman instead of 2MR. in fact, the upcoming tournament i plan on playing in will be done this way. :)

of course i wont win, since most of the army wont be painted. oh well.

06-01-2009, 15:40
I agree, not the pendant and the null stone, but as many null stones as you want across one character or any amount.

(off Topic) has anyone else noticed that the talisman section in the DE book are incredably good for there points. gotta be the best in a book so far.

06-01-2009, 16:25
Guys I've Found it on German Page but i dont speak german :D that good that is - can someone translate ?

Armeebuch: Dunkelelfen (2008)
S.61 Assassine, Sonderregel Tarnung. Zweiter Absatz, zweiter Satz ändert sich wie folgt:

... Wenn die ihn verbergende Einheit ausgelöscht wird oder vom Schlachtfeld flieht, bevor der Assassine enttarnt werden konnte, ist er ebenfalls verloren und gilt als Verlust. ...
S.66 Hellebrons Ausrüstung; Eintrag der Parierklinge - Hier wird auf die Hand des Khaine auf Seite 99 verwiesen. Gemeint ist jedoch die Geste des Khaine.
S.91 Reittier der Charaktermodelle - Der Letzte Satz verweist auf Bestienmeister, korrekt wäre aber Adelige. Der Satz muss sich also wie folgt ändern:

Jedes Modell, das einen Schwarzen Drachen reitet (einschließlich Malekith), sowie jeder Adeliger (aber kein Hochgeborener) auf einem Manticor, verbraucht eine zusätzliche Heldenauswahl deiner Armee.
S.99 Gifte. Ändere den ersten Satz wie folgt.

Alle nicht-magischen Waffen eines Modells sind mit ein und dem selben Gift bestrichen. ...

Du kannst einem Modell also nur ein einziges Gift geben.
S.99 Hand des Khaine
Der 2. Absatz ändert sich wie folgt:

Ein einzelnes Modell in direktem Kontakt (nach Wahl des Dunkelelfenspielers) oder der Herausforderungsgegner eines Modells mit diesem Geschenk des Khaine kämpft mit 1 Attacke weniger (bis zu einem Minimum von 1).. ... [weiter wie gehabt]
S.101 Caledors Fluch
Der Absatz ändert sich wie folgt:

Lanze. Verleiht ihrem Träger im AngrifT einen Bonus von +3 Stärke statt der sonst üblichen +2 Stärke. ... [weiter wie gehabt]
S.101 Eintrag "Drachenzahnschleuder"
Im Hintergrundabsatz wird darauf verwiesen, dass es sich um eine Repetier-Speerschleuder handelt, was falsch ist - die Drachenzahnschleuder ist eine Repetierarmbrust. Obwohl es bei dem darunter aufgeführten Profil keine Spiel-Auswirkungen hat, sei darauf hingewiesen.
S.101 Eintrag "Blutroter Tod" - ändere den Eintrag wie folgt:

Muss mit zwei Händen geführt werden. Der Träger dieser Waffe schlägt mit Stärke 6 zu. Dies kann weder durch Gegenstände noch durch andere Modifikatoren weiter beeinflusst werden.
S.102 Ring des Hotek - ändere den Absatz wie folgt:
Jeder Zauberer (Freund oder Feind), der in 12 Zoll Umkreis um den Träger einen Zauber wirkt oder mit einem Zauber dorthin zielt, erleidet bei jedem Pasch einen Zauberpatzer.
S.102 Ring der Finsternis - änderes im ersten Regelsatz:
Alle Nahkampfattacken gegen das Modell ...

06-01-2009, 16:28
Army Paper: Dark Elves (2008)
P.61 Assassin, special camouflage rule. Second paragraph, second sentence changes as follows:

... If it hidden unit extinguished or flees from the battlefield before the Assassin could be unmasked, he is also lost and is regarded as loss. ...
if the unit the assassin is hidden in is destroyed or flees...
P.66 Hellebrons equipment; of listing Parierklinge - Here is the hand of the Khain refer to page 99. Intentioned, however, is the gesture of Khain. sign/mark?
P.91 mount the character models - The last sentence refers to Beast Master, but would correct aristocrats nobles?. The sentence should therefore read as follows:

Each model, which has a black dragon rides (including Malekith), and Noble each (but no Hochgeborener highborn) on a manticore, consumes an additional selection of your heroes army. requires an additional hero slot
P.99 poisons. Change the first sentence as follows.

All non-magical weapons are equipped with a model one and the same coated poison. ...

You can be a model that is only one type poison.
P.99 hand of the Khain
The 2nd Paragraph changes as follows:

A single model in direct contact (the choice of the Dark Elves player) or challenge opponents of a model with this gift of Khain struggling with 1 attack less (up to a minimum of 1) .. ... [continue as usual]
P.101 Caledors curse
The sales changes as follows:

Lance. Lends its support in AngrifT a bonus of +3 strength instead of the usual +2 strength. ... [continue as usual]
P.101 entry "dragon teeth Catapult"
In the background paragraph is pointed out that it is a repeating spear Catapult is what is wrong - the dragon teeth Catapult is a Repetierarmbrust RXB. Although it is listed in the profile including no game-effects, it should be noted.
P.101 entry "Blood Red Death" - change the entry as follows:

With two hands must be conducted. The makers of this weapon is proposing with 6 to strength. This can neither objects nor by other modifiers further influenced.
P.102 Ring of Hotek - change the paragraph as follows:
Every magician (friend or foe), the 12-inch-makers around the works a spell or a magic to it seeks, with each facing a Zauberpatzer Pasch. miscast double?
P.102 ring of darkness - Change in the first rule:
All melee attacks against the model ...

06-01-2009, 18:10
yeah i agree the talisman section is REALLY nice in the DE book. the magic weapon section is great too. magic armor are damn nice, and magic banner are amazing like VC ones. honestly each section has 2-3 usable good things that will see their way into MANY DE armies.

good job condottiere with the german.