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30-10-2008, 02:00
Sorcerer Lord, lv 4, MoT, Golden Eye of Tzeentch, Blood of Tzeentch, Book of Secrets, Bronze Armour of Zhrakk, Conjoined Homunculus 410

Sorcerer, lv 2, MoT, Power Familiar, Dispell Scroll, Third Eye o' Tzeentch 215

Sorcerer lv2, MoN, Skull of Katam 190

Sorcerer, lv 2, MoN, Infernal Puppet, Echanted Shield 190

12 CWs, MoK, GW, Shields, FC 426

15 Marauders, MoK, GW, FC 155

5 Horsemen, MoK, Flails, FC 135

5 Warhounds 30

5 Warhounds 30

5 Knights MoN, FC, Banner of Rage 315

Warshrine, MoT 150

Total 2246
PD: 14
DD: 7

Well, I like it. Hitty in both magic and combat. I even squeezed in a Warshrine, riiight there.

The four Sorcs are meant to stay within 1" or something from each other.

30-10-2008, 06:48
52 models for 2250 point isnt many. You have two infatry units and 4 heroes on foot. Where are the sorcerer goings? I don't like the war shrine marching along with 12 warriors and 15 marauders while the rest of the army speeds off. The Chaos Knights are a battering ram.

Other than your characters and the knights, the army doesn't seem to have alot of punch. I would get rid some magic gear on your heros and drop the warshrine. Get another unit of 20 marauders and put your hero sorcerers in the infantry blocks. Put the Lord on a disc of Tzeentch and send him with the knights. I would lose hounds and buy more marauder horsemen.

30-10-2008, 07:01
And just to check, you are aware that your sorceror lord won't be your general, as the bronze armour takes away the ability for units to use his leadership.

bork da basher
30-10-2008, 09:21
what differance does that make a lord and hero sorcerer both have LD8. to be honest its woefully small and entirely dependant on 4 sorcerers to win games. they are very powerful granted but i think its one sorcerer too many. possibly tone down the magic items and marks on units to make room for another unit at least, preferably knights.

small elite armies can work but nothing outside of the sorcerers would give me any worry whatsoever.

30-10-2008, 10:52
For what you wrote, your warriors should cost 276 pts and your marauders 125 pts. And i would suggest you to drop the champion and the stendard bearer from the horsemens and rise their number to 6. With your spare points i would suggest you to take 2 spawns (khorne and slaanesh are the best ones in my opinion): they're 1000% reliable and although they have M random they're not affected by march blockers, so they can effectively protect the flanks of your army.

Von Wibble
30-10-2008, 12:09
Apart from a clear domination in thje magic phase the army has no role. Only 2 units are not vulnerable to being crippled by 1 unit shooting at them/ 1 spell hitting them.

I don't see how all sorcerors get within 3" of each other without 1) at least 2 being in the same unit or 2) some blocking each others LOS.

bork da basher makes some very good points.

30-10-2008, 15:51
Just wondering why risk the rather large increase in probability of losing your wizard lord to a miscast.

Otherwise I too would suggest to beef up units somehow. Perhaps another knight unit with some more marauders but honestly do not know where you would get it from. Perhaps dropping 1 of the 3 lvl 2's.

30-10-2008, 16:26
Tanks for the input.

Whoops, seems like I messed up the Warriors and Marauders. Well, even better : ) Two Spawn will be coming up.

Von Wibble, the Sorcerers are meant to walk outside blocks. A dangerous tactic indeed, yet I will be able to let them all benefit from the Skull of Katam. Mind you, I may even start "transporting" them in some unit, and after placing them in a suitable position, I will blast the enemy apart.

Bear in mind though with further comments, this army is in no way meant to be suitable for tournaments. I'm not a tournament guy at all.