View Full Version : Favoured of the Gods + Chosen Champion

29-10-2008, 21:36
"After rolling on the eye of the gods table, the bearer may add or subtract one from the total rolled. Note this may not be used to modify a natural double 1."

If this item were to be bought for the unit champion on your Chosen unit - would it effect the units initial roll on the table at the start of the game?



29-10-2008, 22:03
Well, as far as I understand, the unit rolls on the start of the battle and as the champion is definitely part of the unit, he may change the result.

However, by RAI, you understand this is pretty dumb. The roll on the table represents the powers of the Chosen, their benefit over normal Warriors. A Chosen with Favour of the Gods doesn't have anything to do with his unit, right? That item should discriminate him from his fellows even more. So, only he may roll.

29-10-2008, 22:29
At the same time it could be representing how this particular unit is "favored" ?

Throwing a warshrine into the mix against raises the same question, if youre buffing the whole unit should this rule apply? The warshrine also provide the unit champion himself with the eye of the gods rule and thus he can also gain personal buffs for defeating certain enemies which (I am sure no one would disagree) is effected by the "Favour" as normal.